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Awkward - Recap

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The scene opens with Vinny talking to Jionni outside. Vinny says that he wanted to tell him congratulations. Jionni says that he has a problem with Vinny joking about him being the baby’s dad. Vinny says that he was joking. They hug and are friends. They get inside and Nicole “Snooki” asks Jionni if she can ask Vinny to the wedding. He says that she can. They have a bottle drinking contest and Ronnie wins. Jenni “Jwoww” tells Jionni that she gives Jionni permission to come over. Roger says that is a nice way of telling him that he has to come over more. Jionni says that he will. The baby shower is over and Mike “The Situation” tries to tell Nicole that he had fun, but she is not interested to talk to him.

The roommates get back to the house and get to bed. The next day, Mike feels bad about his and Nicole’s relationship with one another. He says that he is going to apologize to Nicole. He goes over to Nicole’s and she lets him in. They talk about their relationship and friendship. She tells him that he said a lot of things and he says that she is a very important person in his life. He says that he messed up. She says that she was waiting for a while and says that she is busy with having a baby. Mike asks if she kind of accepts his apology. She says that she does and says that it is going to be hard to. They high-five each other. Mike gets back to the house and tells Pauley and Vinny that they had a nice talk.

Later, Sammi “Sweetheart” says that they should lock the guys out on the balcony. Sammi goes up stairs and locks the door. Pauley knows that they are going to prank them. He finds out that they locked the door. Vinny says that if they water balloon them, he will punch the girls. They get ready to jump from the balcony. The girls see this and Sammi goes to unlock the door. The girls tell the guys that they unlocked the door. Pauley says that they are the prank champions and that the girls are going to get it. Ronnie says that the girls are going to get it. The guys go do some GTL and hit the tanning salon where Paula works first. Mike gets in and it is certainly awkward. Paula is dressed nice and Mike is happy to see her. She tells him that she is going to wear something tonight that he will like.

The guys get back to the house and Vinny reads the note that Paula left for Mike. She tells him to never give up on her. Vinny makes fun of the misspellings and missing words in the letter, but overall, it is a nice note to Mike. Nicole says that Paula is cute. Later, the roommates want to go to Aztec and Vinny is sick. Nicole and Vinny decide that they are going to go hang out together now that Jionni has allowed the friendship. Jenni doesn’t go out because she isn’t feeling good. Chris comes over for Deena and she is excited. Nicole and Vinny go out on the scooters around the Boardwalk. They have fun acting like elderly people as they imitate the voices and everything. At the club, Mike is having a fun time and Paula asks him to hold her drink. He says that he can’t and she gets upset and walks away saying that she is sorry. Deena understands why Mike is upset with Paula.

The night goes on and Paula is still trying to apologize to Mike. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to be mad at her all night. Vinny and Nicole make their way to Aztec on their scooters and take them inside. They dance a little in their scooters and then leave. On the Boardwalk, a guy calls Nicole fat and Vinny yells at the guy from his scooter. Vinny and Nicole finish their “date” and Vinny gives her a friendly hug. At the club, Mike is trying to talk to some girls and Paula is giving him the creepy ex-girlfriend stare. Ronnie picks up on this. She goes up to a girl who is talking to Mike and says that she is so cute. Mike doesn’t like that. Paula goes hone with her friend.

The next day, Nicole calls Zen Jen “Energist” and asks her if she can mess with her roommate. Nicole says that they are going to prank Deena. She agrees to go along with it. The roommates get up and Nicole has a sonogram scheduled. The girls come with her and Jionni is there too. They see Baby Lorenzo and see that he has an above average private area. Nicole says that the girls are going to love him. They also see that Lorenzo is giving them all the middle finger. Jionni asks Jenni sarcastically if he can come over. They start to argue and Jenni tells him that he needs to be around more. Nicole says that she is annoyed.

At the house, Pauley and Vinny decide that they are going to have a Boys Night and they are going to invite Jionni. Vinny says that he is cool with it and Pauley says that they are going to have to initiate him into the “family”. Pauley is ready to drill him with questions. He calls up Jionni and Jionni agrees to go with them. The girls talk about how Roger and Jenni are going to have sex and Nicole tells her that when she is pregnant than she is going to have to have sex sideways. Nicole asks the guys if they are going to be nice to Jionni. Vinny tells her that they are going to be nice. The girls get to cooking dinner and little does Deena know, the girls are going to prank her. Zen Jen gets there and Deena is already scared that she is going to bless the house. Zen Jen walks around the house and tells Deena that there is a spirit by Deena’s bed. She blesses the house and Deena is not happy.

The guys get to the smoke house with Jionni. They sit down with cigars and Ronnie says that they are going to ask him what his intentions. Mike says that most of the guys have hooked up with Nicole. Vinny says that Nicole is a wild girl, but Jionni says that he is a standup guy and that his family is close. He says that he has an ATM business where he owns ATMs and gets the fees from the ATMs. Vinny says that it doesn’t matter what he is going to do as long as he takes care of Nicole. Jionni brings up the Italy season and things get awkward with Mike and Jionni. He says that he was being honest with Jionni. Mike says that he apologized and that he was a different person 2 years ago. The roommates tell him that Nicole is happy, but he has to be around more. Jionni defends himself and says that he lives an hour and a half away and that he is over every weekend. The guys tell him that he is cool with them. The episode ends.