Reunion - Recap

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Another end to a season and another reunion show starts up with Amy Paffrath coming out and welcoming the crowd. She says that that they have the cast of Jersey Shore with them. Jenni “Jwoow”, Ronnie, Vinnie, Pauley D., Deena, Nicole “Snooki” Mike “The Situation” and Sammi “Sweetheart”. Nicole says that Seaside is their home. They look at their time arriving at Seaside and how the power went out. Nicole says that Karma felt great. Pauley says that his tanning was great. Vinnie says that the Drama Queens make it worse.

Mike and Nicole go to the hot seats and Amy asks Mike why he is always starting drama with Nicole. He says that he doesn’t like to be made out to be a liar. They look back at all the drama he caused Nicole and Nicole says that she doesn’t know why he was doing that. Mike says that he doesn’t want to be made out to be the liar and Ronnie says that it is like a Ron & Sam argument. Mike says that Nicole is putting their friendship on the line. Ronnie says that the more Nicole gets angry, the guiltier she looks. Mike says that he is going to drop it. Nicole says that she doesn’t forgive him.

They continue to talk to Mike and Nicole and Amy asks if Mike thinks that he is the bad guy. He says that he doesn’t want to be. They show how Mike was shunned. Mike says that he wants people to like him. The roommates say that he has a reputation for being bad and Jenni says that he needs to man up and says that they don’t believe anything that comes from him. Mike says that this is ridiculous and leaves. Jenni goes out there to talk to Mike outside. She tells him that everyone cares about him

Deena joins Mike and Nicole on the couch and they bring up the time when Deena and Nicole were in the raft and they said “Sharp” but Deena thought they said “Shark”. She says that was not fun. Amy asks how camping was. She says that she didn’t like it at all. Ronnie says that the only tent that Nicole how to pitch is the one inside a guy’s pants. Vinnie jokes and starts chanting “Mike’s pants!” The roommates say that they would never go camping again until it is in an RV.

Vinny and Pauley join Deena on the couch and Amy talks about his breakdown and how he had to set things strait with him. Pauley says that he had to get his boy back and Vinnie says that he got back into the swing of things. They talk about the pranks that Vinnie and Pauley pulled off and how they are the Prank War Champions. Mike admits that he got angry when they turned the house inside out because he is a lazy person and didn’t want to bring his things back inside.

Jenni sits on the couch and talks about her relationship with Roger. Amy asks how she felt when Roger cancelled. She says that she wanted to be first. Deena says that she hopes to have the type of relationship. Ronnie and Sammie join Deena and Jenni on the couch. Pauley says that there is nothing to do when Ronnie and Sammie are not fighting. Ronnie admits that after the summer, they are not together with Sammie. The time away from each because of schedules is why they are broken up. The other roommates think that they might be together in the end.

They show a video of the roommates peeing anywhere they go. Deena says that when they got to go, they got to go. She says that when she is sober, she washes her hands after using the bathroom. Amy brings up Lola the Bunny, Nicole’s alter-ego and Nicole says that she had a lot of fun in that. Jenni says that was the best night that they had at Jersey Shore. Nicole says that Lola was a lot of fun. Amy says goodbye until next time.