Ancient History - Recap

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The Gentleman Ghost is fleeing across the city with a stolen ion drive and Green Lantern in pursuit. The Ghost gets the upper hand but Hawkman arrives to disarm him and then capture the villain in a Nth metal net. Green Lantern takes custody of the villain and Hawkman tries to talk business, but Green Lantern is clearly uncomfortable with him. As they leave, the Shadow Thief emerges from the shadow of a car and watches them go.

Shayera and Vixen are in the gym exercising and Vixen wonders why Shayera isn't making her move on Green Lantern. She tells Shayera to go ahead if John is who she wants. John Stewart arrives and Vixen suggests they stay in. He wants to talk to Shayera and Vixen leaves. Once she's gone, he explains that he met Carter Hall and he's still obsessed with her, but insists he's only concerned, not jealous. John insists that it isn't about them.

Later at John's apartment, Vixen is packing for a photo shoot. As she kisses John and walks down the hallway, she notices a moving shadow behind her. Vixen gets in the elevator but as the doors close she sees the Shadow Thief go into John's apartment. She attacks him, knocking him into the apartment. However, the Shadow Thief manages to stay one step ahead of them thanks to his intangibility. Finally he envelops John and knocks him out, and warns Vixen to stay out of it, that's it between him and Shayera. She comes after him but he knocks a bookshelf on her and escapes out the window.

Vixen calls Shayera and they go to the Midway City Museum where Carter Hall works, figuring he's fought Shadow Thief before. The museum is closed and the door is open. Going inside, the heroines find Green Lantern suspended from the roof. Shadow Thief appears and Shayera attacks him while Vixen frees Green Lantern. The villain knocks out Shayera, then drops a dinosaur statue on Vixen. Shadow Thief prepares to deliver the final blow but Hawkman arrives to hold him off. Shayera recovers consciousness and rejoins the battle, but both winged heroes are knocked out.

The heroes awaken, ensnared, and Shadow Thief shows them the Absorbacon, the Thanagarian memory device that downloaded memories into Hawkman. Shadow Thief forces them to touch it and they are forced to watch images of the past. Two Thanagarians, Katar and Shayera Hall, landed in Egypt and used their technology to advance the Egyptian civilization. However, Shayera asks Katar to bear his child and he refuses, saying there's no hurry and he needs to conquer the continent. They're interrupted when Ashari, their military commander, arrives with news of their greatest victory. Ashari takes Shayera riding through the city and to a nearby oasis. They begin to kiss despite the fact they both realize they're betraying Katar.

The high priest, Hath-Set sees them together and reports to Katar. Katar refuses to believe it at first but notices that Shayera is gone from his side. However, Ashari and Shayera are walking together and Katar sees them together. He wishes them dead and Hath-Set hears him. Later in the temple, Katar hears a scream and goes to Ashari's bedchamber and finds Ashari and Shayera dead, the victims of poisoned wine. Hath-Set informs him that he has granted Katar his wish, but Katar orders him out. The Thanagarian holds his wife, then drinks the wine and dies, holding her hand.

In the present, Shadow Thief explains that he's not Hath-Set. Rather, he's Hawkman's darkest desires given substance. When Carter touched the Absorbacon, he freed Shadow Thief to do everything he subconsciously wanted: finding Thanagarian artifacts, providing Carter with a villain, giving him Shayera. Now, only Green Lantern stands in the way of Carter's love with Shayera. Shadow Thief gives him an axe and tells him to take what he wants.

Carter advances on Green Lantern and prepares to strike... then cuts him free. Green Lantern frees Shayera, but Shadow Thief breaks his arm, disrupting his concentration. Shayera runs to Green Lantern's side as he creates a makeshift energy splint, then goes to find Vixen. Meanwhile, Shayera and Carter battle Shadow Thief. Carter grabs the shadow villain and absorbs him into himself. Shayera pulls Carter's hands from his own throat and Carter apologizes. He admits they were never meant for each other, then walks away.

Later, Vixen is stabilized and Shayera tells John that she'll be okay. John says he hasn't been fair to either woman, then tells her that he traveled to the future with Batman and saw that he had son, Warhawk, by Shayera. He insists that he refuses to be destiny's puppet and he'll stay with Vixen. Shayera goes to see Batman and asks him about her son.