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When Pants Attack - Recap

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As the episodes begins Jimmy and Carl are testing Jimmy's latest invention! Jimmy then remembers that he forgot to pick his pants up and he knows that his mom will be upset. Jimmy quickly hurries home and is greeted by his mother, Judy Neutron. Who tell him that he will not be allowed to go to the movies with his friends over the week-end. Jimmy tries to negotiate with his mother but she refuses to withdraw her punishment. Hugh Neutron, Jimmy's father then has a talk with Jimmy and Jimmy, and Jimmy then becomes inspired and invents a something that allows pants to pick themselves up. Jimmy gives them the name Nano Chips .Jimmy then demonstrates this to his parents who are fairly impressed and decide to withdraw Jimmy's punishment and allow him to go to the movies with his friends.

The next day at school, while Cindy Vortex is presenting her Science Project on Origami , The Nano Chips in Jimmy's pants begin to act and get a life of its own. During recess, Jimmy's pants take over Cindy, Sheen, and Carl's pants and start taking over the world. Jimmy then creates static electricity causing the nano chips in the pants to corrupt thus saving the day.