Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot (A Love Of A Lifetime)

Dan Vasser, a San Francisco reporter, suddenly has the ability to travel across time and change the course of not only his own life, but the lives of others. As he travels through time, Dan must deal with the difficulties that his ability brings, from tension at home due to his sudden disappearances as well as strife at work. His travels bring him back together with his former fiance, Livia, which complicates things at home with his wife, Katie and their son.
Guest Stars: Christopher Warren (1) as Neal Gaines | Monique Gabriela Curnen as Nicole Gaines | Steven Barr as Unknown | Cici Lau as Unknown |
Co-Guest Stars: Patrick Falls as Bartender | J.D. Hall as Cabbie | Terry Woodberry as Policeman | Ronald Hunter as Ivan | Edith Fields as Mrs. Shea | Nate Bynum as Bus Driver | Joseph Lampkin as Jacob
Director: Alex Graves
Writer: Kevin Falls
Songs: Sarah McLachlan -- Building a Mystery, Oasis -- Champagne Supernova, The Fray -- Look After You, Expose -- Point Of No Return, 10,000 Maniacs -- Trouble Me

2 :01x02 - Friendly Skies

Dan begins to wonder if he imagined his journeys and decides to get an MRI. Later, Dan and Katie try to have a romantic weekend, but Dan disappears during their flight when he is put back in time to deliver a baby.
Guest Stars: Annie Wersching as Diana Bloom | Jessica Chastain as Tanna Bloom | Keith Sellon-Wright as Trevor Mason | Patrick St. Esprit as Carl Hanson | J.R. Cacia as Billy Marble | Gabriel Tigerman as Jesse | Heidi Mokrycki as Unknown | Betsy Rue as Flight Attendant | Reggie Jordan as Unknown | Kris Iyer as Unknown |
Uncredited: Chris Angelo as Cable Car Conductor | David Hodges (1) as Revolving Door Man
Director: Alex Graves
Writer: Kevin Falls

3 :01x03 - Game Three

Dan is taken back to the San Francisco earthquake where he tries to save everyone, but destiny seems to stop him at every turn. Katie is forced to take on Dan's news story in the present, while Livia discovers the truth about Dan's increasingly strained marriage.
Guest Stars: John Billingsley as Al Pratt | Jeffrey Nicholas-Brown as Muscular guy | Virginia Williams as Charlotte Skillen | Ray Proscia as Bets collector in the bar |
Co-Guest Stars: Brittany Ishibashi as Melissa Waters | Asante Jones as Officer Burke | Falk Hentschel as Thug #1
Director: Alex Graves

4 :01x04 - The Year of the Rabbit

Dan travels back to 1995, just as his wife, Katie was in the process of setting up a charity event. Dan meets up with Livia in 1995, it seems that he was brought back to help a woman on a blind date. Although Livia is suppose to be there to help him on his mission she seems more interested in Dan's relationship with Katie.
Guest Stars: Lisa Sheridan as Theresa Sanchez | Brittany Ishibashi as Melissa Waters | Matthew Humphrey (1) as Greg Weil | Geoffrey Owens as Matthew Tarbel | Jeffrey Pierce as Dylan McClean | Kenny New as Bar Patron
Director: Laura Innes

5 :01x05 - The Legend of Dylan McCleen

Dan travels back to 1975, and encounters a legendary criminal named Dylan McCleen. The money McCleen stole was never recovered, and Dan promises Hugh a big story on the case. Elsewhere, Katie has to explain to the police why a robbery took place during her gala.
Guest Stars: Joel Gretsch as Frank Vasser | Jeffrey Pierce as Dylan McClean | Lisa Sheridan as Theresa Sanchez
Director: Laura Innes

6 :01x06 - Keepers

Dan travels to several different years, in an attempt to save the lives of two abused brothers who grow up to have mental problems. Also, Jack suspects that Dan has started gambling again, and Dan learns some upsetting information about Katie's past.
Guest Stars: Lisa Sheridan as Theresa Sanchez | Scott Michael Campbell as Adult Michael | Lukas Behnken as Young Jack | Dylan McLaughlin (1) as Young Steven | Brando Eaton as Young Dan
Writer: Paul Redford

7 :01x07 - Double Down

Katie continues returning to TV journalism, but Dan isn't in favor of the decision. Meanwhile, Dan goes back to 1999 to protect a witness from a street gang, only to need Livia's help to keep his own past self from being offed by the gang. Back in the present, Jack discovers Dylan McCleen's money.
Guest Stars: Lucas Caleb Rooney as Joel Nemmick | Don Franklin as Ed Macklin | Paul Schulze as Agent Richard Garrity | Carol Ann Susi as Unknown | Alain Uy as Martin Fenner | Brian Oblak as Police Officer | Dierdre Holder as Leslie Gann
Director: Alex Graves
Writer: J.R. Orci

8 :01x08 - Winterland

Dan and Livia travel to a 1970's "key party", where they meet a young girl that is destined to make mistakes that put her in prison for life. Back in the present, the FBI and Jack are closing in on Dan, and Katie helps him try to dispose of Dylan McCleen's money. Also, Livia's past is revealed.
Guest Stars: John Schneider as Dennis Armstrong | Paul Schulze as Agent Richard Garrity | Tom Everett as Elliot Langley | John Noble as Dunston | Margo Harshman as Abby Armstrong | Sean Wing as Sammy | Jake Sandvig as Mo Rollins | Alexi Wasser as Celia Wogan | Heather Mazur as Bonnie | Saxon Trainor as Elizabeth Armstrong
Director: Helen Shaver
Writer: Dana Calvo

9 :01x09 - Emily

Dan heads back to 1992, and ends up saving a young girl from a deranged kidnapper. Unfortunately, this major change to the timeline causes devastating ripple effects in Dan's present. Meanwhile, Jack begins to believe that Dan can travel through time, and Katie tries to manage Zack's misbehavior at school.
Guest Stars: Lisa Sheridan as Theresa Sanchez | Paul Schulze as FBI Agent Richard Garrity | Raphael Sbarge as Aiden Bennett | Indigo as Unknown | Aaron Himelstein as Partygoer | Emerson Brooks as Unknown | Jacy Gross as Unknown (as Jacy King) | Jeff Ricketts as Unknown | Elizabeth Bond as Unknown | Elayn Taylor as Unknown | Chanel Gaines as Unknown
Director: Fred Keller
Songs: Five For Fighting -- Superman

10 :01x10 - Blowback

Aeden Bennett, the kidnapper caught by Dan in the previous episode, is paroled in the present. He wastes no time in seeking revenge on Dan, and takes Katie hostage. A wounded Dan goes back to 1980, where he encounters a young Bennett. Meanwhile, Livia learns more about her mission in life, and Jack finds out that Agent Garrity isn't really working for the FBI.
Guest Stars: Raphael Sbarge as Aidan Bennett | Colin Ford as Young Aidan Bennett | Paul Schulze as FBI Agent Richard Garrity | Eric Lange as Sheriff Bennett | Don Franklin as Ed Macklin |
Co-Guest Stars: Edward Hendershott as Teenager #2 | Keston John as Teenager #1
Director: Karen Gaviola
Writer: Kevin Falls
Songs: Dashboard Confessional -- The Shade of Poison Trees

11 :01x11 - Home by Another Way

It's Christmas, a time for friends, a time for hope, a time for gifts, and a time for layoffs. Dan has an important mission this Christmas, and that is to save his job. Also Katie is still recovering from the after math of Aeden. Jack gets shocking news.
Guest Stars: Joel Gretsch as Frank Vasser | Lisa Sheridan as Theresa Sanchez | Alyson Reed as Unknown | John Aniston as Unknown | Robert Pine as Old Dennis Ambacher | George Wyner as Unknown | Anthony Starke as Young Dennis Ambacher | Barbara Tarbuck as Unknown | Sonya Leslie as Arlee Glover |
Co-Guest Stars: Christine Adams as Georgina | Deji LaRay as Security Guard | Chelsey Crisp as Maggie

12 :01x12 - The Hanged Man

Dan's travels take him into an RV hanging off of a cliff just in time to save a mother and son. Katie's sister comes to visit and suspects Dan is having an affair. And when Dan returns to the present, he realizes how big the consequences can be when he accidentally leaves things in the past.
Guest Stars: Lisa Sheridan as Theresa Sanchez | Tom Everett as Elliot Langley | Melinda McGraw as Annette | Natacha Roi as Sandra Cupper | Christine Adams as Georgina O'Conner | Rick Worthy as Gus | Emily Swallow as Security Chief | Jake Richardson as Dewey Boyd | Jordan Garrett as Christopher Cupper |
Co-Guest Stars: Ellery Sprayberry as Caroline Vasser | Rigo Sanchez as Guard
Director: Steven DePaul

13 :01x13 - Perfidia

Dan travels into the past a few months before he started time-travelling, and ends up in an insane asylum with a man named Evan who claims he too is a time traveler. Livia arrives from past, being pulled out of time as she tries to deal with her upcoming marriage. As Livia and Dan try to reunite Evan with a lost love, Katie notices blood at home and starts to panic, and Jack pursues his investigation of Elliot Langley.
Guest Stars: Tom Everett as Elliot Langley | Melinda McGraw as Annette | Don McManus (1) as Evan Patterson | Joanna Going as Lauren | Erich Anderson as Unknown | Jon Sklaroff as Unknown | Jos Viramontes as Unknown | Fred Koehler as Unknown |
Co-Guest Stars: Troy Metcalf as Ned | Walter Wong as EMT | Jane Park Smith as Reporter | Donn Angelos as Conductor
Director: Kevin Falls
Songs: Plain White Ts -- Hey There Delilah, Alberto Dominguez -- Perfidia
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 2007
Ended: December 19, 2007
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