Shore Shower - Recap

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The scene opens with Nicole “Snooki” telling Denna that Jionni is going to be over tomorrow. She tells her that Jionni should be with her now. Nicole tells her that he is playing Softball and that it is his hobby. Deena asks her if she wants to go with her out. She says that she does. She calls Jionni, but can’t hear him because he is more interested in getting ready for the game. Ronnie asks Nicole if she is going to Jimbos with the rest of the house, but she says that she and Deena are going out. Ronnie later dresses up in a gorilla costume and scares Jenni “Jwoww” out of bed. Nicole says that she is happy that he didn’t do that to her because she would have gone into labor.

Later that night, the roommates go to Jimbos. Ronnie says that Nicole was rude with him, but Sammi “Sweetheart” says that Nicole has an excuse because she is pregnant. Mike “The Situation” tells the rest of the roommates that he never sees Nicole smile. Ronnie says that Jionni needs to be there for her and Jenni agrees that it is dumb. Nicole and Deena get to their restaurant and they pretend that it is alcohol. They talk about baby clothes shopping, but Deena changes the topic to sleeping naked so that Nicole doesn’t catch on to any clue to a baby shower. The roommates get to a club and Paula is there. Mike tells her to have fun with her girls. Paula goes to Sammi and Jenni and is about to cry. Jenni tells her that they will be around.

They continue to dance in the club and have a fun time and MVP is getting some attention. However, Paula watches with a look of disgust. Jenni sees a GoGo dancer that is not doing a good job at dancing and shows her up by getting on the stage and dancing. Mike tries to get with a girl, but Paula comes up and says that she is leaving. The girl tells Mike that she is going to. They get back to the house empty handed. The next day, Nicole tells Jenni that she is going to the baby store with Jionni today. Jenni tells the other girls that they have to catch Jionni before he talks to Nicole to stop him from taking her to the Baby Store. Sammi and Deena go next door and are able to stop Jionni before he ruins things and he agrees that he will change the subject. Sammi and Deena leave and Jionni says that he doesn’t want to go to the Baby Store. Nicole is clearly upset about it, but agrees only to get some food with him. Nicole says that they have to go back to the other house to get the address.

However, at the other house Sammi and Deena are showing Jenni what they got at the Baby Store. They hear Nicole coming and quickly pack everything up and hide it out of sight. The girls tell Nicole that they will take her to the Baby Store another day. Nicole and Jionni get to the restaurant and Nicole shows her attitude more because she really wanted to go to the store. At the house, Jenni tells Vinny that he better be going to the shower. Vinny says that he feels weird going when the invite came from Jenni. Nicole and Jionni get along and go back to the house to get “busy”. The roommates go to Merge and they start dancing. Jenni starts dancing and then she rips her pants. They continue to dance and they see Angelina. MVP is doing alright until Angelina comes up and tries to apologize to them. They take her apology and start to walk away. However, Angelina follows them. Jenni, Deena and Sammi go home and MVP are still at the club.

They get back to the house and Ronnie dresses up in the gorilla suit and starts to rub Roger while he is asleep. He wakes up ready to punch him. Back at the club, Angelina won’t leave the guys alone so they leave. They get into Steaks, but Vinny goes home. On his way home, he meets two girls. He offers to take them home and they are game. He gets them back to the house and finds that Roger and Jenni are occupying the “Smoosh Room”. He takes the girls into his room and they get into bed with him. However, one of the girls leaves and Vinny stays the night with the one girl.

The next day, Jenni, Sammi and Deena have to get the party area decorated at Rivolis and they all feel like crap. They get to the restaurant and they struggle a bit with understanding the instructions on the decorations. Jenni tells the girls that Jionni needs to be around more and says that she is going to say something to him about it. They finish up and Jenni calls Roger to pick her up in the afternoon. Nicole gets over and Pauley says that he can’t believe that he is going to Nicole’s baby shower. Nicole doesn’t have a clue of what the girls have planned and no one is telling her. Roger comes over later and Vinny says that he really doesn’t want to go, but he is going to apologize to Jionni and make things right. Jenni gets to the restaurant and Jionni is there with two of Nicole’s friends.

The roommates go to the restaurant and Nicole really doesn’t want to go. However, she says that it is something to do. They get in and Nicole is surprised and happy that they threw her a surprise baby shower and that her friends are there too. They try to have a fun time, but the awkwardness is thick. Vinny gets up and decides to ask to talk to Jionni. He wants to make sure that he is going to still have a friendship with Nicole after the baby is born and Jenni tells Mike that he should talk to Jionni too. Vinny takes Jionni outside and they talk. The episode ends.