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Judge Judy

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 Season 18(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
4079 18x21 23/Sep/2013 Maltese Attack!; Mother-in-Law Thief? N/A
4080 18x22 24/Sep/2013 $15,000 Property Loss?; Stolen Identity or Bitter Father? N/A
4081 18x23 25/Sep/2013 Teen Volleyball Madness N/A
4082 18x24 26/Sep/2013 Assaulted by a Parrot!; Bike and Car Collision N/A
4083 18x25 27/Sep/2013 Dog Bite Baby Shower!; Public Assistance Lost! N/A
4084 18x26 30/Sep/2013 Tandem Bike Crash!; Ex-Lovers' Feud N/A
4085 18x27 01/Oct/2013 Fake Doctor? N/A
4086 18x28 02/Oct/2013 Revengeful Roommates; Divorce Disaster N/A
4087 18x29 03/Oct/2013 Clean and Sober Suit; Criminal or Justified N/A
4088 18x30 04/Oct/2013 Pro Basketball Player Sued; Car Conundrum N/A
4100 18x42 22/Oct/2013 Freeloading Ex-Lover?; Punched in the Face? N/A
4101 18x43 23/Oct/2013 Sideswiped Truck; Tax Prep Slander?; Stolen or Repossessed? N/A
4102 18x44 24/Oct/2013 Shih Tzu Attack; Baseball Card Caper N/A
4103 18x45 25/Oct/2013 Judgment Causes Happy Dance; Prom Dress Disaster N/A
4104 18x46 28/Oct/2013 Defame Game; Assault or No Assault? N/A
4105 18x47 29/Oct/2013 Arrest for Drug Possession; Sisters Act Up! N/A
4202 18x144 14/Feb/2014 Domestic Violence Victim?; Brother Sister War N/A
4203 18x145 14/Feb/2014 Rowdy Roommates; Day Care Dilemma; Ex-Lover Vacation Spat N/A
4204 18x146 17/Feb/2014 Vicious Assault, Broken Jaw; Who Wrecked My Truck?! N/A
4205 18x147 17/Feb/2014 Dehydrated Defendant; Lethal Lemon N/A
4206 18x148 18/Feb/2014 Dead Tree Catastrophe; Ex-Lover Battle N/A
4207 18x149 18/Feb/2014 Babysitting Danger; Horse Lands in Pool! N/A
4208 18x150 19/Feb/2014 ather Protects Drunk Daughter?; Car-Kicking Tantrum N/A
4209 18x151 19/Feb/2014 Hair Stylist Wars; Daddy's Good Deed Punished? N/A
4210 18x152 20/Feb/2014 Child Support Sleuth; Maltipoo Attack! N/A
4211 18x153 20/Feb/2014 Ailing Uncle Going Blind; Bahamas Cruise Crisis N/A
4212 18x154 21/Feb/2014 Expert Car Crasher; Wedding Rush N/A
4213 18x155 21/Feb/2014 Terrible Roommate?; Funeral Fraud? N/A
4214 18x156 24/Feb/2014 Dream Car Rip-Off!; Scammer Denial; Christmas Day Hit-and-Run N/A
4215 18x157 24/Feb/2014 Arson Allegations; Grand Theft Restitution N/A
4216 18x158 25/Feb/2014 Property Held Hostage; Brothers and Bail Money N/A
4217 18x159 25/Feb/2014 Angry Fathers Mutual Combat; Boyfriend Assault? N/A
4218 18x160 26/Feb/2014 Dog Rescue, Robbery and Assault; Damage Denial; Wedding Banquet Foreclosure N/A
4219 18x161 26/Feb/2014 Sisters' Assault Stand-Off; Heartbroken and Broke N/A
4220 18x162 27/Feb/2014 Saudi Arabia House-Sitting Snafu; Life Insurance Vacation Spree N/A
4221 18x163 28/Feb/2014 Dog Breeding Beginners; Evicted Sisters N/A
4222 18x164 01/Mar/2014 Season 18, Episode 164 N/A
4223 18x165 01/Mar/2014 Season 18, Episode 165 N/A
4253 18x194 14/Apr/2014 Get Out of My House!; Invasion of Privacy? N/A
4254 18x195 15/Apr/2014 Store Rage! 10
4255 18x196 16/Apr/2014 Kidney Transplant Tragedy; You Trashed My Home! N/A
4256 18x197 17/Apr/2014 Verbal Contracts 101; Shut That Dog Up!; Annoying Roommate Rant N/A
4257 18x198 18/Apr/2014 Marijuana Mayhem; When Girlfriends Fight N/A
4258 18x199 21/Apr/2014 Baby Daddy Payback; Car Mileage Fraud? N/A
4259 18x200 22/Apr/2014 Landlord Laundry List; Ice Cream Shop Stalker? N/A
4260 18x201 23/Apr/2014 Assault in the Workplace; A Family's Feud N/A
4261 18x202 24/Apr/2014 Ex-Lover Assault Story N/A
4262 18x203 24/Apr/2014 Scooter Squabble; Spit in the Face! N/A
4263 18x204 25/Apr/2014 Tummy Tuck Trials; Salvaged Motorcycle Woes N/A
4264 18x205 25/Apr/2014 Camper Trailer Battle! N/A
4265 18x206 28/Apr/2014 Repeat Offender Baby Daddy; Pick of the Litter Liar? N/A
4266 18x207 28/Apr/2014 Punch Drunk Love; Pyramid Scheme N/A
4267 18x208 29/Apr/2014 Mysterious Motorists; Bitter Breakup N/A
4268 18x209 29/Apr/2014 Don't Fence Me In!; Premeditated Theft? N/A
4269 18x210 30/Apr/2014 Don't Flirt With the Judge!; Crash on a Commune! N/A
4270 18x211 30/Apr/2014 Homeless and Happy?; Insurance Scam or Practical Joke? N/A
4271 18x212 01/May/2014 Racial Profiling?; Roommate Rebel N/A
4272 18x213 01/May/2014 Hiring and Firing in America; Eviction Conviction N/A
4273 18x214 02/May/2014 Comatose Mother, Criminal Son?; Fresh Mouth Takedown! N/A
4274 18x215 02/May/2014 Military Kick Out!; Ex-Fiancee Assault Charges N/A
4275 18x216 05/May/2014 Jilted Lover or Loony Roommate? N/A
4276 18x217 05/May/2014 Tijuana Crowbar Payback!; Dog Eat Dog! N/A
4277 18x218 06/May/2014 Sick Child or Crash Scam?; Too Much Information! N/A
4278 18x219 06/May/2014 Man Held Hostage?; Teenagers Gang-Up N/A
4279 18x220 07/May/2014 Domestic Violence or Victimized Father?; Pedestrian Meets Hood of Car! N/A
4280 18x221 07/May/2014 Ditched Car; Mother/Son Feud; Race Car RIP Tribute N/A
4281 18x222 08/May/2014 Car Fraud?; Party Bus: Party Foul!; Grand Theft Gamers? N/A
4282 18x223 08/May/2014 Landlord Scammed?; Injured Pleasure Horse N/A
4283 18x224 09/May/2014 Rock-Throwing Child Testifies; Porched Possessions Upset! N/A
4284 18x225 09/May/2014 Taxing Friendship; Exes Fight Over Child's Bed N/A
4285 18x226 12/May/2014 Ugly Split/Smashed Truck! N/A
4286 18x227 12/May/2014 Babysitting Debacle; Unwed Parents' Bitter Breakup; Shoplifting Among Friends N/A
4287 18x228 13/May/2014 Texas Exes; Drunk and Abusive?; Repeat Offender Drug Bailout N/A
4288 18x229 13/May/2014 Drinking and Driving House-Sitter?; Traffic Ticket Pile-Up; Three's a Crowd N/A
4289 18x230 14/May/2014 Mutual Combat or Teen Bullying? N/A
4290 18x231 14/May/2014 Kid-to-Kid Combat! N/A
4291 18x232 15/May/2014 Calling the Cops on a Cop! N/A
4292 18x233 15/May/2014 Teens in Tight Quarters!; Tattooed Lip Infection! N/A
4293 18x234 16/May/2014 Brawling Brothers; Younger Lover Bailout? N/A
4294 18x235 16/May/2014 Stolen Heart Medication?; Online Love Gone Wrong N/A
4295 18x236 19/May/2014 Pit Bull Attack or Pit Bull Victim?; Ex-Lover Craziness N/A
4296 18x237 19/May/2014 Sober-Living Strife!; Who Ran the Red Light?! N/A
4297 18x238 20/May/2014 Clash of the Cousins; Dog-Breeding Brawl N/A
4298 18x239 20/May/2014 Funeral & Family Fight; Bulldog Stud Was a Dud! N/A
4299 18x240 21/May/2014 Marijuana-Growing Property Fight! N/A
4300 18x241 21/May/2014 Broken Relationship; Tenant Take Down N/A
4301 18x242 26/May/2014 Used Car Disaster?; Ex-Girlfriends and Vandalism N/A
4302 18x243 27/May/2014 Roommate Mayhem; Brother-in-Law Blowup; Ex-Lover Payback N/A
4303 18x244 28/May/2014 Used Car Calamity; Collateral Ex-Girlfriend Damage?; Abandoned or Stolen?; Co-Workers All Fired Up! N/A
4304 18x245 29/May/2014 Mother-Daughter Rift; Raccoon and Pit Bull Attack; Pawned Albums N/A
4305 18x246 30/May/2014 When Childhood Friends Fight!; Sci-Fi Costume Battle N/A
4306 18x247 30/May/2014 Handcuffed!; Bad Brother? N/A
4307 18x248 02/Jun/2014 Wedding Tragedy; Payback Time for Ex-Girlfriends N/A
4308 18x249 03/Jun/2014 Motocross Bulldog Attack; Odd Man Out! N/A
4309 18x250 04/Jun/2014 Family Fight Over a Will; Motorcycle Mistake!; Single Mom Breakdown N/A
4310 18x251 05/Jun/2014 Deal With the Deceased; Souped-Up Snowmobile Crash!; Who's Lying? N/A
4311 18x252 06/Jun/2014 Outrageous Landlord?!; Missing Title!; Party Jumper Jacked? N/A
4312 18x253 09/Jun/2014 Unwed Parents' Plight or Flight?; Phone or Fist at Fault for Crash? N/A
4313 18x254 10/Jun/2014 40th Birthday Party Fiasco; Ex-Lovers' Car Clash; Used Car Hustle? N/A
4314 18x255 11/Jun/2014 Teenager Steals From Her Mother?; Daycare Drama; Reckless Driving Mishap; Officer Byrd Takes Charge! N/A
4315 18x256 12/Jun/2014 When Divorcees Fight; Repair Nightmare!; Dog Custody Battle N/A
4316 18x257 13/Jun/2014 Freak Accident Move Out!; False Arrest and Harassment?; Stepdad's Good Deed Gone Wrong N/A
4317 18x258 27/Jun/2014 Sober-Living Knife Attack?; Table Thief?; Truck or Cash! N/A
4318 18x259 30/Jun/2014 Gay Dating Drama; Bicycle Thief?; Fire Pit Problem! N/A
4319 18x260 04/Jul/2014 Friendship Fiasco!; Car Custody Triangle N/A

S18 - #120/May/2014Judge Judy PrimetimeN/A

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Classification: Reality
Genre: Crime
Status: Returning Series
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 04:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1996
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