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Granny Baby/Time Is Money - Recap

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Normal Boy
The episode being with Hugh attempting to lift the luggage for he and Judy's third honeymoon. Judy then comes in and tell him to stop. Jimmy then asks his parents why they are going on there second honeymoon and Judy tells Jimmy about the forgetto blaster incident that wiped out their second honeymoon and there fifth year of marriage from there memory. In the next scene, we see Hugh and Jimmy discussing Hugh's surprise in his and Judy's honeymoon suite. Judy then comes in and tells Jimmy that Granny Neutron is coming for a visit. Hugh and Judy then tell Jimmy not to carry out any experiments on Granny Neutron. Granny Neutron then comes into the scene driving a taxi and telling the driver that she can get here from the airport in under 50 cents. Hugh and Judy then leave the scene and Jimmy and Granny Neutron then go inside the house.

While inside Granny Neutron keeps talking and Jimmy gets tired of her so he put a plank there to represent him and he sneaks off into his lab. While in the lab, we see Jimmy and Goddard. Jimmy, who is clearly annoyed with Granny Neutron, has a flashback on the time he made Granny Neutron magnetic. He then takes lifts up the formula that will make Granny Neutron younger. The next day, Jimmy goes to meet Granny Neutron and she tells him that her tongue is furry. She then tells Jimmy that she has a bottle of tongue de-furer in her hand. Jimmy then offers to open the bottle for her and takes the bottle from her hand. He then opens it and but the formula into it. When Granny Neutron takes a spoon of her tongue de-furer she turned into a baby. Jimmy then asked her where did she get the diaper and she said that she was already wearing it. She then pooped. Jimmy who is incapable of changing a diaper asks Goddard for options and decides to ask Cindy for assistance.

In the next scene, we see Cindy and Libby having a yard sale outside of Cindy 's house. Carl and Sheen then come and start annoying the two girls . Jimmy then comes asks Cindy for assistance. He then shows them the baby and Cindy, Granny Baby and himself leave for the store. While at the store, a group of people see Granny Baby talking and start chasing Jimmy, Granny baby and Cindy whilst chanting "Bring us the talking baby!". On his way home from the store Judy called Jimmy on his cellular phone and told him that they were on there way home. In the next scene, we see Jimmy, Cindy and Granny baby inside of Jimmy's house with the angry mob outside chanting "Bring us the talking baby!". Jimmy then completes the formula to turn Granny baby back to Jimmy Neutron and gives it to Cindy and tells her to put it into the microwave for 1 minute and then come outside. Jimmy then picks up Granny baby and takes her outside for the mom. He then pulled a string from a doll behind her and she talked. The mob noticed this and left. Cindy then came out and gave Granny baby the formula. She then turned back into Granny Neutron. As soon as this transformation took place Hugh and Judy came into the drive way. After talking with Jimmy and Granny Neutron they go into the house and Carl and Sheen come into the scene. He asks his Jimmy's mom had any lemonade and Granny Neutron gave Carl the formula she had been fed . He drank it and turned into an old and began dancing with Granny Neutron as the episode came to a close.

Time Is Money
The episode begins with Jimmy, Carl and Sheen watching tv. Carl and Sheen are bored so they ask Jimmy to change the channel. A commercial then comes on and immediately catches Jimmy attention. The commercial is about a 1,000 volume encyclopedia. Jimmy then departs from Carl and Sheen and goes to ask his parents for the encyclopedia. But both of them say that they cannot afford to buy it. Jimmy then says he wishes that they were rich and then Hugh tells Jimmy about what had happened 15 years ago with Mc Spanky. Jimmy then goes to his lab and goes back in time to convince his father to invest with Mc Spanky.

In the next scene, we see Jimmy, Carl and Sheen in Jimmy's lab. They then enter the time booth and go back 15 years in the past. They then go to talk to Hugh and Judy and Jimmy tells Hugh to invest with Mc Spanky. When the three of them return from the passed at first it looks like nothing has changed but when they enter the house Hugh and Judy are rich but are also obnoxious. After a brief conversation Judy sends Jimmy to his room which contains the encyclopedia that Jimmy wanted. Jimmy at first is happy but then decides to return to the past and return things to normal. In the next scene we see Hugh sitting on the chair polishing his ducks. With Judy sitting by him. Jimmy then walks in and tells his parents that he doesn't want the encyclopedia anymore. Jimmy then asks Hugh what did he spend his fifty dollars on and he said that he spent it on Judy's wedding ring. Hugh then said that if he had $100 at the time they would be living in duck city as the episode came to an end.