Grudge Match - Recap

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In a cheap bar, Hellhound and Shatterfist are fighting it out in Roulette's newest edition of Metabrawl. Nobody's betting and the profit is non-existent.

Luthor is analyzing the fragment of Brainiac as his consort Lala watches on. There's not enough to work with despite Brainiac speaking in his mind providing advice. Luthor realizes that he needs more money but the government has frozen his assets. One of the villains, Sonar, escorts Roulette in. She warns that Luthor is taking too much of a percentage and has been keeping the best fighters. She wants to borrow a few star attractions for MetaBrawl. When she flirts with Luthor, Lala knocks her back and the two prepare to fight it out. Sonar suggests they go at it and Luthor gets an idea: they run all-female fights. Roulette enthusiastically agrees but Luthor suggests they go with heroes rather than villains.

Black Canary is pursuing a crook down an alleyway. He knocks her down briefly and as she fights him, Huntress looks on. When the crook manages to get away, Huntress brings him down and notes that Black Canary is getting sloppy. Black Canary admits the man stole her wallet and Huntress wonders if she's doing okay. Canary dismisses her concerns but as she leaves on her motorcycle, Huntress secretly attaches a tracker to her vehicle. Huntress then follows Black Canary to her apartment as the heroine collapses on her bed, exhausted. Huntress calls the Question, who is on the trail of the 32nd flavor of ice cream. He wonders why she cares but Huntress insists something is going on. Black Canary leaves and Huntress follows her through the streets to Bludhaven. She watches as Black Canary and another Leaguer, Fire, enter a parking garage. Huntress tries to follow and several men emerge. Huntress gets in and takes them out, and descends to the lower floor.

Huntress switches from her costume to a dress and enters an arena where Roulette announces her Metabrawl Glamour Slam. Roulette introduces the first two fighters: Fire and Black Canary. The audience places their bets as the two heroines fight it out full force. Black Canary emerges triumphant and roars in triumphant. Later, Huntress approaches Black Canary as she leaves the parking garage and tries to get answers. Black Canary attacks her and Huntress manages to remove her League communicator to send a message. However, when she accidentally smashes it, Black Canary seems to come out of a trance. Huntress subdues her but Sonar and Roulette's men arrive to take both women captive.

The two women are locked away and Huntress explains what's been going on. Roulette arrives with a doctor to treat Fire for her wounds. The heroines realize that someone is using Grodd's mind control technology via the League communicators. Roulette knows that they can't be controlled and tells them that they'll die in the arena making her millions. Later, they're released into the arena and Roulette announces they'll be fighting together... against Vixen and Shayera. The two teams fight it out but Black Canary and Huntress manage to destroy their opponent's League communicators, freeing first Vixen and then Shayera from Roulette's control.

The heroines wonder if that's all Roulette has got, but she reveals she's been saving the best for last: Wonder Woman. The Amazon holds her own against all four heroines and Shayera attacks the walls of the fight arena. She weakens it enough for Black Canary to break through with her sonic scream. Black Canary and Huntress head for Roulette, taking out her men. Shayera and Vixen hold off Wonder Woman as best they can and take the fight out into the club.

Huntress and Black Canary get to the control center and Sonar matches his gun against Black Canary's sonic scream. Huntress corners Roulette, who fights back. Sonar uses a device to sonically scramble Black Canary's brain but Huntress defeats Roulette and then disarms Sonar. She tells him to shut down the control signal. In the arena, Wonder Woman is preparing to kill her opponents when the signal shuts down just in time.

Later, Roulette and Sonar are lead off and Black Canary suggests she can get Huntress readmitted. Huntress prefers to be on her own. The two heroines decides to have a friendly match to prove who's the better.