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Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Batman our transformed into kids after attempting to save the world from the bent on destruction child Mordred. It is up to the now youthanized League to stop him at all cost.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x3
Production Number: 357
Airdate: Saturday August 14th, 2004

Guest Stars
Shane HabouchaShane Haboucha
voiced Kid Superman
Olivia dOlivia d'Abo
voiced Morgaine Le Fay
Soren FultonSoren Fulton
voiced Mordred
Sheryl Lee RalphSheryl Lee Ralph
voiced Cheetah
Ashley EdnerAshley Edner
voiced May
Jose YenqueJose Yenque
voiced Copperhead
Dee Bradley BakerDee Bradley Baker
voiced Blockbuster
Dakota FanningDakota Fanning
voiced Kid Wonder Woman
Kyle AlcazarKyle Alcazar
voiced Kid Batman
Marc John JefferiesMarc John Jefferies
voiced Kid Green Lantern
Main Cast
Kevin ConroyKevin Conroy
voiced Batman / Bruce Wayne
George NewbernGeorge Newbern
voiced Superman / Clark Kent/Kal-El
Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr
voiced Green Lantern / John Stewart
Susan EisenbergSusan Eisenberg
voiced Wonder Woman / Diana


In a distant ruin, Morgaine Le Fay and her young son Mordred arrive. Mordred is impatient for something to change, but Morgaine assures him that she wants him to be young when she gives him his kingdom. They come to a statue holding the Amulet of First Magic. Morgaine fires a bolt of mystic energy to retrieve the Amulet. The statue's hand open and Mordred takes it. When Morgaine asks for it, he wonders why he should, dons the amulet, and tells her that he's strong enough to defeat her. He covers himself in mystic armor and casually deflects her mystic attack. He then informs her he doesn't wish to see anyone older than him ever again. Mordred casts a spell that radiates out throughout the world. Morgaine disappears in the first wave of the energy. In an elementary school, the teacher disappears and the children cheer. At a zoo, a nagging mother disappears. A policeman disappears before he can arrest two young taggers...

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Episode Quotes
Mordred: What's this thing? Another stupid charm?
Morgaine Le Fay: It's the Amulet of First Magic. The source of all Earthly sorcery.
Mordred: Hmmm, shiny.

Copperhead: I won't go down easy!
Green Lantern: (knocks him out) Sure you will.

Green Lantern: Guess that's a wrap. (everyone stares at him) Sorry, been hanging out with Flash too much.

Copperhead: It was Judgment Day, and we got sent to the bad place! The bad place...!
Cheetah: Snap out of it, Copper.
Green Lantern: Yeah, calm down. We're probably just in another dimension.
Copperhead: Oh, is that all?

Morgaine: (trapped in limbo by Mordred) And after I spent millennia feeding him, bathing him, preparing him to be king... where did I go wrong?

Kid Batman: (turned into a kid) This better be temporary.
Kid Superman: Dude, your voice sounds weird. Dude, my voice sounds weird.
Kid Wonder Woman: I kinda like this.

Mordred: The Justice Babies! (snickers)
Kid Batman: What are you laughing at, "precious"?

Kid Green Lantern: I'll make a laser cannon! No, a missile launcher! Oh - oh, I know!
Kid Batman: Just pick something!

Kid Wonder Woman: You okay, tough guy?
Kid Batman: Let go, I'm fine!

Kid Wonder Woman: (burping baby Etrigan) That's all he needed.
(baby Etrigan makes a "mess")
Kid Green Lantern: Oh man, that ain't all he needs.
Kid Batman: Now that is a job for Superman.

Boy: What are you going to do? You're just a kid.
Kid Superman: I'm the kid with laser beams comin' out his eyes!

Kid Wonder Woman: That's enough!
Girl: You can't tell us what to do. You're not our mom.
Kid Wonder Woman: No, but I promise you--we will find all your moms. And I'm going to tell!

Kid Green Lantern: Your girlfriend sure is bossy.
Kid Batman: Shut up!

Kid Wonder Woman: I guess I'll go with Clark. Unless I should go with you.
Kid Batman: Whatever.
Kid Superman: I'm fine to go with Diana.
Kid Green Lantern: So Bruce and I are good to go?
Kid Wonder Woman: I changed my mind. I'll go with Bruce, and John can go with Clark.
Kid Batman: Whatever!

(about Kid Batman and Wonder Woman)
Kid Superman: What's with them?
Kid Green Lantern: Man, for somebody with like fifty different kinds of vision, you are so blind...
Kid Superman: What?

Batman: Wait. What happened to Mordred?
Morgaine: My spell gave him eternal youth. But now that he has broken it, all he has is eternal life.

Wonder Woman: Circumstances asides, it was kind of... quite enjoyable being a kid again.
Batman: I haven't been a kid since I was eight years old.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerSander Schwartz
ProducerDwayne McDuffie  |  Bruce Timm  |  James Tucker
EditorJoe Gall
CastingAndrea Romano
Line ProducerShaun McLaughlin (1)
MusicMichael McCuistion
Production CoordinatorBenjamin Kaltenecker  |  Steve Kindernay
Assistant EditorMyra Owyang
Post Production SupervisorBonnie Buckner
On-Line EditorChristopher Lozinski
OtherSam Register (Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Netw)
Story EditorDwayne McDuffie  |  Stan Berkowitz
Production SupervisorHoward Schwartz (2)  |  Margaret Dean  |  Toshiyuki Hiruma
Storyboard ArtistSebastian Montes  |  Shaunt Nigoghosian  |  Bruce Timm  |  Lauren Montgomery  |  Joaquim dos Santos  |  James Tucker  |  Rick Morales
Post Production CoordinatorMichael Miscio
Production ManagerKathleen Keegan
Production ManagementAndy Lewis (1)
Main Title ThemeMichael McCuistion
Production AccountantAthena Christianakis  |  Luisa Guzman
Re-recording EngineerRobert Hargreaves  |  John K. Hegedes
Casting AdministratorLiz Carroll
Assistant To The ProducerNancy French  |  Kyle P. Feeley
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