Raining Men and Meatballs - Recap

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The scene opens with Jenni “Jwoww” calling Roger. He tells her that the boys have been saying that Jenni is the instigator of Jionni not being around. She tells Roger that she told Jionni that he doesn’t come around enough. Roger says that Jionni was telling him that Jenni was talking crap about him. She asks the guys to give their version and they say that she was only calling Jionni on not being around much. She calls Jionni to get to the bottom of it and he says that she was being rude with telling him that he is not around and they decide to drop it. The roommates ask each other what they are going to do tonight. Mike tells the roommates that he used to strip and they are interested to see his dance moves. They say that they are going to go out to the club. They get themselves all ready to go and head out.

The roommates get to the club and Paula is wearing a skin tight dress on with her hair curled. Mike “The Situation” says that she looks nice. She tells him that she is not going to be in his face at all tonight and for him to have a fun time. Pauley D. says that Paula is an ex-girlfriend stalker. Mike starts to get cozy with a girl who tells him that he missed out on a great time tonight. He tells her to come over later and let him do her good. Paula comes up and tells Mike not to talk to her again. Mike walks over to her and tells Paula that he wasn’t doing anything and that the girl was hitting on him. Paula says that it looked like he was making out with the girl. She apologizes to Mike and kisses him. Mike goes back to allowing girls to “flirt” with him and he asks a girl if she is ready to go. He tries to pull a Ninja move to escape and Jenni tells him not to have sex with the girl. Paula catches him and leaves. Mike walks home with the girl and Pauley grabs a girl and takes her home.

On the way home, Mike’s girl slips and he catches her. She kisses Mike and he sends her on her way. Pauley takes the girl upstairs to the “smoosh” room and gets “busy”. The roommates laugh at the bed banging on the floor. He finishes and sends the girl home. The next day, Nicole “Snooki” comes over and her and Deena are having “Meatball Olympics”. They go to the store to pick up supplies for their Meatball Challenge. After getting horns, sashes and other supplies, they leave. Meanwhile, Sammi “Sweetheart” and Ronnie go on a date. They realize that they have a connection and they talk about getting a condo together. Nicole and Deena get home and go through the rules. The rules are: shots and hiss, body shot with old man, and wear a shash, clown shoes and wand someone.

They make their way to the bar and they gather a few girls. They do the silly things and when they get to wanding someone, Deena almost pees herself when the girls really get into it. They narrow it down to 3 and decide that all of them are winners. Nicole decides to go home and Deena sticks around. Sammi and Ronnie play mini-golf and Ronnie says that he let her win last time. Sammi doesn’t believe him and Ronnie shows her that he actually did let her win. He says that she is not good, but he still loves her. They have fun and end their date. Deena is still partying and a couple girls join her. From the original 3, only one remains. She takes 3 girls home with her and says that Scotland, the girl who stayed. She has a Scottish accent. Mike walks downstairs and says that he has to look nice.

Jenni asks Deena what the girls are going to do and she says that they all are going out. Pauley is a little upset that Deena invited the strangers and says that this is their last weekend to go out. However, they make the best of it and Deena puts the girls in real Meatball clothing. Jenni starts to have a mini panic attack when the strangers start using her stuff. They all get ready and Scotland sits down with Vinny and Pauley. However, the guys are not at all interested in her. They go out to the club and Nicole goes home. They all have fun at the club and the Meatballs go home. Mike says that he is attractive these days and girls flock to him. The roommates all dance with one another and let loose. Deena shows her vagina to everyone and falls over. They decide to go home before Deena hurts herself.

They get home and Deena tries to make her way to bed. Mike helps her and she calls him Jay. The next day, Nicole comes over and she says that she wants to spend time having fun. Vinny says that they should have a bonfire on the beach on their last weekend. Vinny says that they are a family that has shared a great experience. Mike jokes and asks if he should invite Paula. They all laugh. Later, Sammi says that she wants to make dinner and she struggles to open the wine. Deena comes to the rescue. The boys get home they all pitch in to dinner. They enjoy a nice Sunday dinner and Nicole says that Mike is stripping tonight. Mike says that he needs to prepare a routine. Vinny says that he will give Mike a routine. The guys go upstairs to give Mike his identity. He is going to be a boxer. Jenni sits in the chair and is handcuffed. They put on the bubble machine and fog and Mike comes down and starts to attempt to strip. The roommates all laugh at the lack of skills Mike has. The episode ends.