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Justice League Unlimited: Ancient History

Shadow Thief and Hawkman return as Carter Hall tries to further explain his and Shayara's love so long ago.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 5x11
Airdate: Saturday April 29th, 2006

Alternate Airdates:

Canada Apr 09, 2006

Guest Stars
James RemarJames Remar
voiced Hawkman / Shadow Thief
Gina TorresGina Torres
voiced Vixen
Hector ElizondoHector Elizondo
voiced Hath-Set
Robin Atkin DownesRobin Atkin Downes
voiced Gentleman Ghost

Maria CanalsMaria Canals
voiced Shayera Hol
Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr
voiced Ashari
Main Cast
Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr
voiced Green Lantern / John Stewart
Maria CanalsMaria Canals
voiced Hawkgirl / Shayera Hol


The Gentleman Ghost is fleeing across the city with a stolen ion drive and Green Lantern in pursuit. The Ghost gets the upper hand but Hawkman arrives to disarm him and then capture the villain in a Nth metal net. Green Lantern takes custody of the villain and Hawkman tries to talk business, but Green Lantern is clearly uncomfortable with him. As they leave, the Shadow Thief emerges from the shadow of a car and watches them go...

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Episode Notes
After a lot of talk on forums world-wide, the writers finally break and allow the Green Lantern more imagination when he uses his power lantern ring… Forming his ring in the shape of a baseball glove and a cast for his broken arm.

In the closing credits of "Far From Home" there was a clip of Vixen summoning a gorilla, but it was cut off. It happened right before she throws the Shadow Thief a couch.

Cartoon Network did not broadcast this episode in wide-screen in the U.S., unlike previous episodes.

Episode Quotes
Gentleman Ghost: Your ring is useless against me, Green Lantern.
Green Lantern: Oh yeah? Then why are you running?

Gentleman Ghost: Next time, Green Lantern, I'll do you proper!
Green Lantern: Quiet down in there.

Vixen: You might want to ease up there. Most guys don't go for the ripped, bulky look.
Shayera: Just trying to maintain my girlish figure. (looks at her chest) My girlish, girlish figure...

Shayera: And why does it always have to be about the guys, anyway?
Vixen: Honey, it's always about the boys.

Vixen: (talking to Hawkgirl about Green Lantern) Well, I'm just surprised you haven't made your move before now.
Hawkgirl: Still trying to figure out the proper Earth protocol for this situation, it’s not like I can just assassinate you in your sleep or poison your water. I’m miss Thanagar.

Vixen: You can kiss, you can schlep. I think men are just wonderful.
Green Lantern: I'll miss you.
Vixen: You'd better.

Shadow Thief: Blackest night beats brightest day!

Shayera: And he said I was next?
Vixen: Unless you know any other "Thanagarian harpies"?

Shadow Thief: For decades their ever-growing empire was a utopia. But nothing lasts forever. At least, nothing good.

(after Ashari throws a knife to cut a flower off of a tree)
Shayera: You didn't have to do that. I can fly.
Ashari: When we're together, so can I.

Hawkgirl: Don't say you don't love me...
Green Lantern: I'll never say that.

Cultural References
The whole Egyptian theme ranging from the desert to some of the venders bare a striking resemblance to the set of The Ten Commandments, which starred Charlton Hesston.

Ashari: As tribute, Teth-Adam sends one hundred of the finest stallions on earth.

Teth-Adams in some comics is the dark opposite of Captain Marvel, his first appearance in the DC realm was as a one-shot villain for The Marvel Family #1 in 1945.

Episode References
"The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"

Green Lantern: (To Hawkgirl) When Batman and I went to the future we met a man named War Hawk, he's our son yours and mine.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerSander Schwartz
ProducerDwayne McDuffie  |  Bruce Timm  |  James Tucker
EditorJoe Gall
CastingAndrea Romano
Line ProducerShaun McLaughlin (1)
MusicMichael McCuistion
Production CoordinatorTobias Frost
Assistant EditorJay Lawton  |  Donnell Ebarrete
Post Production SupervisorBonnie Buckner
On-Line EditorChristopher Lozinski
OtherSam Register (Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Netw)
Story EditorDwayne McDuffie  |  Matt Wayne
Production SupervisorToshiyuki Hiruma  |  Howard Schwartz (2)  |  Margaret Dean
Storyboard ArtistLauren Montgomery  |  Joaquim dos Santos  |  Eric Canete  |  James Tucker  |  Bob Smith (2)  |  Bruce Timm
Post Production CoordinatorSamantha Friedman
Production ManagerKathleen Keegan
Production ManagementAndy Lewis (1)
Main Title ThemeMichael McCuistion
Production AccountantAthena Christianakis  |  Luisa Guzman
Assistant Production ManagerBenjamin Kaltenecker
Re-recording EngineerRobert Hargreaves  |  John K. Hegedes
Casting AdministratorLiz Carroll
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