Alive! (1) - Recap

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At their headquarters, the Society villains stand outside the chamber where Luthor is working with the piece of Brainiac that he's acquired. Tala goes in and advises him to stop, but the experiment ends in failure. Luthor goes berserk and snaps at Tala, who offers to use sorcery to prove it's useless. Luthor realizes that magic may provide the key and orders her to proceed. Tala casts a spell and shows Lex a vision of Brainiac before his destruction, ejecting a piece of himself into space. Tala collapses but Luthor determines where the explosion occurred. He tries to track it despite Tala's efforts to convince him to focus on ruling Earth, then shoves her aside and promises he'll become a god again.

Under Lex's orders, the Society assembles spaceship components so he can travel to the spot of Brainiac's destruction. Finally Luthor calls a meeting to inform them that they will rule the universe together once he seizes his godhead. When Goldface points out they have little to gain, Luthor dares them to stop him, then burns out Goldface's powers. Luthor then launches the Legion's headquarters into space. In his cell, Grodd wonders what is going on. Tala arrives to tell him that she's changing sides

Toyman navigates the ship but they're interrupted when Grodd arrives on the bridge accompanied by the Society members who have decided to back him. They open fire and Grodd goes after Luthor. Bizarro moves to defend his master along with Luthor's other allies and a full-fledged fight breaks out. Giganta grabs Grodd, who betrayed her, but Tala opens fire on her. Killer Frost goes after Toyman, who knocks her down and runs for it. Tala corners Luthor and tries to kill him, but her magic blasts mirrors back on her as Luthor reveals he's purchased a magic amulet.

Killer Frost goes after Toyman, who knocks her out with a yo-yo. Grodd closes in on Luthor, who finally gets to the piece of equipment he needs: a pair of power gauntlets. Grodd's weapon proves useless and he fights Luthor hand-to-hand. Grodd's strength is the superior and he uses his mental powers on Luthor, who then activates a device to cause excruciating feedback and forcing the gorilla to surrender. Under Luthor's control, Grodd is forced to enter the airlock and is ejected into space.

Luthor's forces prove triumphant and Killer Frost changes sides, freezing her former teammates. Luthor, impressed, tells her to dispose of the others. Tala pleads for mercy and Luthor assures her that he still needs her. He straps her into a mechanism and uses her as a mystic conduit to reconstitute Brainiac from the debris. Tala begs for mercy but Luthor has Toyman activate the device. However, time stops and the New God Metron appears. He tells Luthor that his actions are threatening the entire universe. Luthor, unimpressed, invites him to stop him if he can. Metron warns they will all regret his decision and departs.

Toyman activates the circuits and the debris is brought together as Lex looks on in triumph. A form appears amidst the energy field: Darkseid. The Lord of Apokolips grants them a quick death in return for their help and destroys the ship.

On Apokolips, the two opposing factions prepare for final battle to determine the rulership of the planet since Darkseid's death. As they move on each other, Darkseid appears in a flash of light. They bow before him and he tells them to end their meaningless battle, for the universe will howl in despair. He prepares to seek the Anti-Life Equation, but first Superman and his adopted world will die screaming.

On Earth, the Justice League is informed of intruders. They go outside to discover that Luthor and his forces have arrived, and they have a little problem.