Let's Make It Official - Recap

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The scene opens with Deena being arrested. Ronnie gets the information that she is going to the Drunk Tank. Sammi “Sweetheart” is crying and Ronnie tells her that they should go drink some more. Mike “The Situation”, Vinny and Pauley D go visit Paula at the Tanning Salon and Mike says that Paula looks hot. He asks her to dinner. Back at EJ’s, Ronnie, Sammi and Steve are drinking still. Mike, Pauley and Vinny go to the sport store and pick up some supplies. Mike sees a stroller and wants to buy it for Nicole. Pauley tells him that he should buy it.

Ronnie and Sammi get back to the house and tell Nicole “Snooki” and Jenni “Jwoww” that Deena got arrested. They drive to the jail and see that Deena’s parents are there for her. Deena gets back to the house and go out to the patio. She tells her mom and dad that she was trying to have fun and have a “meatball day”. Her mom tells her that the judge is not going to understand that. Deena is told that she has to watch out and behave. Deena is glad that she is not going to jail for a while. Nicole gets a card for Deena and Mike and Pauley get the stroller in the house.

Nicole comes in and gives Deena the card and the rest of the roommates get in the kitchen and start to cook dinner. Nicole has hot flashes and she takes two frozen packages of food on her boobs. Mike tells Nicole to come up on the balcony where he has the stroller waiting. However, she tells him that she is not going anywhere alone with him. He tells her that he doesn’t care and goes inside. Ronnie tells her to go up to the balcony and they see that it is a nice one. She asks Ronnie why he is doing this and Ronnie says that it is his way of saying that he is sorry. The roommates sit down for Sunday dinner and Vinny tells everyone that he is glad Deena is there. Nicole says that she is thankful for the stroller.

Mike says that he is going to make his relationship with Paula official. They say that it is amazing. They decide to go out to the Jacuzzi and Morgan, the girl who flashed her boobs calls for Pauley. She flashes them again and they laugh it up. Jenni is in the bedroom talking to the girls about her relationship with Roger. The next day, Jenni and Nicole go to the doctor’s to see what the status of Jenni’s foot is. They stop by and buy scooters for one another. At the Shore Store, Mike wants to make a shirt that says “Let’s make it official”. Danny thinks it is funny to put “I Like Men” on the back. Mike catches it and laughs it off. Jenni and Nicole get to the Orthopaedic Surgeon and he say that her foot is not broken and that she doesn’t need anything. She feels dumb for buying a scooter. Nicole is upset that she doesn’t have a friend for the summer.

Mike and the rest of the roommates go to Rivoli’s and Mike and Paula sit at a different table. He tells her that he wants to make it official and she starts to talk about kids and weddings. Mike is clearly uncomfortable with her reaction. They get to the house and Paula says that they are now going to be having sex on the reg and that they get the smoosh room. Mike is clearly uncomfortable with that and says that he would rather want to stay in his bed and not go into the smoosh room. She agrees and they snuggle on the bed and Mike is happy the way he is with her.

The next day, Jenni calls Roger and leaves a message. She is unsure with where they are right now in their relationship and she is worried. Pete, Mike’s Trainer and Life Coach, comes to the house and Mike tells him how he asked Paula out officially. He says that she went crazy and started to talk about kids and other things. He says that he is going to chalk it up as first time jitters and not read too much into it. They get to exercising and Mike feels a little better. Jenni continues to cry and feels that she and Roger are done. Ronnie tells her to not push the issue and allow Roger to get his head together. She calls him again and this time he picks up.

She talks to him and asks him where they are going with their relationship. He says that they really don’t have one because she spends more time with her friends than she does with him. She doesn’t like what she is hearing and says that she wants to know what is going on with them. Roger tells her to enjoy her summer and not to worry about them. However, he never tells her whether or not they are together. The episode ends.