The Icing on the Cake - Recap

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The scene opens with the Mike “The Situation coming down the stairs. Vinny says that they are going to have a bonfire on the beach and he goes shopping for wood with Pauley D. They get to the store and make reference to how Paley gives Vinny wood all the time. They laugh get a lot of wood. Vinny volunteers to push the pile of wood back to the house. Pauley follows behind him and can’t believe the skinniest person is doing this. They are going to have a farewell party for everyone that they care about. They get the tables and chairs set up on the beach outside of the house and they have fun transporting the wood. Pauley gets the fire started on the beach.

The girls get ready for the party and the party kicks off. Everyone is there. Vinny’s mother brings in enough food to feed everyone. Everyone’s parents and friends are there and they have fun burying Pauley’s friend. They see Roger carrying huge flowers and following behind is Jionni with little flowers. Jionni says that he walked around the neighborhood and picked flowers. Mike talks about himself and how he looks good and that he is in the best shape of his life. Roger and Jionni play football and Jionni is quick on his feet. Mike doesn’t believe that Jionni can cover him and beat him, but Jionni catches every catch despite the claims that Mike is in the best shape of his life. Nicole “Snooki” says that Jionni is going to get some extra time since he beat Mike. The party continues and they remember everything that they have done.

Sammi “Sweetheart” talks to her parents and says that she and Ronnie are going to move in together because they have an amazing connection. Her father laughs. Ronnie talks to his father and he tells Ronnie that he has to live his life. Sammi’s father says that the fights were really tough and hopes that all that is behind them. The party comes to an end and it is bittersweet that their time on the Jersey Shore is coming to an end. The next day, Jenni “Jwoww”, Pauley, Mike, Nicole, Sammi, Deena and Ronnie get to work on their last day of work. Danny welcomes them and they have fun. Ronnie asks Danny why he kept allowing them back. He says that he loves them, but Mike drives him nuts. Mike is getting to know some girls and hugs and Danny tells him to get to work. They end their shift and say goodbye to Danny. Nicole says that Lorenzo can go work for Danny.

Later, Jenni and Sammi go tanning and Paula made Mike 2 cakes and card. Jenni says that Paula is definitely crazy. They deliver the cakes to Mike and he can’t believe it. Vinny and Ronnie are leary and Pauley and Mike dig into the cake regardless. They sit down and eat the cake. Later, Ronnie and Sammi leave on a date and Pauley and Vinny want to prank Sammi. However, when they move the mattress, it pops. They replace it like nothing happened. Later, Sammi and Ronnie get back and Ronnie realizes that the air is out. He tries to fill it and he realizes that it is not getting harder. Sammi says that it is and they start to cuss out each other. Vinny feels a little guilty. The next day, Sammi comes out and Pauley says that it was supposed to be good and not bad. Sammi says that it is no big deal. Ronnie comes down to see Sammi making cakes for Mike and Pauley’s birthday and cookies. Ronnie wants an apology, but ignores Sammie.

Mike and Pauley get their cake and Mike says that Pauley’s middle name is Michael and his middle name is Paul. They hear the fireworks for the 4th of July and go up on the balcony. Mike says that he has never been through a birthday sober. Later, Sammi asks Ronnie what his deal is and Ronnie says that he was irritated because of the result of her prank. He says that she needs to apologize. Pauley and Vinny hear the fight and break out the snacks. Jenni joins the “movie”. Ronnie and Sammi continue to fight and Deena hears it too. Ronnie says that she needed to apologize and says that she and he don’t have to be together and he doesn’t care. Sammi starts to cry. Vinny says that their prank turned really bad. Sammi tells him that he blames her for the bed and that is not cool. She tells him that she loves him and walks away.

Later that night, Ronnie tells Sammi that he is sorry and says that he was in the wrong. They hug and kiss. The next day, it is the last day in Seaside and Deena and Jenni go to the Gym. Mike, Vinny, Ronnie and Sammi go to the tanning salon. Paula’s friend tells them not to eat the cake that Paula gave Mike. She shows that a man put his balls on the cake. Ronnie and Sammi tell Mike that they saw a picture of a dude’s balls on the cake. Mike doesn’t believe it. They get to the house and tell Pauley the news. He says that is messed up and they want to pee on her car and do bad things with her purse. Deena says that she ate the teabag ball cake too. They are not happy. Mike calls Paula and she pretends not being able to hear him. Mike gets upset and smashes the phone.

Later that night, the roommates go up on the balcony and they reminisce on their time on the deck and how they used the Jacuzzi and how Nicole was all over the guys. The girls say that they hated everyone and that it was crazy. They remember when Nicole got punched and they say that they became a family at that point. They remember how Deena got naked in front of Mike. They laugh about it and remember when Jenni told Pauley that she didn’t have a boyfriend and kissed him and how afterward, called her boyfriend. She says that she met Roger anyway. They realize that the Jersey Shore changed all of them and they say that nobody will understand the bond that they share. They tell each other that they love each other.

The next day, Pauley gets up the roommates in the traditional “Wake Up Yeah!” chant. The roommates love it and he even gives it to Nicole. The roommates cook the last meal for everyone. Mike says that they been through a lot and they tell each other that it has been amazing. Nicole says that it is sad that it is all over. Vinny says that one day their kids will get a Shore House together. Vinny says that they are his best friends. They get packed up to leave the Shore House for the last time and they are not happy that they have to leave. They go outside to take one last look at the Shore House. They are emotional and they load up the bags. They leave with their memories. And thus the series ends.