No Shame, Good Integrity - Recap

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The scene opens in the club and Chris, Deena’s boyfriend is there. She makes out with him and the other roommates feel that it is weird not having Nicole “Snooki” there. Nicole says that she is going to need to get a new house to stay at and will talk to Danny about it. At the club, Ronnie is getting drunker and Sammi “Sweetheart” asks him for something to eat. He gets irritated and says that she should have eaten before. Jenni “Jwoww” says that Ronnie is just drunk and that he doesn’t mean it. Ronnie tells Sammi that she is irritating and that he has a million other girls that will do what she can do. Sammi tries to remain calm, but he tells her that he can get any girl.

Jionni and Nicole get back to the house and she tells Jionni that she loves him. She goes to bed. Back at the club, Vinny talks to Chris about buying furniture and drunken Deena doesn’t like it and starts to cry. She is worried that Vinny is making fun of Christ and says that she doesn’t know if she can do this. Vinny tries to tell her that he was only talking about buying furniture for his house, but she doesn’t want to listen to that. They walk outside and Chris tries to apologize to her and says that she needs to be happy. Mike “The Situation” wants to help out Pauley D and says gets with the girl’s friend. This way Pauley’s girl will go back to the house. They leave the club and go get some food. Deena is an emotional wreck and is still crying on Chris’s shoulder. Mike says that he had more fun sober than drinking. The guys are proud of Mike for not drinking.

The roommates get back to the house and Ronnie takes the blankets from the “Smoosh” room and falls down the stairs with them. He is laughing despite Sammi’s plea to leave them alone. Mike tells Pauley that his girl is on her period. Right away they know that they are going to have to get rid of the girls that they came home with. Pauley says that they have work and that they have to leave. Mike has the girls write their numbers down so that after they fix their “situation”, then they can hang out and “seal the deal”. The next day, everyone is hung-over besides Mike and Nicole and Mike says that he feels great. Deena goes into the bedroom and tells Nicole that she was crying because she misses Chris. Ronnie is puking and Nicole tells him to drink a beer. Ronnie apologizes for being stupid and says that Sammi must have said something to make him upset with her.

Mike, Ronnie and Sammi go to a café and Mike recounts what Ronnie was doing. Ronnie finds it strange that Mike is recounting things that he did. They tell Mike that they like him more than the first time they met him. Ronnie says that Mike has a long road ahead of him if he is going to keep up with what he wants to do. Vinny talks to Deena about her feelings for Chris and she apologizes for yelling at him. He tells her that it is not healthy to need Chris all the time. She says that her anxiety when she is not around him. It starts to rain and the roommates are not happy to go out tonight. Vinny asks Nicole if Jionni and he can be friends. The reason he gives is because they are Eskimo Brothers, people who have been with the same girl. Mike sees that Vinny is pushing Nicole’s buttons and is happy that the hate is not going to be all on him.

Pauley, Deena and Nicole get into work and Nicole asks Danny if he can find her a place to stay so that she can be pregnant. He says that he has something for her. After work, Jenni, Nicole, Deena and Sammi have lunch and Nicole says that Vinny was really rude. Jenni says that she would kill anyone who talks bad about her boyfriend and that Vinny had no right to make fun of Jionni. Sammi and Nicole go shopping while the guys go on the Boardwalk and have fun on the rides. Vinny talks to Mike about the Rehab and Mike says that it is good to know that Vinny knows what he is going through. Vinny likes the bond that he has with Mike now. Deena and Jenni go to a bar and get drunk. Deena doesn’t know what the word “integrity” is and the bartender tells her the real meaning is. Deena says that kids don’t need to go to school; they can just go to bars.

Nicole and Sammi finish shopping and she says that Jenni better not be drinking because she never drank with her. However, she is drinking and having fun. Later on Pauley, Vinny and Mike are in the kitchen getting dinner ready and Sammi offers cooking tips from the couch. They sit down at the table and Vinny tells them that he is going to give himself the goal to be celibate. They tell him that means that he can’t jerk off or kiss a girl. Nicole tells the roommates that she is going to move out of the house. They don’t like it, but understand. They are staying in tonight and Vinny suggests that they throw imaginary Chinese Stars at one another. The episode ends.