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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: The Retroville 9/Grumpy Young Men

The Retroville 9
Jimmy's determination to captain a winning baseball team leads him to rev up the equipment with Neutronic technology. When the team unexpectedly reaches the World Championship, Jimmy has a crisis of conscience.

Grumpy Young Men
Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen use Jimmy's Metabolic Accelerator so they can be old enough to buy a violent video game. The machine works a little too well, and the boys end up as senior citizens.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x2
Production Number: 123
Airdate: Friday October 03rd, 2003

Guest Stars
Billy WestBilly West
voiced Sam/Lance
Carolyn LawrenceCarolyn Lawrence
voiced Tina Sue
Crystal ScalesCrystal Scales
voiced Ozzie
Jeffrey GarciaJeffrey Garcia
voiced Nathan
Kevin Michael RichardsonKevin Michael Richardson
voiced Tremendous Jackson
Mark DeCarloMark DeCarlo
voiced Clerk
Megan CavanaghMegan Cavanagh
voiced Gretchen
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Principal Willoughby/Butch
Ralph GrairlRalph Grairl
voiced Japanese Announcer
Episode Notes
Featured Inventions: Hydraulic-force amplifying bat, Sphere-seeking gloves, Metabolic Accelerator, Experimental Truth Serum.

The gang and their baseball positions
Jimmy - Pitcher
Sheen - Catcher
Cindy - First base
Libby - Shortstop
Carl - Left Field

When Hugh was younger he was called a loser and was often told to go home and play with his ducks and to get lost by his baseball coach.

Apparently, in all the games that the gang and have played against Butch, they have never gotten an out.

Episode Quotes
Carl: OW! My scapula!

Butch: Okay, Neutron, if you get this one, I'll eat my hat!
(Butch throws ball, Jimmy's bat automatically hits ball)
Butch: (eating his hat) Not bad actually.

Carl: Make it stop Jimmy!
Cindy: Just end it Neutron!
Libby: I can't take it anymore!
Sheen: If you love me you'll end it now!
Jimmy: People we can't quit! It's the first inning.

Carl: We are so good!
Sheen: We're scary good!
Libby: Nobody can beat us!

Sheen: Jimmy's right! That's why I've been wearing the same underwear for 6 weeks.
The team: Ew.

Sheen: Hey Mr. Jackson can I ask you a question?
Tremendous Jackson: Sure thing kid!

Sheen: I knew it! I'm really Mike Piazza aren't I?
Jimmy: No.

Butch: Can we stop Miss Fowl! My team is tired of running around the bases so much!
Ms. Fowl: I thought you'd never ask! Butch's team is the winner!

Sheen: All in favor of never playing baseball again, say I.
The team: I.

Butch: Okay Neutron! Let the slaughter begin!

Butch: You guys are such losers!
Sheen: All those who agree with Butch.
The Team: I.

Hugh: Hey Jimbo! How was the game?
Jimmy: We lost again.

Episode Goofs
Terry appears in this episode but in Hall Monster, Miss Fowl said he moved.

If Jimmy is the pitcher for his team how could he be the first batter as well?

At one time, Butch's team is called Butch's Butchers, then the scoreboard changes to Grapeland Ducks and then Texywood Hawks.

When Jimmy sent the acorn into the Metabolic Accelerator it turned into a tree which stayed in the lab. So how comes the next day the tree wasn't in the lab.

In Aaughh!! Wilderness!! Hugh and Judy's car was blue, but in this episode it's white.

Cultural References
Sheen: I knew it! I'm really Mike Piazza aren't I?

Mike Piazza is a baseball player from the MLB.

Sheen: Bonzilla

This is a reference to the fictional monster, Godzilla.

Episode Co-Title: Grumpy Young Men

This is a parody of the movie title, Grumpy Old Men.

Jimmy: Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, and Mark McGuire

These are all players who once/are played/playing in the MLB.

Video Games Rating: Mature

This is one of the ESRB ratings.

Video Game: Doom Bringer II

This was possibly a spoof of popular video game Doom.

Goddard: Screaming

This is the scream that was often used in scary movies.

Sheen and Carl's Actions: Running

This was similar to the way the people in the Flintstones ran.

Jimmy: Help! I'm being old-napped!

This is spoof of the quote Help! I'm being kidnapped.

Sheen: Rumpelfaceskin

This is a spoof of the fairy tale character Rumpelstilskin.

Episode References
While playing baseball Libby is listening to the same music that was played in the Party at Neutrons. The song was done by Boys Pretending to be Guys.

At the beginning of The Retroville 9, the take me out to the ball game theme song was played. This is one done do to the fact that the episode is about baseball.

At the beginning of Grumpy Young Men, a stick man using a walking stick to walk was used. This is probably done due to the fact that Jimmy, Carl and Sheen turn into old men during the course of this episode.

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