The Truth Will Set You Free - Recap

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The scene opens with the roommates talking about going to Jenk’s when Vinny and Nicole “Snooki” come in from their time on the Boardwalk. Pauley and Deena tease them and Pauley asks Nicole why he is taking his man out for a date. Nicole says that she is going to go to bed rather than go out to Jenk’s. Joey calls Deena and tells her that he isn’t going to be able to make it out to the club tonight and says that he can hang out with them tomorrow. She says that it is alright and hangs up the phone. She says that she is starting to have true feelings for Joey. Pauley, Vinny, Mike “The Situation” and Deena all go out to Jenk’s. They get to the club and start dancing with the girls and Pauley finds a girl named Gina that he likes. Along the way of the crowd, Pauley sees Angelina, his old roommate. He goes to another part of the club in order to avoid Angelina.

They get ready to leave and Pauley and Mike both have girls to take back to the house. Mike gets back home with his girl and she says that she is “shy” and doesn’t want to have sex. Mike decides to give into that and allows her to stay. Pauley finds out that his girl is on her period and he doesn’t even invite her into the house. The next day, Mike can’t even remember the girl’s name. Mike calls New York Water Bagel Company and Deli and orders breakfast for the roommates. The delivery boy comes by with the food and Mike looks around for money to tip him. He eventually gives the kid a protein shake mix as the tip. Pauley wakes up to see that breakfast is there and thanks him. Jenni “Jwoww” comes downstairs and tells the girls that tonight is Roger and her 1 year anniversary and she wants to go to the Sex Shop to pick up some “items”.

Jenni, Sammi “Sweetheart” and Deena get to the Sex Shop and afterward, Deena talks about Joey and Jenni and Sammi say that Joey is sketchy and Sammi says that she has feelings and knows that something isn’t right. Deena goes in to get her hair extensions and Jenni tells Sammi that she thinks that Joey is playing Deena. Mike, Nicole and Ronnie get to work and Nicole has a mix of Gatorade and beer. At the Shore Store, Mike is in work mode and actually works hard. At the house, Pauley and Vinny go out and play pool. Pauley says that there are no Single people and Vinny says that if people were single in the house, it would be more fun. They have a plan to take back the “smoosh” room for the singles. Back at the Shore Store, Nicole says that Jionni is going to be at the house tonight and Mike goes in the back and calls “Unit”. He says that tonight is when they are going to tell Jionni.

Jenni, Sammi and Deena get home and Jenni says that she is going to shower and then decorate the “smoosh” room. Pauley and Vinny get to the “smoosh” room and decide to take the bed out. However, they are caught by Sammi. They hide it and go downstairs and pretend to sleep. Jenni realizes that the bed is gone and Sammi tells her that she will give her two guesses. Jenni goes into Pauley and Vinny’s room and Pauley can’t keep from smiling. Jenni says that she is going to get them back. Jenni gets the bed back in and sets it up. Vinny and Pauley realizes that their plan was for not. Jenni and the other roommates get ready to go out to the club and Jenni is wearing a “revealing” shirt.

Roger gets there and Jenni answers the door. He says that she is more naked every time he comes over. He sees her set up and loves the effort that Jenni made. Vinny comes out in highwater pants and a jean shirt. Pauley, Ronnie and Roger all make fun of his outfit for fun calling it a “jirt”. The roommates say that Deena looks nice and Ronnie says that Joey is being nice just to have sex with her. Nicole says that Jionni will be there at the club. Mike says that he is going to start some drama tonight. They get to Karma and Nicole sees that Jionni’s family is there. Mike goes over the master plan with “Unit” and tells him that he is going to go up to Jionni and mention what Nicole and Mike did.

Deena goes up to Joey at the club and asks him what his intentions are with her. He says that he is not just in it for the sex and tells her that she doesn’t have to listen to other people. Deena is confused at his denial. Sammi goes up to Deena and tells her that she is only looking out for her and that she is going to get hurt if she stays with Joey. Mike tells “Unit” that they are going to have it all out there, but sees that Jionni’s family is there. He decides to hold back for a bit because that is too much drama then he wants. Vinny doesn’t like that Karma has nothing but “Grenades” out tonight and Pauley tries to avoid them too. Jionni gets there and right away, Nicole tells him that she wants to go back to the Shore house with him. He says that is alright. Mike and “Unit” see them leaving and Mike says that Nicole knows.

Vinny and Pauley leave Karma because they can’t find a girl amongst all the “Grenades”. Deena finds Joey and asks him again what his intentions are. He gets tired of telling her the same thing and walks away. She tells him to stop being a jerk. She realizes that it is true what the roommates were saying. The roommates go back to the house. Mike and “Unit” are ready to go and “Unit” is really drunk. Mike says that he is going to handle it and they walk back to the Shore house. However, on their way back to the house, “Unit” is arrested by the Seaside Heights Police. Mike goes back to the house and is upset that “Unit” got himself arrested and calls his friend, Mikey. He tells him that they can’t let him rot.

Ronnie comes downstairs and tells Mike to go to bed. He says that they are not going to allow him to go out and they are going to hold him until the morning because he knows from experience. The roommates get to bed and Mike realizes that he is going to have to go solo and handle this on his own. The next day, Mike calls up Mikey again and asks for an update. He says that he is going to get processed and then let him go. Jionni gets up by himself and Mike tells him that he wants to talk to him in private. He says that he is going to come out and say it so that it isn't too painful. The episode ends.