Toxic Shots Syndrome - Recap

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The scene opens with the roommates waking up and Nicole “Snooki” packing. The roommates help Nicole with her bags. Pauley D says that the house is really nice. Jenni “Jwwow” says that she is happy for her. Mike “The Situation” calls his sister Melissa and says that he is going to the doctor to get a shot that block Opiates. He has some concerns, but she says that everyone supports him. Mike says that he is going to get the shot to show people that he is serious with his sobriety. Deena calls Chris and asks him to come over and he agrees. Mike gets back from the doctor’s office and Vinny asks him how it was. He says that he had the worst shot and says that it is like he is going through Rehab with Mike. He has to get to work

They get to work and Mike, despite being in pain, is working like he normally does, slowly. Danny gets on him about not giving 100%. Back at the Shore house, Deena gets ready for her date with Chris and Nicole tells her that she looks sexy. Back the Shore Shop, Mike sits down and Danny gets on him. He tells him that he got a shot and he is trying. Danny and the others make jokes and he gets upset and walks home. Vinny says that he doesn’t like that and goes to check up on him. Mike tells him that he will be alright. Chris and Deena go out and she says that she loves Chris. Mike calls Paula up and asks her to come over. Deena’s date ends and they go back to house. They start to play a game of Beer Pong and Deena and Chris win the game.

Mike comes downstairs and Jenni asks him about his relationship with Paula and he says that he doesn’t know. However, it is clear that he loves her. Paula comes over and Paula tells them that is up to Mike. The next day, Deena, Sammi “Sweetheart” and Ronnie go to work and Deena says that she doesn’t feel good. She keeps complaining that her stomach hurts. However, she still goes to work and then pukes in the bathroom there. They get back to the house and Deena thinks that she has Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Jenni asks her how long she kept her tampon in and she tells her that it was a day and a half. Jenni tells her to go to the doctor’s if it gets worse.

Deena gets up and calls her mom. She tells her that she isn’t herself and her mom says that she is only giving herself problems and Deena says that she messed up and says that she isn’t normal. She says that she can do this and tells her to go hang out with Sammi. They go out on the terrace and Sammi says that she doesn’t want to see Deena like this and she tells her that she will come out of this. Ronnie comes out and says that they had reservations and that they can’t be late to it. Sammi gets dressed and Ronnie is upset that she’d rather hang out with Deena than with him. She tells him that Deena is going through a tough time, but Ronnie doesn’t seem to care about it. Vinny and Pauley go over to Nicole’s place and say hello. She shows them that her boobs have gotten bigger and Vinny is clearly really impressed.

Jionni comes over in sweats and brings in a box of things. He says that they are going to go out now and she had plans to go to a nice restaurant. However, Jionni wants to go to a Steakhouse rather than a nice romantic place. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Sammi are at an Italian restaurant having dinner. Nicole and Jionni walk over to the fast food place and Nicole says that she is going to order cheese balls. She asks Jionni when they are going to have a wedding so that they can start planning it. They realize that this is going to be a busy year with a baby and a wedding. Nicole is excited that they are going to have the chance to do what they want.

At a bar, Jenni, Deena, Pauley and Vinny have fun playing games and Vinny loses to Pauley at basketball. Jenni and Deena have fun playing air hockey and they all have fun. Nicole and Jionni get done with eating and Nicole asks him if he’d die for her and he says that he would. He also says that he would for Lorenzo, their little boy that Nicole is carrying right now. She says that is sweet. She says that her boobs itch and says that her nipples are getting bigger. Jionni asks if she has Kong Nipples and Nicole about pees herself from this. He says that they could keep some things to themselves. They get back to Nicole’s and spend time with one another.

Back at Hook’s Bar, the rest of the roommates have fun and they realize that they have karaoke there. Vinny starts things off and they start to have fun. Jenni decides that it would be funny to have Mike sing “Rehab” by Amy Whinehouse. Without knowing the song choice, Mike gets ready. The roommates are scared that he is going to flip out, but Mike sings the song and they all have a blast and are happy that Mike can have fun too with the fact that he is sober now. Mike says that he fells that this is going to be a good summer.