Control the Crazy - Recap

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The scene opens with Deena upset with the roommates and is drunk still. Ronnie asks her to tell them why she is upset so that they can help her. Pauley D. says that she needs to sleep it off. Vinny takes her out on the terrace and tells her that he knows what she is going through. Inside, the roommates talk about Deena and how her parents coddle her. Vinny says that she can’t make a decision when she is drunk. Ronnie calls Deena’s mom and she tells him that they are going to be there in twenty minutes. He tells them that Deena doesn’t need it, but they are sure that she does. Deena comes in and Ronnie hugs her and tells her that they love her. They joke about Deena “quacking” it and to just take care of herself. They go to the club and get to dancing.

Deena’s mom and dad arrive at the Shore house and she tells them that she drinking because she is having a good time. Her mom tells her that she doesn’t have to drink every day. She tells them that she is fine and her mother says that she needs to see a psychologist. They leave after having a talk with Deena. At the club, Mike “The Situation” is being a “Sneaky Dickens” meaning being intimate with girls when he has a girlfriend. Jenni “Jwoww” shoots him daggers and tells the girls that Mike has a girlfriend. Mike says that he loves the game in the club and does things that someone with a girlfriend. Vinny is going to break his selibacy tonight and wants to take a girl back to the house.

The roommates get home and Jenni goes to bed with Roger. Pauley, Vinny and Mike get back to the house and Pauley says that he won’t tell Paula about the girls he was grinding on. Mike says that he is “adjusting”. Vinny and Pauley get “busy”, but Vinny’s girl doesn’t want to do anything with Vinny. The next day, Mike, Vinny and Pauley go to the market and get some food for a Barbecue. They take the food home and have fun cooking it all up. They serve it to the other roommates and as always, private part jokes are going around the table just because they are eating hot dogs. They ask who brought a girl home and Pauley is the only one who got lucky. They tell Mike that Mike did a bad thing yesterday and Mike says that he really cares for Paula.

The roommates get done eating and they clean up. Jenni says that she could do some shooters and Deena says that she needs a day to get her stuff together. They talk about last night and Sammi “Sweetheart” spills out feelings and says that it is frustrating that Deena is getting upset over nothing and they can’t take it anymore. Deena takes the defense and says that she can’t help it. Sammi says that it is just frustrating and Deena tells Sammi that everyone needs to allow her to have fun. Sammi says that Deena is worse with Chris because being away from him has caused a lot of problems. Sammi tells her that she is blowing it with Chris and is trying to push Chris away. Deena is really upset, but says that they need to drop it and go to bed.

The next day, Sammi, Nicole “Snooki” and Jenni get to work late and Jenni says that it was her fault. Danny tells them that he is mad at them and Jenni bets that she can sell the shot glasses in exchange that she can go home early. She starts to push them and eventually she sells all of them. At the house, Deena brings up an idea that she and Chris double date with Mike and Paula. He likes the idea. Paula calls and tells him that she is game for the date. Nicole, Jenni and Sammi walk by the arcade and Nicole sees that one of the crane games is open. She steals a leopard. They run out of there quickly.

Chris gets to the house and Deena tells him that the roommates are getting on her nerves and that they are telling her that Chris feels that Deena is clingy. He says that he hates that she calls him up at 4 in the morning. He tells her that she is fine. They kiss. Paula gets to the house and is a mix between a porn star and the girl next door. Mike likes the way she looks. They go to dinner and Mike is clearly embarrassed at the things that Paula is saying. Deena tells Paula that she is going to go smoke. Mike asks Chris if this is forever or if it is going subside. Chris tells him that it is going to be alright. Deena talks to Paula about Mike and she tells him that Mike is the bad boy that is sweet. Deena tells her that she should be open and honest. On a ride, Paula shows Deena the “shocker” and Mike is overly embarrassed.

They get back to the Shore house and the roommates compliment Paula’s outfit. Ronnie is staying in tonight. Mike tells the roommates that he thinks that he bit off more than he can swallow with Paula. Mike tells the roommates that Paula is raunchy. Mike tells Paula that he likes it when Paula smiles and not talks. The roommates feel that Mike is rude for saying that. They get to the club and Mike wants to hang out Pauley and Vinny. Paula doesn’t be clingy with a watchful eye. At the house, Ronnie tells Nicole that Mike is going to be done with Paula. Nicole says that she would punch Jionni if he said that to her. She leaves. Back at the club, Mike likes to watch Vinny and Pauley pick up girls and the girls enjoy watching an old woman do the Jersey Turnpike.

They get back to the house and Mike goes upstairs. They ask if Paula is wearing an ass pad. She pulls them out and Vinny tries them on. He has fun with them. The roommates like that she is open and Paula’s lack of an edit button comes out. Ronnie says that Mike would be a little embarrassed. Mike tries his best to not see Paula’s raunchiness. He is speechless and decides that he is chalking it up. However, it is clear that he hates Paula and that he is freaking out. The roommates realize that Mike is going to have a relationship with Paula, but nothing serious at all. The episode ends.