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Judge Judy

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 Season 19(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
4320 19x01 08/Sep/2014 Parking Rage!; Best Friend Bailout N/A
4321 19x02 08/Sep/2014 Fight Over a Funeral; Attorney Extortion? N/A
4322 19x03 09/Sep/2014 Child's Dog-Bite Marks Disputed; Show Me the Money! N/A
4323 19x04 09/Sep/2014 Drunken Stupor Nightmare!; Dirt Bike Bonfire N/A
4324 19x05 10/Sep/2014 Salvaged SUV Scam?; Dog Walking Attack! N/A
4325 19x06 10/Sep/2014 Vandalism Caught on Tape!; Two Moms Sue One Child N/A
4326 19x07 11/Sep/2014 Eyewitness Perjury?!; Twice-Kidnapped Puppy N/A
4327 19x08 11/Sep/2014 Hidden Camera Catches a Thief?; Unwed Parents Parking Ticket Plight N/A
4328 19x09 12/Sep/2014 Dad Calls Police on Daughter; Voicemail Vengeance N/A
4329 19x10 12/Sep/2014 Incriminating Facebook Photos; Scissors vs. Shoes! N/A
4330 19x11 15/Sep/2014 Stabbed in the Face! N/A
4331 19x12 15/Sep/2014 Soldier Accused of Credit-Card Theft; Super Lovebug Lawsuit N/A
4332 19x13 16/Sep/2014 Child and Car Custody Battle; Older Cabbie's Young Roomie N/A
4333 19x14 16/Sep/2014 Mama Drama!; The Mentor and the Squatter? N/A
4334 19x15 17/Sep/2014 Transient Parenting?; Good Deed Gone Wrong N/A
4335 19x16 17/Sep/2014 Blind Curve Catastrophe!; Trashed Transport? N/A
4336 19x17 18/Sep/2014 When German Shepherds Attack!; TV Remote Control Assault? N/A
4337 19x18 18/Sep/2014 Daughter-in-Law Dilemma; Worst Job Interview Ever! N/A
4338 19x19 19/Sep/2014 The Anguish of Ex-Lovers; World Cup Woes N/A
4339 19x20 19/Sep/2014 Friendship, Finances and Flirting; Designer Jeans Disaster! N/A
4340 19x21 22/Sep/2014 Crowbar Wielding Mother!; Failed Friendship N/A
4341 19x22 22/Sep/2014 Police Officer Assaulted by Landlady?!; College Football Scholarship Hiccup N/A
4342 19x23 24/Sep/2014 Father and Daughter Gang Up on Ex!; Boy Traumatized After Dog Attack N/A
4343 19x24 25/Sep/2014 Bare Bones Apartment Dispute; Vintage Clock Breakdown N/A
4344 19x25 26/Sep/2014 Grand Theft Drama; Premature Lock-Out? N/A
4345 19x26 29/Sep/2014 Three's a Crowd; Moving Out Madness N/A
4346 19x27 30/Sep/2014 Uninsured Motorcycle Crash!; Crash After Bible Study! N/A
4347 19x28 01/Oct/2014 Neighborly Plant Destruction?; Facebook Furniture?; Follow the Money! N/A
4348 19x29 02/Oct/2014 Pesticide Assault?; German Shepherd Scare! N/A
4349 19x30 03/Oct/2014 Furniture Feud!; Deportation and Disability N/A
4350 19x31 06/Oct/2014 Doused With Gasoline!; Pit Bull vs. Bijon N/A
4351 19x32 07/Oct/2014 Lose the Puppy!; Boxer on Steroids? N/A
4352 19x33 08/Oct/2014 The New Wife; Debit Card Downer N/A
4353 19x34 09/Oct/2014 Legal Battle; Car Crash Into a Cemetery! N/A
4354 19x35 10/Oct/2014 Rescue Pit Bull Euthanized; Bikini Swap N/A
4355 19x36 13/Oct/2014 Drug Addict Destruction?; Restraining Order Damages; Freeway Crash N/A
4356 19x37 14/Oct/2014 Pawned Family Jewelry; Hurricane Season Dog Fight; Motorcycle Mayhem N/A
4357 19x38 15/Oct/2014 Fish Tank Destruction! N/A
4358 19x39 16/Oct/2014 Teenage Phone Vandal?; 8-Year-Old Takes the Stand! N/A
4359 19x40 17/Oct/2014 House War; Thief and a Hustler? N/A
4360 19x41 20/Oct/2014 Childcare Trade Gone Wrong?; Ripped-Off While in Jail?; Son-in-Law Payback? N/A
4361 19x42 21/Oct/2014 Brother/Sister Lease War!; BFs Not Forever; Deceased Father's Harley N/A
4362 19x43 22/Oct/2014 Eco Friendly Backfire!; Betrayal of Trust! N/A
4363 19x44 23/Oct/2014 Divorce Slap in the Face!; Wrong Side of the Law? N/A
4364 19x45 24/Oct/2014 Good Deed Punished!; Pricey Patch-Up Job! N/A
4365 19x46 27/Oct/2014 Bicyclist Lands on Head!; Chicken Coop Massacre!; Kicked Out Before Moving In? N/A
4366 19x47 28/Oct/2014 Gas Leak Scare!; Vandalism Caught on Tape! N/A
4367 19x48 29/Oct/2014 Speeding Motorcyclist Crash!; Incriminating Photos N/A
4368 19x49 30/Oct/2014 Assault or Self-Inflicted Injuries? N/A
4369 19x50 30/Oct/2014 Never Read Your Boyfriend's Texts!; Bitter Roommate Battle! N/A
4370 19x51 31/Oct/2014 Wheelchair Runs Over Caregiver?; Broke Down Dating! N/A
4371 19x52 31/Oct/2014 Nurse Accused of Abuse; Foster Child at Fault? N/A
4372 19x53 03/Nov/2014 Season 19, Episode 53 N/A
4373 19x54 03/Nov/2014 Season 19, Episode 54 N/A
4374 19x55 04/Nov/2014 Sick Before the Wedding!; Three's a Crowd! N/A
4375 19x56 04/Nov/2014 Bang Up Neighbors; Spa Party Hustle? N/A
4376 19x57 05/Nov/2014 Sign Language Drama; Mustang Theft? N/A
4377 19x58 05/Nov/2014 Mother Daughter Drama; Truck Driver Babysitter Blues N/A
4378 19x59 06/Nov/2014 Father Butts Into Daughter's Divorce!; Jaguar eBay Purchase Gone Wrong! N/A
4379 19x60 06/Nov/2014 Unleashed Dog Mayhem! N/A
4380 19x61 07/Nov/2014 Rescue Dog Attack!; Lovers Playing House N/A
4381 19x62 07/Nov/2014 Reckless Teen Driver Whodunit!; 6-Year-Old Takes the Stand! N/A
4382 19x63 10/Nov/2014 Love Triangle Assault!; Can't Buy Me Love! N/A
4383 19x64 10/Nov/2014 Caught Cheating?; Landlord 101! N/A
4384 19x65 11/Nov/2014 Potbellied Pig Custody Battle; Cat Sitting Catastrophe N/A
4385 19x66 11/Nov/2014 Ex-Fiancee Fight!; Pit Bull Attack to Face!; Fake Concert Tickets?! N/A
4386 19x67 12/Nov/2014 Mud Slinging Break-Up!; He Said/She Said Assault Charges N/A
4387 19x68 12/Nov/2014 Bleach and Burglary!; Freeloading Friend Cries Assault! N/A
4388 19x69 13/Nov/2014 Used Car Chaos!; Mom Goes After Daughter N/A
4389 19x70 13/Nov/2014 Get Me Out of Kansas!; Pay My Teen Daughter's Pregnancy Bills!; One Way? No Way! N/A
4390 19x71 14/Nov/2014 Punch Drunk Whiskey Party; Outrageous Squatters! N/A
4391 19x72 14/Nov/2014 Man Accidentally Confesses to Cheating!; Prada Roommate Drama N/A
4392 19x73 17/Nov/2014 Dirty Dirt Bike?; Band Betrayal; Punch Drunk New Year! N/A
4393 19x74 17/Nov/2014 Full House Fire!; Motorcycle Crash He Said, She Said! N/A
4394 19x75 18/Nov/2014 Bites, Barks and Bruises!; Breast Pump Custody Battle! N/A
4395 19x76 18/Nov/2014 No Pets Allowed!; Principles Don't Pay! N/A
4396 19x77 19/Nov/2014 Take a Plea, Tell a Lie!; Online Jewelry Slam! N/A
4397 19x78 19/Nov/2014 Work Ethic Called Into Question!; Judge Judy's Birthday! N/A
4398 19x79 20/Nov/2014 Staged for Disaster!; Funeral Road Trip Ruined N/A
4399 19x80 20/Nov/2014 Call the Fashion Police!; Thrown Out Back, Thrown Out Possessions? N/A
4400 19x81 21/Nov/2014 Shih Tzu Shuttling!; Pit Bull Collateral Damage! N/A
4401 19x82 21/Nov/2014 Deceased Fiance, Family Fight! N/A
4402 19x83 24/Nov/2014 Sisters' Pepper Spray Fight! N/A
4403 19x84 24/Nov/2014 Kitten Custody Dispute!; Queen Esther Window Buster?! N/A
4404 19x85 25/Nov/2014 Tree Hugger Skirmish!; Pit Bull Bully? N/A
4405 19x86 25/Nov/2014 Public Humiliation at the Racetrack?; Truck Trap! N/A
4406 19x87 26/Nov/2014 Repo Man Runaround?; Burglary and a False Arrest? N/A
4407 19x88 26/Nov/2014 Abandoned or Stolen Property?; Delinquent Roommate? N/A
4408 19x89 01/Dec/2014 Low Income or No Income?; Tenant in the Hot Seat! N/A
4409 19x90 02/Dec/2014 Judge Judy's Lessons in Dentistry!; Rottweiler Puppies Hit by Car! N/A
4410 19x91 03/Dec/2014 Who's Scamming Who?; Illegal Dog Stud?; Designated Driver Damage! N/A
4411 19x92 04/Dec/2014 PT Cruising for a Bruising!; When Friends Repossess Your Car! N/A
4412 19x93 05/Dec/2014 Big Dogs and Hot Tubs!; Only Child vs. Only Dad N/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Crime
Status: Returning Series
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 04:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1996
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