Sharp Objects - Recap

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The scene opens with the roommates at Karma and a guy comes up to Jenni “Jwoww”. He starts pulling on her outfit and Roger pushes him back. Eventually this leads to Roger punching the guy in the face. Security escorts the guy out and the roommates call it a night. They laugh about how Roger laid out a guy. The roommates get back home and the only thing on Nicole’s mind is getting “busy” with Jionni. However, he is not feeling up to it as he goes to the bathroom and throws up. Nicole “Snooki”, determined to get it in, tries to push Jionni to do it as she waits outside the bathroom door. Ronnie sees Roger and invites him to hang out and have a drink with the others. Jenni just wants get “busy” with Roger, but agrees to let him hang out. On the terrace, Roger gets some food from Mike “The Situation” and eats. Jenni is getting fed up with it and tells Roger to come up. He eventually does to avoid getting in a fight. Meanwhile, Nicole is trying to get “busy” with Jionni, but he is not having it. She calls him the worst boyfriend.

The next day, the roommates get up and Deena suggests that they go to a Dock and fish and go crabbing. She thinks that it is a good thing and Deena tells the guys. They get the cooler packed and head over to the Docks. Mike says that he is excited to catch some crabs. They go up to the store employee and he tells them that they have to have cages. Jenni asks if they have capachinos or espresso. They laugh. On the Docks, Jenni snags Ronnie’s shirt. Jenni manages to catch three crabs, but they run away. Mike is not having any luck crabbing so he starts tanning. Vinny sees him and puts a crab on him. Deena and Nicole decide to take a boat into the water and Deena tries to get it on her own but she has trouble. With the guys’ help, they get in the water. However, they are not good at paddling. They realize that it is not a good plan and go to the Dock, but they go under the Dock instead. Ronnie and Mike try to pull them up, but instead let the air out of the boat.

Deena and Nicole try to get away and the roommates tell them to watch out there are sharp things. Deena thinks that they say Shark and starts to panic. She tries to climb into another boat and the roommates try to tell her that it is sharp. The meatballs fall into the water and are drenched. The roommates all have a laugh. Realizing that they can’t fish or crab, they decide to get Chinese Food instead. Later, Mike realizes that Ronnie stunk up the bathroom and the toilet is clogged. Deena, Pauley and Vinny go to work and Danny says that Pauley’s stalker, Vanessa, came in yesterday. Pauley doesn’t like that news. Meanwhile at the house, Nicole talks to Mike about her and Jionni. Mike says that he cares about Nicole and doesn’t want her to get hurt. Nicole says that she wants to marry Jionni. Mike tells her that he will be there if he hurts her. Mike and Nicole make a wager with the ball toss game and Mike says that the loser has to wear the Bunny Suit to Karma for 15 minutes. Mike wins despite the distractions that Nicole gives.

Pauley, Vinny and Deena get back from work and a bet is a bet. Nicole puts on the Bunny Suit and goes to Karma with it. After the 15 minutes, Mike tells Nicole that she can take it off. They decide to have fun with the Bunny head and dance with it on. The roommates all have a fun time. Mike manages to get three girls to split between him, Vinny and Pauley. After the other roommates go home, Nicole and Deena run off to the beach. They hop the fence and go out on the beach. They have fun in the water, but the cops come up and tell them that they need to be removed from the beach or be arrested. Deena tries to flirt and bring him home. However, the cop is not biting. Later, the guys get done with their “situation” and Mike has all the cabs for the girls. Nicole and Deena get home and go right to bed. The next day, Mike wakes up everyone and Nicole doesn’t feel good and says that she rather drink it off. No one wants to go with her and Nicole gets Ronnie to go with her. They go to Jimbo’s and Nicole decides to buy a mini-motorcycle for Ronnie. He sees that she bought it and thanks her. They take it around and Ronnie pushes her. Nicole goes down a ramp and can’t stop. She laughs.

Mike, Jenni and Pauley are at the Shore Store working when Jenni sees Vanessa. She says that she is going to talk to her and see what the deal is. She asks what is in Vanessa’s bag and she says that it is a blanket. Pauley is sure that it is something heavy where she is going to force him to DJ for her all the time and be held captive. It is clear that Jenni talking to Vanessa is making her nervous and Jenni says goodbye to Vanessa. At the house, Nicole talks to Jionni drunk and says that she wants to get “busy” with him. He tells her not to talk like that and she says that she doesn’t care. Vinny overhears this and says that he doesn’t like how Jionni is trying to change Nicole. She doesn’t want to talk to Jionni anymore after he calls her gross and tells Vinny that they need to go out.

They go to the Boardwalk and go to a bar. She says that she wants to get wasted with Vinny and dance, but Vinny isn’t really sure if this is such a good idea for him. Nicole says that if Vinny and she have history together and if Jionni wasn’t in the picture, she would hook up with Vinny. They continue down the Boardwalk and Vinny tells Nicole that she doesn’t have to drink anymore. She gets shots for them, but Vinny pulls Nicole away. They continue their time on the boardwalk and Nicole asks if they can go out tonight. He agrees. The episode ends.