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Justice League Unlimited: Paradise Lost (1)

Felix Faust conquers Themiscyra, Wonder Women's homeland. Leaving all its resident's turned into stone by a magic spell. Wonder Women then finds out that Felix may have an agenda to free an evil beneath Themiscyra.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x8
Production Number: 1.10
Airdate: Monday January 21st, 2002

Director: Dan Riba
Writer: Joseph Kuhr

Guest Stars
Susan SullivanSusan Sullivan
voiced Hippolyta
Robert EnglundRobert Englund
voiced Faust (Felix Faust)
John Rhys-DaviesJohn Rhys-Davies
voiced Lord Hades
Jason MarsdenJason Marsden
voiced Snapper Carr
Serena BermanSerena Berman
voiced Cassie
Laura FraserLaura Fraser
voiced Cassie's Mom
Jan RabsonJan Rabson
voiced Professor Erlich
Main Cast
Kevin ConroyKevin Conroy
voiced Batman / Bruce Wayne
George NewbernGeorge Newbern
voiced Superman / Clark Kent/Kal-El
Susan EisenbergSusan Eisenberg
voiced Wonder Woman / Diana
Carl LumblyCarl Lumbly
voiced Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz
Michael RosenbaumMichael Rosenbaum
voiced Flash / Wally West


Hurricane Gardner strikes the east coast and Metropolis City is taking heavy damage. As fireman drive to an emergency, their fire truck goes out of control and they go halfway off a bridge. It starts to plummet the rest of the way but Superman arrives to catch it. Wonder Woman lassos it from above and together the two heroes lower it. Wonder Woman sees a girl, Cassie, caught in a toppling tree and flies to her rescue. She returns Cassie to her mother and the girl apologizes to her mother for running off. Wonder Woman listens to the exchange and fails to notice a lamppost toppling toward her. Superman rescues her just in time and Wonder Woman admits that she misses her mother. Her teammate suggests that she go back to Themyscira and set things right, and Wonder Woman agrees that she can’t put it off any longer. She tells Superman that she doesn’t know when she’ll be back and flies off...

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Episode Quotes
Wonder Woman: I've got you, little sister!
Cassie: You're not my sister!

(heading to Themyscira)
Wonder Woman: “You look more radiant then ever.” No. “Gone, mother? I didn’t go anywhere. I was in my room. Alone. For eight months.” Definitely not. “The world was in peril. Would you have me stand by and do nothing?” Hera, give me strength.

(Faust is holding her sisters hostage)
Wonder Woman: What kind of man are you?
Felix Faust: A practical one.

Felix Faust: Why should I risk my neck when someone else can get them for me?
Lord Hades: If you fail me, it’s not your neck you’ll need to worry about.

Wonder Woman: I am Diana, Princess of the Amazons. I won’t be denied!

Flash: (about Paradise Island) Picture it - the sun, the sea, hundreds of women just like her running around and me, the first man they've seen in...oh, maybe forever? Oh and look what I brought! Iced Mochas for everyone! Sweet.
J'onn: I fail to see the attraction.
Flash: Man, you really are from Mars.

(at a shopping mall)
Wonder Woman: It's like some kind of temple.
Superman: Yes, for those who worship their credit cards.
Wonder Woman: How could any female wear such ridiculous garments?
Superman: You got me.

Cultural References
Felix Faust's amulet

The amulet that Felix Faust used to turn the Amazons into stone had the face of Medusa carved in it. In Greek mythology, Medusa was the only mortal of the three Gorgon sisters. The gorgons were female monsters with hair of living serpents. They were so hideous that everyone who looked to their faces - including themselves - would turn to stone. Perseus managed to slay Medusa by using a mirrored shield with which he could see Medusa without being turned to stone. (Note that Wonder Woman spotted Felix Faust through a mirrored shield in the very same way Perseus saw Medusa).

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerJean MacCurdy  |  Sander Schwartz
ProducerBruce Timm  |  James Tucker  |  Glen Murakami  |  Rich Fogel
Associate ProducerShaun McLaughlin (1)
MusicKristopher Carter
Production CoordinatorMosa Kaleel  |  Kathleen Keegan
Post Production SupervisorBonnie Buckner
On-Line EditorBradford H. Keatts
Story EditorStan Berkowitz  |  Rich Fogel
Production SupervisorHoward Schwartz (2)  |  Toshiyuki Hiruma
Storyboard ArtistBret Blevins  |  Dan Riba  |  Joaquim dos Santos  |  Adam Van Wyk
Post Production CoordinatorNoel Lopez
Production ManagementAndy Lewis (1)
Animation DirectorSungman Huh  |  Sangwan Lee
Main Title ThemeLolita Ritmanis
Main Title DesignBruce Timm
Production AccountantMaria Womack  |  Athena Christianakis  |  Luisa Guzman
Film EditorJoe Gall
Creative SupervisorChristopher Keenan  |  Linda M. Steiner
Recording Machine OperatorJeff O. Collins
Assistant Production ManagerMacGregor Middleton
Executive In Charge Of ProductionJay Bastian  |  Linda Simensky
Re-recording EngineerThomas J. Maydeck  |  Robert Hargreaves
Casting AdministratorLiz Carroll
Assistant To The ProducerNancy French  |  Kyle P. Feeley
Music MixerMako Sujishi
Foley ArtistRay O'Reilly  |  Diane Greco
Foley MixerJackson Schwartz
Casting DirectorAndrea Romano  |  Leslie Lamers
Sound Effects EditorGeorge Brooks (3)
Character/Prop DesignShane Glines  |  Tommy Tejeda  |  Glenn Wong  |  Glen Murakami  |  James Tucker  |  Robert Fletcher  |  Bruce Timm
Supervising Dialogue EditorMark A. Keatts
Supervising Sound Effects EditorRobert Hargreaves
Dialogue & Adr EditorKelly Ann Foley
Dialogue Recording EngineerThomas J. Maydeck  |  John K. Hegedes
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