We Are Family - Recap

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The scene opens with Nicole “Snooki” coming into the house. Pauley and Vinny are in the kiddy pool enjoying their time. Nicole thinks that they threw them a tiki party. The other roommates get in and Jenni “Jwoww” realizes that their rooms are not in the house. They find out that the outside is inside and the inside is outside. They laugh at the prank. However, Mike “The Situation” is not happy at all. It starts to rain and the roommates all get their things inside. Mike sits down sulking and says that he didn’t take it out, he isn’t bringing it back in. Mike is upset when he actually does go out to get his things and says that everything is ruined. Everyone gets tired of him whining and helps him move his things back in. Nicole says that they should change his name to “The Bitch-uation”.

Mike’s brother, Frank, calls over to the house and tells Deena that he is with her sister Joanie. She really thinks that that the relationship is getting serious and it could mean that Deena will be related to Mike. Nicole is tired of fighting with Mike and they go out to a café. Mike sits down with her and tells her that he heard something about Deena’s sister, Joanie. He tells Nicole what she does and Nicole doesn’t want to believe it. Mike says that it is a good thing because only a few women can do it. Nicole says that it is like Pee and asks why men would want that. Mike asks if he should use it for good or evil. Nicole tells him not to say anything. The roommates get ready to go to Jenk’s and Deena is sporting a bra that pushes her breast to her chin. Mike hits his head getting into the cab on the way to the club.

They get to Jenk’s and they find out that Pauley’s drink can be held by Deena’s breasts. Vinny bumps into two lesbians. They help him pick up girls. Joanie comes up and welcomes the roommates. Nicole says that Mike talked bad about Joanie. Deena gets upset about it. Vinny continues to hang out with the lesbians. He gets the idea that he is going to take them back to the house and try to “turn” them back to men. He manages to do it. However, when they get back, Vinny says that he needs the “smoosh” room that Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart” have made as their own room. Vinny tries to get it and eventually Ronnie allows it. Vinny takes the two lesbians upstairs and does the impossible despite the fact that they are not at all attractive. Deena asks the girls more about what Mike said and they tell her to deal with Mike about it. Deena goes upstairs and asks Mike what he said. Mike lies and says that he was talking to “Unit” about it and Nicole must have overheard it. He says that it is a not bad thing to be able to do what Joanie can do.

The next day, one of the lesbians says that her underwear is missing. The roommates give him a hard time about it for having sex with them and say that it was like having sex with two Pauleys. There is a lightning storm and Deena thinks that it is a tornado. She freaks out and says that she is leaving and panics. Sammi says that Deena can’t drive during this. The storm rages on, but Deena doesn’t care and wants to go out. The roommates get ready for their last 2 nights in Jersey Shore and they want to have fun. They get to the club and Sammi gets into it and they all have a fun time. Frank comes into the club and has Joanie with him. Mike says that his brother looks really happy and says that he is happy for them.

Deena catches wind that Frank is there and she is on a mission to tell Frank that it is not cool to tell Mike that her sister does something that is private. Mike catches her first and tells her that she needs to let it go and says that her sister is good people and he doesn’t want to blow it up. Deena agrees to let it go and wants her sister to be happy. Mike says that he might be spending holidays with Deena. The roommates are hung-over the next day and Sammi shows that she got water balloons and a slingshot. Deena likes the idea and they hide the balloons for later. Jenni says that she can’t believe that this is their last day together and they cook dinner. However, it gets smoky and the smoke alarms go off. The roommates sit down with each other for Sunday dinner and Sammi says that this is her best summer and they say that it is the first summer that Ronnie and her are not fighting constantly.

To add a little fun, Deena and Jenni dress in fat suits and dance on everyone. After dinner, the girls get their ammo and Pauley sees them on the balcony. Sammy smashes a glass panel and they guys get up to the balcony and Ronnie closes the door and locks it. They realize that they are locked out. The guys get their own ammo and Deena realizes that their plan backfired again. Deena tries to climb the roof and halfway through realizes that it is a bad idea. The guys get ready to go out there and the girls hide behind the tarp. Deena is soaked, but doesn’t give up. She follows them and they get her wet even more. They end it with Pauley putting Deena in the Jacuzzi.

The next day, the roommates are woken up by Pauley with smoke alarms and his famous “Wake Up Yeah!” line. The roommates all get their things in their bags and get ready to leave the Jersey Shore for the summer. Mike finds a bra in his bed. The roommates say goodbye to Ronnie and Sammi. They are happy that they are able to leave the Shore House together. Roger comes over and gets Jenni and Mike sees that Roger is trying to get it in tonight. After she leaves, Mike asks the rest of the roommates if Jenni’s breasts are real. They are disgusted and tell him that he is gross. They all say goodbye to Mike. Vinny’s mother comes over to pick up Vinny. She doesn’t like the way they are leaving things, but doesn’t do anything to clean it. Vinny gives Pauley a big hug. Deena leaves and she says goodbye to her “meatball”. Pauley leaves next and says goodbye to Nicole for the 5th time. Nicole waits for “Papa Snooks” and finally he comes up and Nicole says goodbye to another season of The Jersey Shore.