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Brobot/The Big Pinch - Recap

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The episode begins with Jimmy asking Carl to assist him in a test of his Modified Nuclear Power Pogo-stick. Carl declines and says that he's watching a show on the Llama Channel called When good Llama's go bad. Jimmy then goes meet Sheen in the park and asks him to play baseball. Sheen declines and says that he's playing Ultra Lord vs Robo-fiend. Jimmy out of desperation then goes to Cindy's house but leaves as soon as he realised what he was about to do. After departing from Cindy's house, Jimmy then takes a walk in the park and saw Butch and his little brother playing baseball and realises that he needs a little brother.

That night at dinner, Jimmy announces to his parents that he wants a little brother. His parents are stunned by this announcement and tell him that a new baby is just not in the carriage right now. After dinner, Jimmy goes into his lab and creates a robotic little brother and called him Brobot. After Brobot's creation, Jimmy shows him to his parents. Judy, isn't to fond of him at first glance but Hugh instantly fell in love with him. The next day, Jimmy and Brobot go to the park to play with Jimmy's Modified Nuclear Power Pogo-stick. When Brobot takes a turn he bounced so high that he was able bounce over the moon. The scene changes and we see Jimmy and Brobot playing baseball in a baseball mound, with Jimmy at bat and Goddard being used as a pitcher. Jimmy missed the first pitch but was still praised by Brobot. Carl and Sheen then come to the scene and Sheen asks where did Jimmy get the shiny kid? and Carl asks if it was going to bite him. Jimmy then introduces him to Carl and Sheen. Brobot then asks Jimmy if he could bat and Jimmy allows him to do so. On, Brobot's first swing he hit the ball so high that is surpassed the clouds. Carl and Sheen instantly fall in love with him.

In the next scene, we see Jimmy, Sheen, Carl and Brobot playing. Afterwards, Sheen says that Brobot is the best little brother ever and Carl says that he likes Brobot more than he likes Jimmy. Cindy and Libby then join the scene. After a brief conversation they too fall in love with Brobot. Cindy, Libby, Carl, Sheen and Brobot then leave dancing and chanting Go Brobot! Go Brobot! Go Brobot! In the next scene, we see Jimmy walking down the stairs and seeing Hugh and brobot looking at a photo album and discussing Hugh, Judy and jimmy's vacation in North Dakota. Judy, then comes walks in with a tray with butter pats for Hugh and lug nuts for Brobot. Jimmy obviously sad, turns around and walks up the stairs with head down. In the next scene, we see Jimmy in the tub having a bath. Brobot comes into the bathroom and squirts toothpaste all over his face. Judy, then comes in and tells Hugh to get the camera. Hugh, then walks in and takes a picture of the two saying that this could be their Christmas card. In the next scene, we see Jimmy in his bed trying to fall asleep but Brobot is keeping him up asking him to play baseball or play cards or build a tree house. Brobot then sees the moon and asks Jimmy to go to sleep. Jimmy obviously tired asks Brobot to let him sleep. Brobot then leaves him alone and lets him sleep. When Jimmy wakes up he sees Brobot's face and screams. Jimmy then tells Brobot that they were going to play a game called one way.

In the next scene, we see Jimmy putting Brobot on a bus and telling him to give the one way ticket to the bus driver and go one-way. When Jimmy, returns home he sees Brobot there and screams. In the next scene, we see Jimmy in his lab with Brobot. He then tells Brobot that he is deactivating him. With Brobot when open, a tear drop from Jimmy's eyes falls into Brobot and Brobot short circuits. Jimmy then begins to weep. Brobot then gets up. Jimmy and Brobot then go to Jimmy's room. Jimmy then looks out of his window and sees his parents, Hugh and Judy playing and gets the idea of building robot parents called Mom-bot and Pap-bot for Brobot. The three robots then fly to the moon. In the next scene, we see Jimmy and Goddard watching Brobot and his parents playing baseball. Goddard then plays some of Brobot's quotes through his vox and Jimmy chases him as the episode comes to an end.

The Big Pinch
The episode beings with Cindy her report on the radio. Cindy makes an error on her report and the two start arguing. Cindy then asks Jimmy for proof of his argument and Jimmy leaves the class and goes to his lab. While at his lab he uses his Time Booth, to bring back Thomas Edison from the past. The two then go to Jimmy's class on Jimmy hovercar. When he arrives at the class, Thomas Edison tells Cindy about the radio and while Jimmy is showing off to Cindy Thomas Edison and Ms. Fowl start talking. Jimmy then tells Thomas Edison that he has to go back to the future but he begs Jimmy to allow him to say so he and Ms. Fowl could go on a date.

In the next scene, we see Jimmy in the Candy bar talking to Carl and Sheen. Then suddenly the jukebox in the Candy bar disappears. Jimmy then realises that he goes to look for Thomas Edison and Ms. Fowl in the Candy bar. Cindy then tells him that they are there. When he goes outside to look for him he sees Thomas Edison and MS. Fowl roller skating. In the next scene we see Jimmy in his lab with Goddard. Jimmy then asks Goddard for options and decides that he was going to break up Thomas Edison and Ms. Fowl. In the next scene, we she Carl and Sheen on the Bat Outta Heck roller-coaster, while riding it the roller coaster stops leaving the two of them upside down.

In the next scene, we see Jimmy feeding Goddard a voice transmitter. In the next scene, we see Thomas Edison and Ms. Fowl having a picnic at the park. Jimmy then comes and with a voice transmitter says some rude and insulting things about Ms. Fowl in Thomas Edison's voice. Just as the two were about to break up, a squirrel comes and thinks that Jimmy's head is a walnut. The squirrel attacks Jimmy and throws him from the tree that he stood on. Thomas Edison and Ms. Fowl see him and realise that it was Jimmy and his inventions that was saying all the bad things. Thomas Edison then asks Ms. Fowl to get hitched and Ms. Fowl says no and tells him that he has to return to the future. As the two departed they were about to kiss but ended up shaking hands due that fact that they were in Jimmy's presence.. We then see Thomas Edison and Jimmy walking away from Ms. Fowl. We then saw Carl and Sheen still on the roller coaster as the episode came to an end.