Pilot (A Love Of A Lifetime) - Recap

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Meet Dan Vasser. He's a family man, a reporter and a dude with some serious blackout issues. Just as he's about to hop in a taxi to celebrate his wedding anniversary with the missus, he has a bizarre trip back in time to watch the end of a classic ballgame and to catch one last glimpse of his lost love Livia before she supposedly dies in a plane crash. Not a terribly long trip back in time but just long enough to freak him out a bit when he finally shows up to his anniversary dinner a few hours later. He chalks it all up to a weird dream and goes on with his life in present day. However, not soon after he and his wife "reaffirm" their love for each other that very night, he's off on another crazy adventure through time. This time he awakens to find himself among the homeless in Golden Gate Park. He runs back to his home to find a stranger living there and learns that the year is actually 1987. Meanwhile, back in 2007, his wife Kate is frantically searching for him and goes to his brother for help. His brother suggests that perhaps he's left her for another woman, but since his only other love Livia died nine years earlier, she's positive it's something else.

As Dan wanders around 1987 San Francisco, we're treated to random pop-culture references, like a billboard for the movie Less Than Zero. While roaming the streets, he stumbles on a man about to throw himself in front of a trolley. It suddenly clicks in his mind that perhaps he's back in a time for a reason, so he uses the opportunity to do some good and save the man's life. By the time he finds his way back to 2007, he learns he's been gone for two days and his wife now suspects that he's on some mind-altering substance. He also learns that the man he saved back in '87 is alive and well in present day and his name is Neil Gaines. He tries frantically to get some answers but is ripped from his present life into the past yet again.

It's the '80s again and this time Neil Gaines finds himself in another predicament. It seems he's gotten a girl pregnant and she'd rather get rid of the child than start a family with him. Our man Dan convinces her not to. After another successful fix in Neil Gaines' life, Dan finds his own life in shambles. His wife has staged an intervention for him, believing drugs were responsible for his car crashing into a telephone pole during his last trip. As he tries to learn more about the family he has single-handedly created, he's sent back again to do another fix. It's 1997; Sarah McLachlan and Oasis have hit songs and Dan is living with his fiancée Livia. Now here's where things get interesting!

As Dan is leaving Livia at their apartment, he steps outside to find her standing in the hallway. She briefly explains to him that she "left" before her plane went down and that he can't meddle during these little trips. Just when we think he's gonna get some answers, she vanishes once again, leaving him and all of us wondering what is going on.

Now that he knows his mission, Dan concentrates all of his energy on figuring out this Neil Gaines enigma. So far he's saved Neil's life and the life of his unborn child, but something's still not right with Mr. Gaines. His marriage is in shambles and he seems to be on the verge of a psychotic episode. As Neil is about to kill his wife and child for trying to leave him, he is hit by a car, making all Dan's efforts seem pointless. In 2007, however, Neil's son goes on to save a school bus full of children. Mission accomplished! And just to cover all his ground, Dan has something in mind to prove to his wife he wasn't on drugs and had actually been on time traveling: He buries her wedding ring under their deck years before it had been built, along with a newspaper from 1997. The premiere ends with a loving embrace between the couple as Katie finally starts to believe her husband's stories.