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Jimmy's Neutronic Monster-Maker transforms Sheen into a werewolf, Carl into a vampire, and Hugh into Frankenstein's monster. However, Jimmy's invention works too well, making those three real monsters! The little genius's Halloween is complicated when Carl and Sheen bite Cindy and Libby - now there are five monsters chasing him!

Episode Info
Episode number: 2x4
Production Number: 129
Airdate: Wednesday October 29th, 2003

Guest Stars
Billy WestBilly West
voiced Sam/Man
Joe LalaJoe Lala
voiced Mr. Esteves
Mark DeCarloMark DeCarlo
voiced Octopus Man
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Principal Willoughby
Episode Notes
Featured Invention: Neutronic Monster-Maker.

Cindy's blood type is A+.

Episode Quotes
Carl: Look, blood! Mmmm.... it's strawberry flavored! Anyone want a lick?

(As an octopus, Jimmy rings random doorbells with his long tentacles)
Jimmy: Trick...or treat!

Miss Fowl: To scare away a werewolf, you need-
Jimmy: A silver bullet?
Miss Fowl: Silver! Anything silver!

Jimmy: To the-
Carl: Can I say it this time?
Jimmy: Okay.

Carl: I need blood!
Sheen: You need counseling.

(After tasting his blood)
Carl: Try some you guys its way better than purple flurp!
Sheen: No way! I'm not drinking you blood!

Carl: Copy cat!
Sheen: I'm not a cat! I'm a wolf!

Sheen: Hmm! And now again in English!
Jimmy: He's a real vampire!
Sheen: Cool!
Jimmy: Not cool!

Cindy: Carl you scared me!
Carl: Sorry!
Cindy: I thought you were gonna be Llama boy for the 900th time!

Carl: Your neck locks lovely tonight!
Cindy: My neck. What the heck is your problem!

Libby: Hi Sheen! Cool costume! I'm fashion model. How do I look?
Sheen: Tasty!
Libby: Thanks!

Sheen: You are meat!
Libby: Yeah if you wanna get gross about it!

Cindy: Libby, did you do something to your hair?
Libby: No, are you using teeth whitener?

Cindy: Look into my eyes!
Libby: No! You look into my eyes!

Episode Goofs
Michael Jackson is on Jimmy's monster machine.

Cultural References
Cindy's Halloween Costume: Muffy The Vampire Annihilator

This is a spoof of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Judy's Halloween Costume

Resembles that of Lily Munster of the 1960's television series The Munsters.

Jimmy Machine: The Hunch-Back of Notre Dame

This is a parody of the fairy tale character the Hunch-Back of Notre Dame.

Episode References
Carl talking about Jet Fusion is a reference to Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion.

At the beginning of the episode the text was written in a gory font. This was done probably because the episode was Halloween themed.

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