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Season 1

Pilot (Unaired)

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Uncredited: Elizabeth Lackey as Lt. Jamie Avery | Azura Skye as Karen Kawalski | Meat Loaf as Digger

1 :01x01 - Pilot

A boat full pf Cambodian fishermen can't believe their eyes when they find a naked man floating along the Seattle coastline. Quickly they take the stranger on board and bring him to shore. The mysterious man is unharmed, but can't remember anything, not even his name, and seems to be colorblind. The police can't find his identity, his profile doesn't match anything in the database or Missing Persons reports. Despite not knowing anything about himself, he seems to know everything about everything else.
Guest Stars: Haig Sutherland as Shaggy | Doug Abrahams as Cashier | John Rosenfeld as Evan Nichols | Jodelle Micah Ferland as Jenny Nichols | Kwesi Ameyaw as Sailor | Romy Rosemont as Mrs. Nichols |
Co-Guest Stars: Daniel Boileau as Greasy | Karin Konoval as Beehive | Peter Bryant as Paramedic | Fred Keating as Car Salesman | Dion Luther as Stockbroker | George Touliatos as Sausage | Patricia Idlette as Bureaucracy |
Uncredited: Claudette Mink as Turquoise
Director: Mimi Leder
Songs: Looper -- Mondo 77, Coldplay -- Trouble, Grand Theft Audio -- We Luv U

2 :01x02 - Blood Lines

John is fixated on the mysterious woman who called him "Tommy" from the ferry. He tries to track her down with the help of the cops, but Detective Hayes asks him for a favor in return. He ran into a dead end with one of his investigations and could use John's help. Pickford, a Seattle citizenm called the cops after he noticed his pool was full of blood, though with no trace of a body.
Guest Stars: Long Nguyen as Nguyen | Katharine Isabelle as Shayne Pickford | Stephen Lee (1) as Walter Pickford | Grace Zabriskie as "Yellow Teeth" |
Co-Guest Stars: Trong Ean Ta as Bug-Eyed Mortician | George Touliatos as Sausage Man | Debbie Podowski as Mrs. Pickford | Claudette Mink as Turquoise | Pam Hyatt as Big Hair | Terry Howson as SWAT Officer | Chris Gibson (1) as Police Operations Worker | Zachary Ansley as Steve | Rekha Sharma as Stella | Michelle Hart as Nance
Director: Mimi Leder
Songs: "John Doe" (on piano) -- Behind Blue Eyes, Duncan Sheik -- For You, And You Will Know Us -- How Near How Far, Travis -- More Than Us, Magnet -- The Recluse, Beth Orton -- Thinking About Tomorrow

3 :01x03 - Doe Re: Me

Once again, Detective Hayes asks for Johns to help unravel a mysterious murder. The cops found a woman's severed lower body, which had DNA from a person named Daniel Bowen. But it appears he is locked in a psychiatric institution and could not have committed the crime.
Guest Stars: Iris Quinn as Elizabeth Miller | Jill Lover as Polly Kendall | Tygh Runyan as Daniel Bowen | Grace Zabriskie as "Yellow Teeth" | Arye Gross as Dr. Matthew Jansen |
Co-Guest Stars: Chaka Dawn White as Waitress | Constance Barnes as Comforting Nurse | Louis Chirillo as Security Guard | Adam Henderson as Medical Examiner | D. Harlan Cutshall as Male Cop | Tiffani Timms as Smiley Girl | Amanda Wood (1) as Luscious | Rekha Sharma as Stella | John Harper (1) as Homeless | Babz Chula as Sweater Vest | Anna Cummer as Spectacles | Michelle Harrison as All American
Songs: Frou Frou -- Breath In, Red House Painters -- Brown Eyes, Jason Darling -- Hip Hop Hooray, South -- Keep Close, Lunatic Calm -- Leave You Far Behind, Dub Pistols -- Official Chemical, Sanctus Real -- Say It Loud

4 :01x04 - Past Imperfect

When the police find the remains of a woman that was murdered over 30 years ago, John is put in the spotlight. It seems that he looks exactly like the suspected murderer Stephen Prescott. Detective Hayes is convinced that there is a logical explanation for the striking resemblance and decides to involve John in the investigation. However, there isn't much known about Stephen Prescott besides the fact that he disappeared under suspicious conditions at the end of the sixties.
Guest Stars: Christopher Heyerdahl as Dr. Hillman | Anne Betancourt as Vanessa |
Co-Guest Stars: Dion Luther as Stockbroker | Barbara Fixx as Woman In White | Adrian Holmes as MRI Tech | Marcia Laskowski as Nurse Serious | Frederick Pleasure II as Foreman | Louise Grant as agnes Prescott | Kim Hawthorne as Kelly Hayes | Ben Cotton as Activist | Meshach Peters as Tyler Hayes | Michelle Hart as Nance | David Lewis (1) as Stu | Rekha Sharma as Stella
Director: Bill L. Norton
Songs: Iffy -- Can O Cope, Crystal Method -- Roll It Up, Brad -- Shinin', Anabret -- The Coming Night, Filter -- Where Do We Go From Here?

5 :01x05 - John Deux

John finds hope to discover his true identity when a second person is found in the ocean under similar conditions. John decides to pay his fellow amnesia sufferer a visit, but comes across a security agent who arrests him and brings him to Lieutenant Avery. John finds he must convince the cops to review the case.
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Stella | Michael McShane as Ray Brunellas | Peter J. Lucas as Dr. Alistair Dorimond | Michael Kopsa as Dr. Arrogant | Brian Drummond as Doctor |
Co-Guest Stars: Len Gibson as Elderly | Chris King (3) as Skareboarder | Jo Bates as Mousey | Noah Beggs as Uniform | Donna Yamamoto as Prim | Eric Breker as Smith | Tim Henry as Father | Peta Brookstone as Charge Nurse | Adrian Hough as Detective Kerrigan | Adam Henderson as Medical Examiner
Songs: Jinnrail -- Cemetery Garden (The Upset Song), Neal Halstead -- Hi-Lo and Inbetween, Red House Painters -- Void

6 :01x06 - Low Art

When a mysterious art robbery takes place in a Seattle museum, Detective Hayes decides to ask for John's help. During the break-in, a security agent was killed and a valuable ring was stolen. The cameras were unable to capture the burglars, but it does show how John's assistant Karen (Who has a second job in the museum) tries to flee the building. John however is convinced of her innocence and succeeds in exonerating her. Detective Hayes then puts together a list of possible suspects.
Guest Stars: Evan Handler as Max Clark | Jesse Moss as Lewis Evans | Rekha Sharma as Stella |
Co-Guest Stars: Ulla Friis as Biker Babe at Blackjack | Travis MacDonald as Stoner at Blackjack | Keith Lim as Businessman at Blackjack | Adrian Hough as Detective Kerrigan | Robin Mossley as Security Tech | Judith Maxie as Judge | Barbara Tyson as District Attorney | Michelle Hart as Nance | Shane Meier as Colin | David Lewis (1) as Stu | Arthur Corber as Public Defender | Robert Wisden as Museum Director
Director: Dwight Little
Songs: Elbow -- Asleep in the Back, Finger Eleven -- Drag You Down, South -- Here On In, Neil Halstead -- High Hopes, The Mooney Suzuki -- It's Not Easy

7 :01x07 - Mind Games

John is shocked when a woman arrives at his door, claiming that he is the father of her son, Wesley. 11 years ago she enlisted the service of "VitroChoice", a sperm bank that normally keeps the identity of the donors strictly confidential. She found out John's information by bribing a nurse and hacking into a government computer. John doesn't trust the situation and starts searching for an explanation
Guest Stars: Gary Werntz as Trenchcoat | Ryan Hurst as Elvis Braithewaite | Joel Murray as Dante Langenhan | Daryl Sabara as Wesley Silver | Grace Zabriskie as "Yellow Teeth" | Alanna Ubach as Dionne Walker |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Hart as Nance | Reese McBeth as Hooded Sweatshirt | Lucas Cramer as Jamie | Meshach Peters as Tyler Hayes | Steve Oatway as Confused | Miranda Frigon as Beautiful Nurse | Leslie Hopps as Althea Silver | David Lewis (1) as Stu
Director: Fred Keller
Songs: Q-Burns Abstract Message -- A Mess of Afros, Arlo -- Bus Stop, OK Go -- Don't Ask Me, Spoon -- Don't Let It Get You Down, Kevin Salem -- Kindness, Eleventeen -- Reviving Ophelia, Sonic Youth -- The Empty Page, Unknown -- You're Here To Stay

8 :01x08 - Idaho

The murder of a private detective by a deaf killer leads John to an enigmatic woman who provides clues about his childhood. He travels to Idaho, where he supposedly grew up, and discovers things aren't quite as they seem.
Special Guest Stars: John Walsh (1) as Himself |
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Stella | Gary Werntz as Trenchcoat | Rutanya Alda as Cassie Barker | Grace Zabriskie as "Yellow Teeth" | Leon Russom as Lorne Barker |
Co-Guest Stars: Lauren Hammersley as Officer Fitzmaurice | Ryder Morse as Hotel Clerk | Derek Peakman as Artsy Instructor | Michelle Hart as Nance | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Gruff Cop | David Richmond-Peck as Stocking Capped Baddie | Andrew Carr (1) as Patch McComber | David Parker (2) as Detective Roosevelt | David Lewis (1) as Stu
Songs: Beck -- Lost Cause

9 :01x09 - Manifest Destiny

John decides to take an nice uneventful vacation...and gets more than he bargained for.
Guest Stars: Ingrid Torrance as Head Flight Attendant | Aleks Paunovic as Pavel Kovarik | Gildart Jackson as Inspector Tate Garrison | Gabrielle Anwar as Rachel Penbroke |
Co-Guest Stars: Tara Hungerford as Passenger #3 | Jessica Heafey as Passenger #1 | Emily Dunderdale as Sara | Andre Danylieu as Coach Passenger #10 | Donny Lucas as Passenger #2 | Mark Gash as Chief Detective | Rob Bruner as Burly Passenger | Nancy Sorel as No-Nonsense Flight Attendant | Grahame Andrews as Reverend | Michael P. Northey as Comb Over
Director: Leslie Libman
Songs: Ryan Adams -- Desire, Mayfly -- Eyes Wide Open, The Tories -- Superconductor

10 :01x10 - The Mourner

A serial killer, with a fixation on John, is terrorizing Seattle. At each crime scene he leaves a pink envelope, marked with the symbol from John's scar. Inside each envelope there is a sympathy card, earning him the moniker The Mourner, containing a riddle that must be solved in order to find the next scene.
Special Guest Stars: John Walsh (1) as Himself |
Guest Stars: Gli Edmonds as Officer Adriana Valenko | Rekha Sharma as Stella | Doug Hutchison as Lenny Pescoe |
Co-Guest Stars: Charity Rindero as Stripper #3 | Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert as Stripper #2 | Holly Eglinton as Stripper #1 | Melissa Barker-Sauer as Stripper #4 | Damon Gregory as Strip Club Owner | Lisa Sowden as Veronica's Family Member | Daniel Pepper as Uniformed Officer | Edmond Wong as Uniformed Officer | David Lewis (1) as Stu
Director: Mimi Leder
Songs: N.E.R.D -- Lapdance

11 :01x11 - John D.O.A

John continues to aids the police in hunting The Mourner, after Lt. Avery is kidnapped.
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Stella | Tony Plana as Capt. Ruiz | Doug Hutchison as Lenny Pescoe |
Co-Guest Stars: Rodrigues A Williams as Uni | Todd Charles Mosher as Cop | Carmen Moore as Uniform | Greg Kean as Husband | Beverley Breuer as Wife | David Lewis (1) as Stu
Songs: Richard Ashcroft -- Brave New World

12 :01x12 - Tone Dead

The team investigates the death of an up-and-coming local DJ. Meanwhile, Rachel re-enters John's life...and has some trouble adjusting.
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Stella | Kristin Minter as Charlotte Williams | Michael Robert Brandon as Lloyd Craft | Gabrielle Anwar as Rachel Penbroke | Catherine Devine (1) as Blondie | Timothy Omundson as P.J. Fox | Christopher Heyerdahl as Dr. Hillman |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Semeniuk as Club Kid | Lucas Mccann as Rayban's | Katharine Horsman as Club Kid | Guy Demong as Sideburns | Kris Pope as Funky Coroner's Assistant | Rick Dobran as Sound Engineer | Michelle Hart as Nance | David Lewis (1) as Stu |
Uncredited: Elliot Hanes as Turney Scott
Director: Randall Zisk
Songs: Day Theory -- Beautiful, Michael Wandmacher -- Fuzzy Dice, The Tories -- Greatest Foe, Mount Sims -- How We Do, My Friend The Chocolate Cake -- It’s All in the Way, Todd Thibaud -- Unbroken

13 :01x13 - Family Man

John helps Frank investigate the disappearance of 4 seemingly unconnected people. Also, Frank fights for custody of his children.
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Stella | Megan Cavanagh as Madeline | April Grace as Kelly Hayes | Michael Gaston as Gary Murchison |
Co-Guest Stars: Meshach Peters as Tyler Hayes | Jill Teed as Judge Marjorie Rostin | Anthony Harrison as Tom Burrows | Taleea Lariviere-Brown as Tania hayes | Heather McEwen as Lisa Burrows | P. Lynn Johnson as Patrician ESQ | Jianna Ballard as Kristin Burrows | Frank Topol as Uniform #2 | David Parker (2) as Detective Roosevelt | Michelle Hart as Nance
Director: Bryan Spicer
Story: Adele Lim | Teleplay: Geoffrey Neigher

14 :01x14 - Ashes to Ashes

When John finds that a loved one is in grave danger, he must race against the clock to find her in time.
Guest Stars: Gary Werntz as Trenchcoat | Grace Zabriskie as "Yellow Teeth" | Rekha Sharma as Stella | Matt Winston as Samuel Donald "Sam" Clarkson |
Co-Guest Stars: Jocelyne Loewen as Bad Perm | Adrian Hough as Detective Kerrigan | L. Harvey Gold as Stern | Claudette Mink as Turquoise | Martin Novotny as Garbage Man | David Richmond-Peck as Stocking Cap | Malcolm Scott as Bus Driver | Serge Houde as Sour | David Parker (2) as Detective Roosevelt | David Lewis (1) as Stu
Director: Mimi Leder
Songs: Coldplay -- Trouble

15 :01x15 - Psychic Connection

The investigation into a serial kidnapper turns into a homicide investigation, when a local psychic offers her help. Everyone involved, including her, is surprised to find her connected to the case, in an unexpected way. Meanwhile, John is trying to cope with guilt over a recently departed friend.
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Stella | Sonja Bennett as Delphine Young | Grace Zabriskie as "Yellow Teeth" |
Co-Guest Stars: Dagmar Midcap as Toothy Newscaster | D. Neil Mark as Uniformed Officer | Christine Lippa as Harried Police Woman | Douglas Chapman as Uniformed Cop | Ron Chartier as Detective | Kasper Michaels as Ted Crosby | Michelle Hart as Nance | David Parker (2) as Detective Roosevelt | David Lewis (1) as Stu
Director: Ian Sander
Songs: Coldplay -- Amsterdam

16 :01x16 - Illegal Alien

When a bright flash in the woods produces a US astronaut, John, Frank, and Digger enter into a covert mission to uncover how he got there...and end up in a sticky situation themselves.
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Stella | Andrew Bowen as Staff Sergeant | James McDaniel as Colonel Dunagan | Iris Graham as Saucy Teenager |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Dignard as Captain Vince Lawrence | D. Harlan Cutshall as Uniformed Officer | Colleen Wheeler as Uniformed Officer | Nicola Crosbie as Newscaster | Paul Campbell as Unshaven Teenager | Steve Byers as Eyebrow Ring Teenager | Lisa Bayliss as Anxious Mom | Michelle Hart as Nance | David Lewis (1) as Stu

17 :01x17 - Doe or Die

When a rogue ex-cop bent on revenge, takes the 12th precinct hostage, John is forced to improvise. He must find a way to stay hidden and save not only the people in the precinct, but all of Seattle as well.
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Stella | Peter Wingfield as Ken Rothman | Tony Plana as Capt. Ruiz |
Co-Guest Stars: Jilena Cori as Reporter | Christian Bocher as Phone Tech | Alonso Oyarzun as Janitor | Dexter Bell as Pizza Delivery Guy | Patricia Idlette as No-nonsense Officer | Paul Lazenby as Plumber | Darcy Laurie as Officer Marques | Simon Longmore as Bio Commander | Kris Pope as Coroner's Assistant | David Parker (2) as Detective Roosevelt | Michelle Hart as Nance
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Paul Oakenfold -- Ready, Steady, GO!

18 :01x18 - Save As...John Doe

An attractive woman, who has been the victim of a crime, shows up at The Sea seeking John's help. John finds he cannot resist. He is soon wrapped up in a mystery involving controversial research that is sought by those willing to kill for it.
Guest Stars: David Lovgren as Randall Johansen | Rekha Sharma as Stella | Paige Rowland as Paulette Chambers |
Co-Guest Stars: Ildiko Ferenczi as Kubla Com Girl | Stephen Gomori as Bored Sales Person | Saskia Gould as Soccer Mom | Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert as Kubla Com Girl | Holly Eglinton as Kubla Com Girl | Frank Ferrucci as Narrow Eyes | John Shaw as Lab Coat | Grahame Wood as Stuffy | Jenn Griffin as Chain Smoking Matron | Angelo Renai as Stefano Moretti
Director: Keith Samples
Songs: Sneaker Pimps -- Blood Sport

19 :01x19 - Shock to the System

After John is struck by lightning, he is forced to adjust to being "normal" again...just when he was getting used to being unique. Will he regain his abilities in time to catch the latest killer who is trying to play cat and mouse with him? Or will he remain "normal" permanently?
Guest Stars: Rekha Sharma as Stella | Monique Demers as Samantha Sullivan |
Co-Guest Stars: Leanne Adachi as Paramedic | Jody Thompson as Pretty | Chaka Dawn White as Cocktail | Adam Henderson as Mark | Dominika Wolski as Bruised | Lisa Marie Caruk as Blonde | Fred Keating as Car Salesman | Matt Johnson (1) as Grad Student | Karin Konoval as Beehive | Haig Sutherland as Shaggy | Dion Luther as Stockbroker | Michelle Hart as Nance
Director: Bobby Roth
Songs: Micah Green -- Family Circus

20 :01x20 - Remote Control

When Digger's lifelong friend is killed, John treks with him and tried to help him find out what happened. John also hopes to find out the truth about his own past, in the process.
Guest Stars: Ona Grauer as Teresa | Mitchell Kosterman as Sheriff Ash | Matt Winston as Samuel Donald "Sam" Clarkson | Kristoffer Ryan Winters as Michael | Gary Werntz as Trenchcoat |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason Simpson as Thug Aid (Thug Aid) | Mark Docherty as Newscaster | Sean Owen Roberts as Weenie Aid | Brian Jensen as Formidable Guard | Dale Hall as Doctor | Andrew McIlroy as Dr. Binney | Craig March as Pro Security Guard | Greg Michaels as Jay Dougan | Robert Clarke (1) as Dr. Sawyer | Frank Ferrucci as Signet Ring | Keith Gordey as Stocking Cap
Director: Paul Shapiro
Songs: The Belles -- Victory Parade

21 :01x21 - The Rising

John is struck with visions that may help him to finally uncover the truth, and who his true friends really are.
Guest Stars: Kristoffer Ryan Winters as Michael | Matt Winston as Samuel Donald "Sam" Clarkson | Ona Grauer as Teresa | J.K. Simmons as Lucas Doya | Gary Werntz as Trenchcoat |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Ryan as Signing Drone | Aaron Pearl as NSA Security | Michelle Hart as Nance | David Lewis (1) as Stu | Keith Gordey as Stocking Cap
Director: Mimi Leder
Songs: Robbie Robertson -- In The Blood
Warning: John Doe guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Sci-Fi | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 2002
Ended: April 25, 2003
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