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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion

Jimmy thinks it's cool when he's recruited by a top-secret government agency to become a spy, but what's even more thrilling is joining forces with his action-hero movie idol Jet Fusion in an effort to save the world from a villainous professor.

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x3
Production Number: 125/126
Airdate: Monday October 13th, 2003

Guest Stars
Candi MiloCandi Milo
voiced Britney/Nick
Carolyn LawrenceCarolyn Lawrence
voiced Tina Sue
Christian SlaterChristian Slater
voiced Jet Fusion
Corey BurtonCorey Burton
voiced Head Monk/Narrator
Crystal ScalesCrystal Scales
voiced Ike
Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta
voiced Professor Crank
Kath SoucieKath Soucie
voiced Betty Quinlan
Megan CavanaghMegan Cavanagh
voiced Ms. Jingle Bells/Female Monk
Michael Clarke DuncanMichael Clarke Duncan
voiced Commander Baker
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Prinicpal Willoughby/Robotic Voice/Clam/Monk
Tim CurryTim Curry
voiced Professor Calamitous
Wendie MalickWendie Malick
voiced Beautiful Gorgeous
Ving RhamesVing Rhames
voiced Chief
Episode Notes
The lyrics to the opening theme song:
The guy
He's a spy with brains and brawns
Shall I go on
He's a spy guy
His badges are better than Bond
Oh and how about this ohhhhhhhhh!
The spy guy
There's spy that’s in the sky
And no girl can resist his smile
She just knows that for sure when she kisses this guy
Her heart belongs to the spy!
He's the spy
The spy guy!
He's the spy guy!

Featured Inventions: Jimmy Bot, Neutronic Air Gum, Neutronic Localator, Modified Hypno Beam.

Professor Calamitous took a self help class and is now able to complete his sentences and inventions.

Beautiful Gorgeous is Professor Calamitous' daughter.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
UnknownHe's a Spy Guy 

Episode Quotes
Jimmy: That was the best Jet Fusion movie ever!
Carl: You know Jimmy, you kinda remind me of Jet Fusion.

Sheen: Musical Comedy day is on Saturday.
Carl: I forgot!

Jimmy: We're going to Mt. Everest!
Carl: No we're not.
Sheen: Carl! Why must you be so negative?

Beautiful Gorgeous: Are you guys alright?
Carl: Will you be my mommy?

Beautiful Gorgeous: Can I get you guys something to drink?
Jimmy: Milkshake, shaken not stirred.

Beautiful Gorgeous: Well boys it's time to say sayonara.
Sheen: But I don't speak Italian!

Carl: She likes me best! Because I'm built for comfort and not for speed.

(After falling from Mt. Everest)
Sheen: We're alive!

Sheen: So we will just kick back here. Talk about girls and wait till Jimmy solves everything.
Carl: Can we talk about girls too?

Jet Fusion: So kid. What are you doing here?
Jimmy: I was sent by the BTSO to save you.

Sheen: Carl you really need to get over this llama obsession once and for all.
Carl: I was born a llama boy and I will die a llama boy!

Jimmy: So here goes! It's either this stops the process or we can erase Mount Everest of the map.

Jimmy: See I told you I was a spy.
Hugh: Sure you are son.
Judy: Kids and there imagination.
Hugh: How do we know he's not pretending to have an imagination?

Jimmy: Hello baby! Shall we blast?
Betty Quinlan: Oh James!

Jimmy: A kid can dream can't he?
Goddard: (Barks)

Episode Goofs
In Hypno Birthday to you, Jimmy called his hypnotizing device a Hypno Ray but in this episode he calls it a Hypno Beam.

Cultural References
Movie's Name: Die Again Tomorrow Forever

This is a spoof of the film Die Another Day.

Episode Plot: Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion

This is a spoof of several of the James Bond films.

The Theme Song: His badges are better than Bond

This is a reference to the fictional movie star James Bond.

Sheen: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Spy

This is a spoof of the movie title Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

The gang being chased by a giant sea clam in a maze of coral, is a spoof of the 1980 arcade game Pacman.

Beautiful Gorgeous: Die Again Forever Today

This is a spoof of the film Die Another Day.

Jimmy: Neutron, James Neutron

This is a spoof of a quote used by James Bond in the 007 films.

Episode References
Jimmy using a ray gun is a scene from Substitute Creature.

Jimmy and the gang in a rocket ship is a scene from A Beautiful Mine.

Jimmy being chased by a giant robot is a scene from Professor Calamitous, I Presume.

Jimmy reflecting an asteroid back into space is a scene from Normal Boy.

Jimmy using the Hypno Ray is a scene from Hypno Birthday to you.

Jimmy and Betty Quinlan dancing is a scene from Party at Neutrons.

Jimmy, Carl and Sheen on Jimmy’s hover car are scenes from several season 1 episodes.

Britney dancing is a scene from Broadcast Blues.

Sheen holding the shovel is a scene from A Beautiful Mine.

Jimmy using Goddard's chopper mode to fly up is a scene from Crunch Time.

Carl running is scene from Sleepless in Retroville.

Jimmy talking about Thomas Edison is a reference to Time Pinch.

Carl riding a llama is a scene from Ultra-Sheen.


This is an organization similar to The FBI. It stands for Big Top Secret Organization and is dedicated to stopping crime.