Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore

"Jersey Shore" is a reality based show that takes residents of New Jersey and New York to various locations to work and party. For the summer, the roommates are going to live in the same house with one another and go out clubbing and show what it means to be a Guido and Guidette.

Season 1: The roommates arrive in Seaside Heights to meet their roommates for the first time. Ronnie, Mike "The Situation", Sammie "Sweetheart", Vinnie, Pauley D., Nicole "Snooki", Jenni "JWoww", and Angelina arrive to find that they are going to fist pump in style while working at the Shore Store.

Season 2: The Jersey residents are at it again and this time they are in Miami. Drama ensues with Ronnie and Sammie and things get a little dicey. With Ronnie, Mike "The Situation", Sammie "Sweetheart", Vinnie, Pauley D., Nicole "Snooki", Jenni "JWoww", and even Angelina back for more.

Season 3: The roommies are back in Seaside Heights and after Angelina refused to come back, Ronnie, Mike "The Situation", Sammie "Sweetheart", Vinnie, Pauley D., Nicole "Snooki", and Jenni "JWoww" welcome Deena, Nicole's friend to the party that is the Jersey Shore. They are back at the Shore Store working for Danny.

Season 4: This time the Jersey Crew are in Florence, Italy and they are more then willing to fist pump in the capital of their heritage. Vinny has his family there and is excited to be able to be around them. Of course with the drama of everything, there is still more fist pumping and GTL to go around.

Created by SallyAnn Salsano and Anthony Beltempo, "Jersey Shore" is an international phenomenon that has "Shore" type series in UK, Russia and other countries.

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Prev: 6x14 -- Reunion (Dec/20/2012)

The Jersey Shore series comes to an end as Mike "The Situation", Vinny, Pauley D, Ronnie, Sammi "Sweetheart", Nicole "Snooki", Jenni "Jwoww" and Deena say goodbye in the last Reunion show

Available Episodes

Dec 20, 2012
Season 6 episode 14

The Icing on the Cak..
Dec 20, 2012
Season 6 episode 13

Raining Men and Meat..
Dec 13, 2012
Season 6 episode 12

Dec 06, 2012
Season 6 episode 11

Shore Shower
Nov 29, 2012
Season 6 episode 10

Make It Unofficial
Nov 15, 2012
Season 6 episode 9

Control the Crazy
Nov 08, 2012
Season 6 episode 8

Angelina Angelina 'Jolie' Pivarnick
As Herself (Jolie - S01 & S02)
Deena CorteseDeena Cortese
As Herself (S03 - S06)
Jenni FarleyJenni Farley
As Herself (JWoww - S01 - S06)
Nicole PolizziNicole Polizzi
As Herself (Snooki - S01 - S06)
Sammi GiancolaSammi Giancola
As Herself (Sweetheart - S01 - S06)
Mike SorrentinoMike Sorrentino
As Himself (The Situation - S01 - S06)
Pauly Del VecchioPauly Del Vecchio
As Himself (DJ Pauly D - S01 - S06)
Ronnie Ortiz-MagroRonnie Ortiz-Magro
As Himself (S01 - S06)
Vinny GuadagninoVinny Guadagnino
As Himself (S01 - S06)



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One of the most stupid, yet entertaining shows eve...Rating: 2 likes, 0 dislikes

Everybody knows that this show is complete and utter garbage. Everyone will tell you that it is the product of the current America culture and it is an absolute waste. And they are correct, but the fact is,. this garbage just happens to be one of the most enjoyable things to watch. What's more fun than watching a bunch of young Italians go at each other all day and all night long? You'll find that when you turn this on, you won't be able to stop watching. Yes, it's true that the entire cast of the show are complete morons from Situation to Snooki, but they are damn fun to watch. The person who created this show has indeed created a monster, albeit an extremely entertaining one. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, September 16th 2010 at 5:25 pm

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6x14: Reunion recap: It is the last reunion show of Jersey Shore and the episode opens with Amy Paffrath welcoming everyone. Tonight we are saying goodbye to Jersey Shore. She welcomes Mike “The Situation”, Vinny, Ronnie, Pauley D, Nicole “Snooki”, Sammi “Sweetheart”, Jenni “Jwoww” and Deena to the show. Pauley gives his classic “Yeah Buddy”. Jenni says that she can’t believe that it is all over. They take a look at some highlights. Mike says that this is how they live their lives and it caught on to the world. They take a look at the times with the cast roommates fighting. Sammi says that they all speak with their emotions and things happen. Nicole talks about her punch in the face and Nicole says that was the moment that brought her into the family... read more.

6x13: The Icing on the Cake recap: The scene opens with the Mike “The Situation coming down the stairs. Vinny says that they are going to have a bonfire on the beach and he goes shopping for wood with Pauley D. They get to the store and make reference to how Paley gives Vinny wood all the time. They laugh get a lot of wood. Vinny volunteers to push the pile of wood back to the house. Pauley follows behind him and can’t believe the skinniest person is doing this. They are going to have a farewell party for everyone that they care about. They get the tables and chairs set up on the beach outside of the house and they have fun transporting the wood. Pauley gets the fire started on the beach... read more.

6x12: Raining Men and Meatballs recap: The scene opens with Jenni “Jwoww” calling Roger. He tells her that the boys have been saying that Jenni is the instigator of Jionni not being around. She tells Roger that she told Jionni that he doesn’t come around enough. Roger says that Jionni was telling him that Jenni was talking crap about him. She asks the guys to give their version and they say that she was only calling Jionni on not being around much. She calls Jionni to get to the bottom of it and he says that she was being rude with telling him that he is not around and they decide to drop it. The roommates ask each other what they are going to do tonight. Mike tells the roommates that he used to strip and they are interested to see his dance moves. They say that they are going to go out to the club. They get themselves all ready to go and head out... read more.

6x11: Awkward recap: The scene opens with Vinny talking to Jionni outside. Vinny says that he wanted to tell him congratulations. Jionni says that he has a problem with Vinny joking about him being the baby’s dad. Vinny says that he was joking. They hug and are friends. They get inside and Nicole “Snooki” asks Jionni if she can ask Vinny to the wedding. He says that she can. They have a bottle drinking contest and Ronnie wins. Jenni “Jwoww” tells Jionni that she gives Jionni permission to come over. Roger says that is a nice way of telling him that he has to come over more. Jionni says that he will. The baby shower is over and Mike “The Situation” tries to tell Nicole that he had fun, but she is not interested to talk to him... read more.

6x10: Shore Shower recap: The scene opens with Nicole “Snooki” telling Denna that Jionni is going to be over tomorrow. She tells her that Jionni should be with her now. Nicole tells her that he is playing Softball and that it is his hobby. Deena asks her if she wants to go with her out. She says that she does. She calls Jionni, but can’t hear him because he is more interested in getting ready for the game. Ronnie asks Nicole if she is going to Jimbos with the rest of the house, but she says that she and Deena are going out. Ronnie later dresses up in a gorilla costume and scares Jenni “Jwoww” out of bed. Nicole says that she is happy that he didn’t do that to her because she would have gone into labor... read more.

Executive Producer: Sally Ann Salsano, Scott Jeffress, Jacquelyn French
Co-Executive Producer: Pam Lalima
Executive Consultant: Stephanie Lydecker
Executive In Charge Of Production: Amy Griggs
Concept By: Anthony Beltempo
Concept Artist: Sally Ann Salsano
Head Of Production: James Bianco

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