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Message Posted On Monday, April 9th 2007 at 7:50 am
Here are the Theme Song Lyrics:

It's Just Jordan! (already)
It's just Jordan (ye-ep)
It's Just Jordan- Jordan

It's about to go down
let me set things straight
Growing up can be a pain
I know y'all can relate
I know I'm young yo
but I'm growin' fast so
My fam don't understand
Sometimes I'm Right

They really want the best
for me and everything
I wish I could change da game
and make 'em hear what I be sayin'

It's just Jordan!

Hey I did my homework and my chores last night
but still mom won't let me hang man
(that ain't right!)
I got a girl that I really like
but she ain't tryin' to let me date man (that ain't right)

It's Just Jordan!
It's just Jordan
It's Just Jordan