Blues, Balls & Brawls - Recap

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The episode continues with Nicole “Snooki” and Jionni talking about Jionni going to Florida and Nicole says that she is worried that he will find someone skinnier. Vinny, Pauley and Ronnie go over to Nicole’s and they come back. Jionni says hello to Pauley and Ronnie, but not Vinny. Jionni says goodbye and leaves. Vinny says that it would have been awkward for him and Jionni to be friends. Jenni “Jwwow” and Sammi “Sweetheart” go visit Nicole and wake her up with food. Nicole tells them that Jionni is going to be in Miami and she says that she doesn’t want to think about Jionni and Florida and tells them that they can talk about something else.

At the house, Mike “The Situation, Vinny and Pauly D are playing with a ball when Pauley and Vinny go up to the terrace and see a girl flashing her boobs. They go inside and tell the other roommates and they say that they want to see too. The girl flashes her boobs and even private parts. They realize that this girl is a lot of fun. Pauley and Vinny go outside and meet the girl. She writes down her number and tells them to call her anytime. She is down for anything. Vinny and Pauley go back inside and Vinny falls to the floor laughing. Pauley says that he is going to call her.

Pauley says that he can date the girl and they say that she can meet Pauley’s mother. Mike says that Paula met his mom and they say that they are official. Anything is official when the girl meets the mom. Vinny makes a confession that the reason he is not having sex with anyone is that he met a girl prior to coming to the Shore. Pauley jumps up and down and says that he is the only single one in the house now. Nicole says that it is good to see Vinny growing up. Jenni says that he can jerk off now and he runs upstairs. The next day, Jenni calls Roger and asks if he wants to hang out and he says that he does, but he has to go to work tomorrow. Jenni says that he is going to give Roger a surprise birthday party. She and Vinny go to a party store and buy a few things. Vinny picks up some Granny Soakers and tells Jenni that he will kill her if she says anything. She says that she won’t.

They get back to the house and Nicole gets scared with Pauley’s loud announcements. They get ready to go to the bar to set up and Jenni tells Pauley not to make too many sex jokes. They find out that the manager set up for them. They get some food and Roger still is not showing up. Mike, Deena and Sammi get back from work to get ready. Jenni is pissed that Roger still is not there and Nicole feels bad for her. The birthday cake for Roger comes and Roger comes over. He tells them that he fell asleep. Jenni is upset and he says that he wishes that Jenni would stop complaining. There is a lot of tension and he gets up and sits with his friends. They have a little fight and then make up. The rest of the roommates all get there and Deena asks Nicole to dance. The girls put balloons in their shirts and get dancing. Deena says that she better get all her Jersey Turnpike in before she ever gets pregnant.

Ron gets talked into riding the bull and after 5 seconds, he falls off. Deena tries it and falls forward on the bull. She stays on for about 10 seconds. The next day comes and the roommates get up to go to work. Nicole, Mike and Ronnie get to work and Mike sees that Nicole isn’t feeling good. He asks what is wrong, but she tells him that they are not friends and that he doesn’t have to worry about her. He asks her if she is not going to be his friend forever and she tells him that he is not ever going to be her friend again. Mike is a little upset that she has to be like this and walks away. Danny says that Nicole hurt his feelings.

After work, Nicole tells Jenni that she told Mike not to try to be her friend. Jenni tells her that she doesn’t blame her. Ronnie, Pauley and Mike find their friends. Jenni, Deena and Vinny are at work and Roger sends Jenni 2 dozen pink roses and 1 red rose for Ronnie. Jenni has to have sex with Roger for this now. Deena takes Danny with her on a Meatball/Sausage date and they have fun playing carnival games. They go to the bar and the guys come up and Danny goes back to work. Jenni hangs out with Roger and Deena and they all have fun on the Boardwalk. Denna gets her big blue ball and they all tease her with it. They get to the house and Vinny and Pauley go to Nicole’s porch and tell her that Jenni is on a bar crawl and say that they are going to Bamboo. She tells them that she will pass.

Deena gets her blue ball home and Deena is drunk already. The roommates get to Bamboo and have fun. A guy goes up to Mike and tells him that they hung out at Deco with his friends. He tells Mike that they are friends on Facebook and Mike tells him that he has too many friends on Facebook. Ryan, one of the groups’ friends tells the guy to take a walk. The guy gets into Ryan’s face and tells him that he can beat him up. Ryan tosses the guy into a bouncer. They feel that the fight is over and they have fun talking about it. However, a drink is tossed and there is a big fight at Bamboo. Roger gets into a bouncer’s face and tells him that he knows him now. Jenni tries to break it up and gets grabbed in the neck by Roger and tossed out of the way. She falls to the ground and gets picked back up. The episode ends.