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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Hall Monster/Hypno-Birthday to You

Hall Monster
When the old tyrant of a hall monitor moves to Greece, Jimmy is chosen as his replacement. At first, he hates the job. But the power goes to his head, and he vows to "bring Lindbergh Elementary into the new century and beyond," becoming worse than the old hall monitor.

Hypno-Birthday to You!
Jimmy wants that new chemistry set in the worst way. But rather than wait for his birthday to come around, he hypnotizes his parents to think that tomorrow is his birthday. This plan works well - too well. Hugh and Judy think that every tomorrow is Jimmy's birthday, and our boy genius finds himself in trouble once again.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x9
Production Number: 109
Airdate: Friday November 01st, 2002

Guest Stars
Candi MiloCandi Milo
voiced Nick
Crystal ScalesCrystal Scales
voiced Chuck Lestor
Debi DerryberryDebi Derryberry
voiced Amber
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Principal Willoughby/Butch/Oleander
Ben SteinBen Stein
voiced Giggles The Clown
Episode Notes
Featured Inventions: Goddard Mail System, Hall Monitor Police Hat, Goddard Police Bike, Hypno Ray, 4-Dimensional Hyper-Cube.

Episode Quotes
Hugh: Being a Hall Monitor is a powerful thing.

Carl: Happy seventh birthday this week, Jim. Uh, I kinda ran out of gift ideas so I brought you some meat from my refrigerator.

Hugh: So which kid is yours?
Mr. Giggles: I'm the clown.

Miss Fowl: Now to pick the brand new Hall Monitor. Carl Wheezer!
Miss Fowl: You're mother left you some clean underwear at the office. Now to choose the next hall monitor. Ah, it's Jimmy Neutron!
Jimmy: NOOOOOO!!!!

Libby: (singing) I miss my music.
Sheen: Dun-a, na-na!
Libby: I miss it so bad, I could cry.
Sheen: Dun-a, na-na!
Libby: If I don't get my music.
Jimmy: Lady we don't sing the blues here.

Sheen: (under a blindfold) No donkey is safe from my awesome tail-pinning abilities!

Judy: Cindy, Libby, have some cake and goody bags!
Cindy: No thanks! Mrs. Neutron.
Libby: Do you have any carrot sticks or maybe some antacid?

Principal Willoughby: Did you know Einstein was a Hall Monitor?
Jimmy: I haven't read that in the 100 biographies about him.
Principal Willoughby: Oh, it's 100% true!

Nick: Three birthday parties in a row. You're one lucky dude, Neutron!

Carl: Jimmy, I'm not doing anything bad, am I?
Jimmy: (hat overloads) You've got too many llama stickers on your lunchbox!

Cindy: You're throwing a party without us, Neutron? Not that we'd wanna come.
Jimmy: It was kinda unexpected.
Libby: What's wrong? Don't you know when you're own birthday is?

Carl: I thought you were only going to do this once, Jimmy.
Jimmy: I didn't know. I must of set the Hypno Command wrong. But I could sure use some more beakers and test tubes!

Jimmy: I'm chewing gum! I'm playing music! My pants are too short! I'm putting too many stickers on my lunchbox!

Sheen: (throws dice and it lands on a one) Yes!
Carl: Hold on how can you throw a 1 if there are two dice?
(Sheen looks down at a piece of popcorn and one die realizing he has eaten a die).

Episode Goofs
Jimmy's birthday is in March. And occording to Jimmy his birthday was three months away that would mean that they episode took place sometime in January or December. So how come at the end of the episode Jimmy was cleaning up the school at summer school?

Cultural References
Episode Title: Hypno Birthday to You

Hypno Birthday to you is a spoof of the commonly used term Happy Birthday to You!

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