Merp Walk - Recap

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The scene opens with the fight continuing and Roger pushing Jenni “Jwoww” down to the ground. She stands up and throws her drink in Roger’s face. They storm out of the club and Jenni twists her ankle chasing after him. He says that she shouldn’t be in guy’s business. She is upset and tries to tell him that what he did hurt her. However, he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Deena and Jenni take a cab back and Jenni tells her that she and Roger are going to have to talk later. They get back to the house and Ronnie asks if he can call Roger. He does and Roger tells him that he is done with it and that he is too old to be messing around like that.

Ronnie comes out to the other roomamates and tells them that Roger is clearly upset. They worry that this could be the end of Jenni and Roger. The next day, Nicole “Snooki” comes over and Jenni tells her about last night. She is shocked and Nicole says that Jenni needs to go get her ankle checked out. Back at the house, Sammi “Sweetheart” and Ronnie decide to go out and Sammi says that Jenni’s reaction is woman’s instinct to want to protect, but Ronnie says that they have to make sure that they stay out of the fights that guys are involved in. They realize that they are fighting over nothing and they kiss and make up.

Nicole and Jenni get to the doctors and the nurse examines her. While there, Nicole measures herself and she is 4’8”. She was 4’9” for a while. She worries that she is shrinking. Nicole is hoping that Jenni’s foot is broken so that she can have a buddy this summer. They get the X-Ray back and she has a Vacuolar Fracture. She might have to wear a cast or even have surgery. She is advised to stay off her feet for 4-6 weeks. Her summer is blown. She is not happy that she is going to be disabled. She has them write down the bone she fractured to show the roommates. Jenni is pissed and doesn’t want to talk to Roger.

The guys get to Jimbos and Mike “The Situation” says that Jenni was mean to Roger. Ronnie defends Roger and tells the guys that Jenni is going to be in a cast. Jenni and Nicole get to the house and Sammi sees Jenni’s hurt foot. Jenni says that everything she knows has come to an end. Deena comes in and feels bad for Jenni. Sammi says that is messed up if Roger hurt her that bad. The guys get back and Deena says that Jenni is in a cast. Ronnie says that he called it. Vinny says that Jenni is milking it and says that she is over-dramatic. Jenni gets herself worked into a funk and asks Nicole and Deena what she should do with Roger. They tell her that she needs to talk to him.

The roommates get ready to go to Karma and Nicole is going to go with them as well. She says that she is going to go to relax with Jenni. However, Jenni wants to drink. Vinny’s Uncle Nino is there with everyone tonight. They have fun creating their own party. Nicole plays waitress for the girls. Uncle Nino tells Jenni to sit on his lap and tells her to forget Roger. Jenni doesn’t listen to the doctor’s orders and drinks and walks on her foot. Jenni tells girls that Mike has a girlfriend. He decides that he doesn’t want to hurt Paula. He gets irritated and Ryan tells him to calm down and to get out of the club. He goes home and calls up Paula. He tells her that he had a rough night. She says that she is going to get dressed.

The roommates get home and Deena is drunk. Her ball that she won, pops and she climbs inside of it. In the early morning, Paula comes over and they “snuggle”. She leaves afterward and Deena tells them to get up. She is still drunk and she goes outside. She goes to a bar and starts to drink some more audtioning people to be her “meatball”. Mike gets a delivery. It is Chocolate Strawberries and Bananas from Paula. Mike says that he wants to make it official with Paula. They say that this is serious.

Deena is trying to have a fun time, but cries that she misses her meatball Nicole. She sits there and cries. She decides to have fun despite being sad and she gets more drunk and she dances around. She asks for a replacement blue ball that she popped. They give it to her and she gives them a kiss. Nicole gets to the house to check on Jenni. She says that she doesn’t remember anything besides falling down. She says that her butt hurts. Nicole is upset that Jenni is having so much fun without her. Deena gets to the Shore Store and says that she wants to go to the liquor store and Danny sends Steve with her to babysit.

Back at the house, Ronnie and Sammi wonder where Deena ran off to. They go get breakfast and see Deena hugging a girl. She is beyond drunk and she asks Ronnie to give her his glasses. Sammi realizes that Deena “the meatball” is back. Deena falls over and kisses the ground. They pick her up and Deena starts to walk through the street. Steve tries to get her to go back to the Boardwalk, but she is not listening. The cops come and arrest Deena. Ronnie tells Sammi that Deena got arrested and that they have to go. The episode ends with Deena getting arrested.