Make It Unofficial - Recap

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The scene opens with Deena, Ronnie, Vinny and Nicole “Snooki” getting into work and Nicole asks Ronnie if he wants to go play games and not work. He tells Danny Nicole’s plans and they decide to pull a “Meatball” and they leave the store. At the Shore House, Mike “The Situation” calls his sister Melissa about Paula and she tells him that he is really looking for a classy girl. Mike says that he wants to meet a girl like his mom or sister. Melissa gives him some pointers on what to do. Ronnie and Danny get into a bar when it starts to rain. Nicole and Deena laugh that it is raining. The power goes out at the café and the backup generator comes on. Deena gets seriously scared of the rain when the wind kicks up and she says that they’re going to have a tornado.

Mike talks to Pauley and Vinny and tells them that he may be breaking up with Paula and says that he can’t take Paula’s mouth. They say that they have to agree with him and say that Paula’s attitude did change a lot. They start to think of ways that Mike can break up with Paula and Pauley says that he has to have a T-shirt. They go to a bar and Pauley tells two girls that Mike is going to break-up with his girlfriend. They tell him not to do it over the phone. Mike is worried that this might get back to Paula. They go to the beach and Mike tells the other roommates that he is going to break it off with Paula and tells her that they need to go back to where they were before. Sammi “Sweetheart” tells him that she is going to be heartbroken.

Mike and Deena go to a café and they talk about how Mike looks up to Deena as a sister. She thanks him for never getting involved in her and Chris’ relationship. He says that Paula is great, but she changed when he gave her the title. He says that he is going to have to break off things nicely and not ruin any chances for other things. Later, Mike talks about how it is going to be an accomplishment that he hasn’t had a drink or a smoke for a while. Pauley says that it is amazing. They got out to dinner and Mike tells the roommates that he feels good and in a good place with his rehab. He thanks the roommates and tells them that he is healthy.

Sammi brings up him apologizing to Nicole or settle the air. He says that he wants to. Vinny says that Nicole is trying to forget her past and that is why she doesn’t hang out with him. Vinny says that there is a possibility that he and Nicole will be friends again if Jionni wants to be friends. They get back to the house to find Nicole and Jenni “Jwoww”. Nicole sits on the couch and Sammi asks if Mike or Vinny are going to her wedding. She says that she wants Vinny to talk to Jionni, but wants nothing to do with Mike. The next day, Nicole gets into the house and tells the roommates that she is tired. They get into work and Danny tells Jenni to take Nicole and rest since her side is hurting her. Jenni asks how things are going and Nicole tells her that she doesn’t want to bother anyone with her pregnancy.

She says that she should hang out with Deena more. She tells her that she is still waiting for Mike to talk to her. Jenni tells her that he is trying to find the right moment. They get back to work and Nicole makes a shirt for her Post-Prego days. They get off work and Jenni talks to the guys about the Shore Shower for Nicole, but she wants to keep it secret. Vinny tells her that he can’t go, but Jenni says that he is going. Jenni tells Vinny that Nicole wants him to make up to Jionni, but Vinny doesn’t believe her. He says that he is the “bigger” man. Jenni talks to Sammi and Deena and she tells them that she needs a little help. They jump in to help. Nicole calls up Jionni and tells him about the party and tells him not to tell Nicole.

Deena and Sammi go to the baby store and do some shopping. Deena has a blast when she sees the keys. She tells Sammi that she remembers when she loved the keys the most. They need to keep this out of sight from Nicole though and hope that she is not at the house. Paula calls up Mike and he says that he might give him a call. She calls him on the fact that she knows that he wants to break up with her. He lies and says that he never said that. He does tell her that everything is “somewhat” alright and she starts to cry a little. Mike feels bad about it. She tells him to give her another chance. Jenni, Ronnie and Vinny get into work and Ronnie tells Danny that Jionni is never around and that Roger, Chris and Paula have been around. He tells Jenni that he needs to show more an effort. At the same moment, Nicole looks for the roommates and walks around with a Penguin balloon.

Pauley calls Vinny up and tells him to make a shirt that says “Let’s Make It Unofficial” and Ronnie makes a “G.T.B” (Gym, Tan, Break up with Paula) T-Shirt. Mike tells Deena and Sammi that Paula called him out and she tells him that she saw that coming. The roommates get back and they show him the shirt. He says that he and Paula can get through this though. They talk about what they are going to do first and they decide that it is best to tan before breaking up with Paula so that they will be able to tan. Mike gets into the tan salon and kisses Paula. Vinny and Pauley sit on the couch waiting for the break-up. He asks Pauley if he wants some popcorn and says that he is good.

Mike comes out from tanning and says that he is a little loss for words. Paula tells Mike that she is sorry about getting emotional. Mike tells Paula that he cares about her and says that they may be moving a little too quickly and says that he would never mess her over and says that he cares for her. Vinny and Pauley are a little let down on the way the break-up went, but Paula understands that they are not going out, but Mike and Paula kiss and Ronnie says that it looked like he was watching a chicken fight and says that all they did was kiss. Mike says that he is very good when it comes to breaking up. They laugh about it in the car. The episode ends with Mike being single.