Once More Unto the Beach - Recap

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The scene opens with the Jersey Shore roommates getting ready to go to the Shore. In Manalapan, New Jersey, Mike “The Situation” has his family around and tells them that he is grateful to have them in his life. He says that rehab was the most miserable thing he has ever gone through and is happy that he is sober from prescription pills and alcohol. He has Paula there with him and he says that they aren’t in a relationship, but who knows what is going to happen. In Poughkeepsie, New Jersey, pregnant Nicole “Snooki” gets out of her truck and talks to her mom about going to the Shore. She slips a little with her high platform shows. She says that she can’t go crazy like before. She says that she wants to avoid the drinking, but wants to have fun. She is going to make it her own summer and make the best of it.

In Toms River, New Jersey, Jenni “Jwoww” and her boyfriend Roger are packing Jenni up for her time at the Shore. She says that she and Roger moved in together and are really happy. They don’t understand why Nicole is coming. She says that they are different than they were in Jersey City. Mike gets to a store and buys Sunday Dinner for the roommates to show them that he wants to start the summer off on a good start. Nicole calls Jenni and tells her that Mike and her are not going to talk. Jenni says that now that Mike is sober, it might be different. Mike drives down the road and want to have a good time. In Bronx, New York, Ronnie gets ready and says that he and Sammi “Sweetheart” are together. In Hazet, New Jersey, Sammi says that they are going in as a couple and says that she doesn’t what is going to happen. They seem happy together and say that they communicate better. Ronnie says that he is not alright to live with a pregnant girl.

In Providence, Rhode Island, Pauley D calls up Vinny and asks if he is ready for another year. He says that he is and Pauley says that he better not leave him again. They are hoping to get MVP back together now that Mike is sober. In Staten Island, New York, Vinny’s mom gets him ready and he is determined not to allow his anxiety get the best of him. Vinny says that if Nicole and Jionni don’t work out, then he will step in. He says that Jionni isn’t going to be a good dad. In New Egypt, New Jersey, a new, skinnier Deena gets ready and is going to the Shore without her boyfriend, Chris. She is hoping that it is going to be like her first year at the Shore. She is worried about who she is going to play with now that Nicole is pregnant, Mike is sober and Ronnie and Sammi are together. She leaves.

Nicole arrives at Jenni’s and Jenni doesn’t know what to expect this year. She says that they are more mature. The roommates drive and Mike says that he is happy that he is sober. He gets inside and starts to prepare dinner. Deena comes in and says that Mike looks good and he compliments her. She clearly loves the attention. Mike says that he quit smoking as well. They go on the deck when Pauley comes in. They exchange hugs and Pauley says that he has his boy back in Mike. They laugh about the fact that Nicole is pregnant and engaged. Ronnie and Sammi get in and Sammi doesn’t think that Mike has changed and says that they will keep their distance. Vinny gets in and everyone has their luggage and Mike says that MVP needs to get a room and they agree. Ronnie and Sammi get their own room. Mike tells Vinny and Pauley that he is a new person this summer. Nicole and Jenni arrive and they complain about the smell. Jenni realizes that it is the broccoli. She says that it is weird to see Mike nice. Nicole says that she has 3 more months until she gives birth.

Nicole doesn’t exchange a lot of words with Mike and it is clear that she wants to ignore it all. Mike gets dinner ready while the other roommates have fun relaxing. Mike says that he isn’t cleaning up. Mike says that it would have been nice to have them roommates help, but he doesn’t seem affected by it. Nicole and Deena talk and she tells Deena that it would be nice, but she can’t go out. Mike announces dinner and Vinny asks if there is milk in Nicole’s boobs and asks to test them out. They sit down for dinner and Mike says that he went to rehab and says that he wants to say that he is there to be nice. Sammi says that it feels good to be back. They remember the first time they were there and how Vinny and Pauley brought back ugly girls. Mike apologizes to all the roommates and says that he doesn’t want to cause any drama. Jenni says that she will play ball until proven wrong.

The roommates go to the Shore Store and meet with Danny. He says that it is good to see them and the roommates leave. Mike says that he was good tonight with his Iced Tea and says that it is going to be an extreme test to remain sober. The next day, all the roommates are up early and Nicole wanted to sleep in. Mike says “Good Morning”, but she ignores him. The roommates get their GTL on (Gym Tan Laundry) and Nicole doesn’t like that she can’t do much. Mike continues to compliment Nicole and she makes fun of his comments behind his back. Paula is at the Shore at the tanning salon. Ronnie sees that there must be something there. Nicole can’t tan and Vinny goes up to feel Nicole’s belly, but feels her up instead. The girls get to a café and Deena breaks down about missing her boyfriend. They tell her that they know and Sammi says that it is going to be a long summer. The roommates talk about what time they are going to go to Karma and Nicole says that she and Jionni are going on a date. She calls him and he tells her that he will be there soon.

Vinny and Mike are in the Jaccuzi and Pauley is told that he has to bring a girl home. Deena falls off the hammock and everyone laughs. Pauley says that they go hard the first night and Nicole is not happy that she can’t go. Jionni gets there with flowers and she is happy. Vinny walks by Jionni and doesn’t say anything. Pauley laughs and says that Vinny should have said something. Vinny says that he has nothing nice to say. Jionni and Nicole go on their date and Jionni knows almost everyone in the restaurant. The roommates get ready to go to Karma and Mike says that he would have sex with Deena and she tells him not to get fresh. Cabs are there and Pauley does his trademark “Cabs are Here!” Jionni and Nicole are at the restaurant and Nicole is not happy on the date. Jionni asks if she wants to go, but she doesn’t want to be the pregnant girl at the club. At Karma, the roommates have fun and Mike maintains his sobriety even when a girl asks him to take a drink. The episode ends.