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Evil Jimmy returns! Jimmy needs his evil clone to "be" him so he can up his invention output by staying in his lab while the clone goes to school and spends time with his friends and family, so he tries to make the clone a "Good Jimmy." Of course, things go wrong and Evil Jimmy wreaks havoc around town and creates a cloned Earth with a dark matter chip! Can Jimmy stop him before the real Earth disappears?

Episode Info
Episode number: 3x11
Production Number: 153
Airdate: Wednesday January 25th, 2006

Guest Stars
Billy WestBilly West
voiced Sam
Candi MiloCandi Milo
voiced Nick
Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen
voiced Evil Jimmy
Episode Notes
Evil Jimmy hypnotizes Sheen and Carl into thinking that they are female back-up singers.

Episode Quotes
Nick: Wow! What have you done, Neutron? I'm not beautiful anymore! (holds a mirror and looks himself in it) Oh, wait! Yeah, I am...

Jimmy: Guys! This is important! I'm looking for myself.
Sheen: Wow... sounds profound. Have you tried yoga?

Evil Jimmy: (hypnotizing Sheen and Carl) You two think you’re um.. Female backup singers for a boy-band.
Carl and Sheen: (singing and dancing) Ain't no love of my man shoo bop shoo bop! Ain't no love of my man shoo bop shoo bop!!

Evil Jimmy: So long Lord of the Dorks.

Cindy: Why my hands feel like pudding?
Libby: Can't talk.... tired.

Evil Jimmy: Hasta Lavista big head!

Hugh: High Jimjam getting ready to visit that new planet in the sky?
Jimmy: New planet... What new planet?

Evil Sam: I aim to displease! Yeah!

Evil Sam: Get lost! And don't come back soon!

Evil Carl: I thought I told you to stay out of my hallway!

Evil Carl: Get lost! Dirt bag!

Evil Carl: Ms. Fowl, Ms. Fowl! Evil Jimmy just thanked you!
Evil Sheen: Yeah, he was being totally polite!

Carl and Sheen: (singing and dancing) Ain't no love of my man shoo bop shoo bop! Ain't no love of my man shoo bop shoo bop!!
Jimmy: Carl, Sheen. They've somehow become hypnotized again!
Carl: We're not hypnotized Jimmy!
Sheen: Yeah! We're two sexy mama jabbas!

Cultural References
Evil Jimmy: Lord of the Dorks

This is a parody of the title of the film, Lord of the Rings.

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