Great Meatballs of Fire - Recap

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The scene opens with Jenni “Jwoww” talking to Roger on the phone. She tells him that she doesn’t want to throw 2 years of a relationship in the garbage. Roger says that he is not breaking up with her, but he is not going to the club. She takes this as a sign of him forgiving her and she forgives him. Mike “The Situation” tells the other roommates of Paula’s comments of sex on the reg and how he doesn’t like it. Sammi “Sweetheart” tells him that he needs to stick it out. Ronnie laughs at him that he is thinking of breaking off the relationship after a day. Deena, Ronnie and Mike go to work at the Shore Store with a bag on Deena’s head to cover her head.

They arrive at work and Danny says that he has something for her to wear. It is a jail jumpsuit. She doesn’t mind and dresses up. Danny asks when Mike is going to end things with Paula and he says that he is going to work it out. He says that there are little things that he is going to have to fix on Paula and then it will be alright. Deena feels that Mike is trying to make Paula into his life-sized doll. Paula comes into the store with her friend and tells him that they are going to have a girl’s day. Mike is clearly shocked that she came to the store for the first time ever. Mike says that he feels that Paula is a little too comfortable. The roommates and employees take a pool on how long Mike’s relationship with Paula will last.

Pauley D and Vinny talk to one another on what prank they are going to pull on Deena. They see the pictures she has of Chris and decide to go to a Photo Booth and take the same pictures. They pose as pretend kissing and hugging. Deena and Sammi gets back before Vinny and Pauley. Deena sees that her pictures of Chris and her are gone and immediately suspects Vinny and Pauley. They get in and Pauley distracts Deena while Vinny replaces the pictures. Deena gets back in her room and laughs at the pictures that are replaced. She knows that it is a prank and isn’t too mad about it.

Deena and Ronnie go out and play on the Boardwalk and Deena gets drunk. She starts to talk about her sex life and how Chris is the only guy who could make her orgasm. Ronnie jokes, but he is clearly uncomfortable about the topic. He tells her to keep that conversation in a box. Deena goes up to the cops and says that she is not too drunk and that she doesn’t want to get arrested again. They go home and get ready for Karma. Ronnie tells Sammi that he can’t take Deena talking about herself. The roommates get ready for Karma and get there. When they get to the club, Roger brought Jenni’s closest friends with him. She is happy that he cared enough to do this.

Jionni arrives at the club and Nicole “Snooki” is very happy. She tells him that she wants to cook him dinner at her place. Mike is walking around the club and allowing girls to touch his abs and bounce up and down on his lap. The other roommates see this and are not too happy. Mike doesn’t see any problem with it. One of Paula’s friends comes up to Mike and tells him that Paula loves him and his family and that he needs to behave. Mike doesn’t take that as a hint and continues to enjoy his time. However, when her friend Whitney, there too, she tells him that she didn’t see him hook up with anyone so that is good. The roommates go home and Mike goes home without anyone. In the cab, Sammi tells her that Deena talks too much about herself. She is clearly upset.

They get back to the house and Deena is mad at Ronnie. He tells her that he had a good time with her today and for her not to be grumpy. Jenni asks why she is grumpy and Deena tells him not to hang out with her then. Ronnie tries to tell her that everything is fine, but Deena says that she wants to go home. Mike gets a call from Paula the next day and she tells him that she just woke up. Mike feels that he is caught, but her friends didn’t tell her anything about Mike’s flirting and touching other girls. He says that he will see her later. Deena wakes up and hugs Ronnie. She apologizes.

Mike, Vinny and Pauley go to a café and Vinny tells Mike that he is in a committed relationship. Vanessa, Pauley’s stalker is outside of the café and they laugh that she is creepy. Back at the house, Deena says that she thinks that she has a hemeroid and Ronnie says that she doesn’t need to talk about it. They get to BJ’s and Deena starts to drink again. At Nicole’s place, she wants to cook for Jionni and she is not getting the right tempetures. The house fills up with smoke and she calls her dad for some pointers. She tells him that she wants to cook for Jionni, but is messing it up. However, she manages to get things together. Back at BJ’s, Deena is really drunk again and Sammi and Ronnie leave her there because she is an adult and can handle herself.

Later, Sammi answers the phone. It is Deena’s mother. She asks if Deena is drunk and she tells Sammi that she shouldn’t be alone and that she is going to have to come down there to put Deena in her place. Sammi feels bad. Jionni gets to dinner at Nicole’s place and he tells her that it looks awesome. He sits down and eats and tells her that it is good. Nicole is pleased that he loves it and they have a lot left over. Nicole laughs and chokes a little. She tells him that she peed. Meanwhile, Deena is drunk, but manages to get back to the house. The phone rings and it is her mother. She is told that she shouldn’t be drinking and that she is going to come down there and take her home. She starts to cry.

The roommates get back and Deena is a wreck. She tells them that she is leaving. They tell her that she is not leaving and Deena is so drunk that she doesn’t know if she is staying or leaving. She calls her mom and she is told that they are going over to the house and taking her home. The roommates get ready for Karma and a confused Deena doesn’t know how she got on the couch. She tells the roommates that she is going to Karma and they tell her that she needs to sleep it off. She calls Chris up and tells her that he needs to come pick her up tonight. He tells her that she can tomorrow. Ronnie laughs and says that she isn’t going anywhere. Deena screams at Ronnie and he tells her to chill out. The episode ends.