Reunion - Recap

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It is the last reunion show of Jersey Shore and the episode opens with Amy Paffrath welcoming everyone. Tonight we are saying goodbye to Jersey Shore. She welcomes Mike “The Situation”, Vinny, Ronnie, Pauley D, Nicole “Snooki”, Sammi “Sweetheart”, Jenni “Jwoww” and Deena to the show. Pauley gives his classic “Yeah Buddy”. Jenni says that she can’t believe that it is all over. They take a look at some highlights. Mike says that this is how they live their lives and it caught on to the world. They take a look at the times with the cast roommates fighting. Sammi says that they all speak with their emotions and things happen. Nicole talks about her punch in the face and Nicole says that was the moment that brought her into the family.

Ronnie talks about how he is the trend setter. They take a look back at the Duck phone and how they hung up on a lot of people. They talk about Mike’s prank on Nicole and Deena when he sent them to the city. They take a look about the drunken fights and how they were arrested. Nicole says that she was terrible, but she had a good time. Deena says that she knows that she can no longer dance in the street. They take a look at how they were constantly looking at themselves in the mirror. They say that Sammi spent the most time in front of the mirror. They show Vinny’s spin-off show “The Show With Vinny”. Afterward, they show a video of Pauley’s constant tag-lines.

They show a video of how the roommates slept with one another. Nicole says that she is so lovable and fun. Mike says that his hookup with Sammi was short lived and they start to talk about how back in the second season, the note of Ronnie’s cheating forced a fight between Jenni and Sammi. Jenni says that the note was silly and they love each other. Jenni says that she doesn’t know if she would have wanted them to tell if Roger was fooling around. Ronnie says that he learned from his mistake. Ronnie says that he and Sammi are living together. They take a look at the relationship between Sammi and Ronnie and how it was make up and break up all the time. Sammi says that she doesn’t know what it is about Ronnie and says that they have matured a lot.

Vinny says that he would classify their status as more than complicated. They show when they were in Italy where Deena made out with girls. She says at that point, she was single looking for anything really. She says that she is with a handsome man who understands her. Uncle Vino is in the audience shouting that he is alright with it. Nicole talks about her and Deena’s hookup and they were sexually frustrated in Italy. They take a look at how they revealed it all. They take a look at Pauley and Vinny’s “bromance”. Pauley says that they keep it fresh all the time. They were the only couple that didn’t fight. They do their fistpump, pushup, chapstick move. They show a video of Mike drunk and how he had his junk out.

They take a look at when Nicole had a yeast infection on the show. They talk about Hurricane Sandy and show the roommates on everything they did to restore the shore. Danny is there and says that Seaside Heights is coming back stronger than ever. They call for $10 Donations to “restore the shore”. They take a look at Uncle Vino at the shore house. They show a clip of how the roommates had a hard time saying goodbye to the Jersey Shore and how they have changed for the better because of this. Jenni says that it is hard to say goodbye. Mike says that can’t say goodbye. Deena says that to be honest, it is crazy. She cries and everyone does too.

They say that they love everyone. Pauley says that he is going to miss living with his lifelong friends. Vinny says that for the younger people, this was his first Shore House. He says that they all have taught him to grow up. Sammi says that this has been great and they are going to miss everyone. Ronnie says that it is great and they are a family. They thank Mike for taking them through his experience. The cast of Jersey Shore say goodbye to everyone and the series comes to an end.