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King Goobot has gathered up a team of villains comprising of Grandma Taters, The Junkman, Beautiful Gorgeous, Baby Eddie, Professor Calamitous, The Space Bandits and Eustace Strych. Their mission is to get Jimmy Neutron.

Episode Info
Episode number: 3x17
Production Number: 161/162
Airdate: Saturday June 18th, 2005

Guest Stars
Charlie AdlerCharlie Adler
voiced Junkman
Edie McClurgEdie McClurg
voiced Grandma Taters
Jeff BennettJeff Bennett
voiced Barbarino
Kevin Michael RichardsonKevin Michael Richardson
voiced Tee
Maurice LaMarcheMaurice LaMarche
voiced Zix
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Eustace Strytch
S. Scott BullockS. Scott Bullock
voiced King Goobot
Wendie MalickWendie Malick
voiced Beautiful Goregeous
Episode Notes
Beautiful Gorgeous' real name is Georgia.

Jimmy kisses Cindy on the cheek in this episode.

The Junkman and Beautiful Gorgeous kiss in this episode.

Nick breaks his leg in this episode.

The Gangs N-Men Powers:
Jimmy His N-Men packet was accidentally dropped in his lab by Carl.
Cindy Speed Boy
Libby Burp Boy
Carl Invisible Girl
Sheen Special Girl

Episode Quotes
Cindy: Jimmy I lo, love
Jimmy: That's it love potion! (kisses Cindy)
Cindy: I wasn't going to say love!

Eustace: If you gill breathers are done! I'm Eustace Strych, and I could buy and sell every one of you!
Junkman: Make me an offer!

Hugh: Once when I was 7 years old I sat on a banana… and of course that changed my life!

Cindy: Okay, tell me again, why am I risking my life to save Nerdtron?
Libby: Because you’re in love with him, but you won’t admit it, and we have nothing else to do.
Cindy: It's that the same reason your trying to save Sheen?
Libby: No I want to be Special Girl again.

Baby Eddie: Uh, I think I’m going to puke...
Eustace: Yes, there’s a good lad. Give the other end a rest.

King Goobot: I'm King Goobot, of Yolkus, and this is my assistant, Ooblar... (points to nothing; realizes) Oh! Oopsie! I forgot... (laughs) I traded Ooblar for some sulfur butter.

Hugh: Don't worry, Sugar-booger, we're in the late Cretaceous era. We have millions of years to think of a plan to save our Jimbo.
Judy: Hugh, are you aware that most of the things you say make no sense?
Hugh: Yes.

Episode Goofs
Lizards are indigenous to Earth so how can the Space Bandits be members of the Lizard family?

Episode References
References to Love Potion #976/J and The N Men were made.

During the scene in Jimmy's lab the music from Jimmy and Cindy's kiss scene in Lady Sings the News was played.

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