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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Jimmy On Ice/Battle of the Band

Jimmy on Ice
On an incredibly hot summer day, Jimmy tries to do Retroville a favor by blocking out the sun with quantumly enhanced sun block. But, as usual, things don't quite turn out the way the boy genius planned.

Battle of the Bands
Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen form a band for the Talent Contest. Instead of focusing on their music, however, they focus on becoming rock stars - threatening their performance and friendship.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: 105
Airdate: Friday October 04th, 2002

Guest Stars
Megan CavanaghMegan Cavanagh
voiced Carl's Image Consultant/Women
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Dad #1
Episode Notes
Featured Inventions: Ice Spray, Sweat Spray, Magic Instruments.

Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl's band was called the Llama Lords of Science.

Cindy and Libby won the talent show.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Green DayWarning 

Episode Quotes
Hugh: Good luck tonight! And remember have fun with it!

Jimmy: Guys, what are we doing?
Sheen: Well I was about to strangle Carl.
Carl: And I was about to slap Sheen in the back of the head.

Sheen: Hey Jimmy we need a name! How about the mighty disciples of Ultra-lord!
Jimmy: How about the science kings!

Jimmy: I'm thinking of changing our name. How about the Jimmy Neutron experience!
Carl: I'm thinking the Carl Wheezer project.
Sheen: I'm thinking Sheen and the Sheenets.

Carl: I wrote a love song.
Jimmy: Is it about Llamas?!
Carl: No...... Yes.

Jimmy: Oh Puken Pluto where is he?
(Sheen walks in)
Way to show up 5 minute before the show Sheen!
Sheen: Hey! From now on refer to me as the artist formerly known as Sheen.

Ms. Fowl: The Llama Lords of Science will not be performing tonight!
Hugh: I want my money back! Not that I paid any money.

Cindy: Hey guys I gotta new name for you! The losers!
Libby: You guys walking home or are you taking the snot bubble!

Jimmy: 1,2,3 think!

Cindy: This can't be happening! Nerdtron actually rocks! My foot is tapping! Libby we have gotta get outta here!
Libby: I can't fight the music!

Episode Goofs
If there were only seven acts, how could Jimmy, Carl and Sheen win 8th place.

Cultural References
Episode Co-Title: Jimmy On Ice

There is a Rugrats episode called Reptar on Ice.

Cindy: We're doing River-Stomp.

River-Stomp is a spoof of River-Dance.

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