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Season 2

25 :02x01 - Joey and the Big Break (1)

On the set of "Blue Powder," Joey's character is still unknown. One of the show's extras, Zach, offers Joey some advice on how to make it as an actor in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Jeanne, a young actress moves into the apartment building and is looking for Joey; so Michael pretends to be Joey in order to get a date with the actress.
Guest Stars: Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach | Kevin Smith (1) as Himself | Ben Falcone as Howard | Alex Ball as Director | Kristen Miller as Jenna
Director: Kevin S. Bright

26 :02x02 - Joey and the Big Break (2)

Joey begs for one more chance, so he re-reads his lines to a bunch of producers. However, the producers want to hear lines spoken by kids because they're holding auditions for a different movie.
Guest Stars: Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach
Director: Kevin S. Bright

27 :02x03 - Joey and the Spanking

Joey has to put up with an annoying child actor on the set of his new movie, so Joey decides that he needs to take a stand and he spanks the young actor. Meanwhile, Gina tries to comfort Alex, who has a lagging love life.
Guest Stars: Ben Falcone as Howard | John Larroquette as Benjamin Lockwood | Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach | Abigail Kintanar as Hot Asian Producer
Director: Kevin S. Bright

28 :02x04 - Joey and the Stuntman

Joey is preparing to shoot a big fight scene on the set. The director offers to use a stuntman instead but Joey wants to do his own stunts. Eventually, Chuck, Joey's stuntman, comes in. Abby, the script supervisor, has a chat with Joey because he doesn't follow the script at all. Michael visits the set and he and Abby hit it off. Zach works Craft and Services on the set. Meanwhile, Alex is confused about her true feelings for Joey.
Guest Stars: Paula Cale as Abby | Dan Cortese as Stuntman | Gary Kraus as Stagehand | Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach | David Mattey as Thug
Director: Kevin S. Bright

29 :02x05 - Joey and the House

Joey decides to buy a house now that he is bringing big bucks from the movie but can he convince the owner of the house that he should get it? Gina isn't very supportive of the idea. Alex helps Bobbie with a harassment case.
Guest Stars: Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach
Director: Ben Weiss

30 :02x06 - Joey and the ESL

Joey decides to enroll in an English as a second language class just to attract the attention of a beautiful woman. Elsewhere, Gina decides to help Bobbie try and find a new client.
Guest Stars: Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach | Joyce Giraud as Maria | Sharmila Devar as Renata | Mo Collins as Ms. Lafferty | Paula Cale as Script Superviser | John Larroquette as Benjamin Lockwood | Caroline Choi as Sonja
Director: Peter Bonerz

31 :02x07 - Joey and the Poker

In an effort to keep Joey away from his attractive new interior designer, Alex tries to teach him Texas Hold 'em. But when Joey gets frustrated with losing, she begins to get creative with the rules of the game -- which make things very interesting when Joey is asked to go on Celebrity Poker Showdown.
Guest Stars: Eric Edelstein as Gary | Louie Anderson as Himself | Coolio as Himself | Dave Foley as Himself | Cindy Margolis as Herself | Alan Thicke as Himself | Kurt Doss as Kid #2 | Valerie Azlynn as Candance | Phil Gordon (2) as Himself
Director: Kevin S. Bright
Writer: Matt Hubbard

32 :02x08 - Joey and the Sex Tape

An old girlfriend of Joey's is still mad at him for something he did to her years ago. She sends him a tape from his past with embarrassing footage and threatens to go public. To appease her, he agrees to apologize on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Guest Stars: Ellen DeGeneres as Herself | Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach | Lisa Lo Cicero as Celeste
Director: Kevin S. Bright

33 :02x09 - Joey and the Musical

In order to impress his new girlfriend, Joey agrees to direct her grandmother's musical at the Senior Citizen Home. He must turn to his best friend Zach to help him after everyone realizes that he's not a gifted director.
Guest Stars: Matt Letscher as Eric | Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach | Valerie Azlynn as Candance
Director: Gary Halvorson

34 :02x10 - Joey and the Bachelor Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving at Joey's! Joey and Zach run into trouble when they discover ancient Native American artifacts on Joey's property and mistakenly give them away. Meanwhile, Gina is trying to have a meaningful family Thanksgiving with Alex and Michael but Joey isn't cooperating with her plans.
Guest Stars: Ben Falcone as Howard | Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach | Gwen Van Dam as Grandma | Connor Chavarria as Tyler | John Bliss as Grandpa | Molly Bryant as Mary | Branscombe Richmond as Ray | George Hamilton as Himself | Gregory Harrison as Dean
Director: Kevin S. Bright

35 :02x11 - Joey and the High School Friend

Joey's best friend from high school, Jimmy, comes to visit Joey after years of not having contact. He reveals a major surprise to Michael and Gina which throws their world out of balance.
Guest Stars: Adam Goldberg as Jimmy | Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach | Bryan Hersh as Crew Member | Rachel Quaintance as Chris | Lombardo Boyar as Dave | Lance Barber as Steve
Director: Sheldon Epps

36 :02x12 - Joey and the Tijuana Trip

After Michael breaks up with his girlfriend, Joey and Zach take him to Tijuana to help him get over it. After a rowdy night, Joey and Zach find themselves in an awkward situation which brings them a little too close for comfort.
Guest Stars: Ben Falcone as Howard | Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach | Gregory Harrison as Dean
Director: Gary Halvorson

37 :02x13 - Joey and the Christmas Party

Joey throws a holiday party in his old apartment and has to iron out some bumps with Alex. Meanwhile, Bobbie attends the party with her controlling boyfriend who does not deal well with the situation.
Guest Stars: Ben Falcone as Howard | Miguel Nunez, Jr. as Zach
Director: Gary Halvorson

38 :02x14 - Joey and the Snowball Fight

Joey begins acting weird with Alex when she sets off on another romance with Dean. Meanwhile, Joey's action figure arrives with some quality control issues.
Guest Stars: Adam Goldberg as Jimmy | Jennifer Burton as Waitress | Suzanne Sole as Mother | Gregory Harrison as Dean
Director: Gary Halvorson

39 :02x15 - Joey and the Dad

Joey is flummoxed by the fact that Carmen Electra has a bigger billboard on Sunset Blvd. Also, Joey must deal with the fact that he and his father don't have the same interests on the night of his first big premiere.
Guest Stars: Carmen Electra as Herself | Robert Costanzo as Tribbiani Sr.

40 :02x16 - Joey and the Denial (a.k.a. Joey and the Party for Alex)

When Joey hears that Dean is planning Alex a birthday party at which he also plans to propose, Joey decides that he wants to confess his feelings for her. Meanwhile Michael wants to be the DJ for the party, and Jimmy and Gina get tattoos to show their feelings for each other.

41 :02x17 - Joey and the Big Move

When Joey tries to move into his new house, he finds the house is on fire. Jimmy finally learns that Michael is his son and tries to build a relationship with him.

42 :02x18 - Joey and the Beard

Bobbie sets Joey up on a date with Edie Phillips, but what Joey doesn't realize is that she only needs him as a "beard" to hide her homosexuality from the press.
Guest Stars: Adam Goldberg as Jimmy | Kristin Richardson as Edie Phillips

43 :02x19 - Joey and the Critic

Joey employs Jimmy as his Development Coordinator at his new production company "Yes, I am a Bird". He also realizes that a girl has set up a website criticizing his acting talents.
Guest Stars: Adam Goldberg as Jimmy Costa | Alyson Stoner as Kaley | Andy Milder as Trent | Alex Ball as Gary

44 :02x20 - Joey and the Actor's Studio

Joey and Alex realize that they both have feelings for each other but while Joey wants to act on those feelings, Alex doesn't because she feels they will hurt each other. To try to get Alex to go out with him, Joey invites her to be in the audience when he is a guest on Inside the Actor's Studio. Meanwhile Jimmy wants to buy an engagement ring but needs a way to get money.

45 :02x21 - Joey and the Holding Hands

In order for Gina to marry Jimmy, he needs to divorce his wife, who he married when she was in prison for her money.
When they visit her at prison, she gives Joey tips on how to improve his relationship with Alex.
Guest Stars: Adam Goldberg as Jimmy Costa | Julia Sweeney as Tracy | Ben Falcone as Howard | Neil Flynn as Father O'Neill |
Co-Guest Stars: Catherine McCord as Woman | Tisha Terrasini Banker as Mary

46 :02x22 - Joey and the Wedding

Gina and Jimmy plan to get married, with Alex planning the wedding, which leads Joey to believe that Alex wants to get married again. But they both get cold feet and run off to the bus station where they meet each other. Meanwhile Joey has been picked to pitch the starting ball at a baseball game, and is desperate to get it right.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 2004
Ended: March 07, 2006
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