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Justice League Unlimited: The Greatest Story Never Told

Booster Gold, a failure in the future, has traveled back in time with a flight ring, wrist blasters, and a personal force field to fight crime and (mostly) gain fame and money. However, when he's assigned to crowd control during the League's epic battle with the sorcerer Mordru, Booster finds himself faced with a challenge he never anticipated.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x7
Production Number: 360
Airdate: Saturday September 11th, 2004

Director: Dan Riba
Writer: Andrew Kreisberg

Guest Stars
Jeremy PivenJeremy Piven
voiced Elongated Man
Tom Everett ScottTom Everett Scott
voiced Booster Gold
Billy WestBilly West
voiced Skeets
Lori LoughlinLori Loughlin
voiced Tracy
Chris CoxChris Cox
voiced Captain Atom
Kath SoucieKath Soucie
voiced Young Boy
Main Cast
Kevin ConroyKevin Conroy
voiced Batman / Bruce Wayne
Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr
voiced Green Lantern / John Stewart
Susan EisenbergSusan Eisenberg
voiced Wonder Woman / Diana
Carl LumblyCarl Lumbly
voiced Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz


Superhero Booster Gold assures a crowd that he's committed to the fight against evil after defeating a robot. The crowd has no idea who he is, so Booster Gold has his robot sidekick Skeets run a promotional video. The crowd is less than thrilled, except for one child who mistakes him for Green Lantern. Back on the Watchtower, Booster Gold asks J'onn to assign him to a high-profile mission, and is eager to promote himself. J'onn notes it's that attitude that's holding him back. They're interrupted when Wonder Woman sends a mayday of a major attack by Mordru in Metropolis, a powerful villain. Booster is eager to hear there's someone major for him to fight...

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Episode Notes
Chris Cox takes over George Ead's role as Captain Atom.

Firestorm was slated to be the star of this episode, not Booster Gold. He was replaced due to Dwayne McDuffie wanting to use Ronnie Raymond (the first Firestorm) and not Jason Rusch, who was created to replace him. He didn't want to confuses viewers with two different Firestorms.

Episode Quotes
Skeets: Booster Gold - Protecting his past to ensure your future!

Young Boy: Can I have your autograph?
Booster Gold: Sure you can!
Young Boy: I thought you were Green Lantern.
Skeets: I would like your autograph, sir.
Booster Gold: Shut up, Skeets.

J'onn: I fail to understand your obsession with fame.
Booster Gold: Not fame. Megafame! Much more than like... your level of fame. No offense... but you've got a hard-to-pronounce name, it doesn't stick in the mind. Now "Booster Gold" - don't you just love saying it?
J'onn: That is the attitude that keeps you on the sidelines.

Booster Gold: You're right, it's not just about fame. What did you pull down last year, before taxes?

Booster Gold: Who is that?
J'onn: The Dark Lord, Mordru.
Booster Gold: You okay? You sound nervous or something.

Booster Gold: This is it, Skeets, my big chance. If I can take down this "Mumu"...
Skeets: "Mordru."

Booster Gold: I was thinking maybe I'd go out on point.
Batman: Crowd control.
Booster Gold: Crowd control. Who says you don't have a sense of humor?
Batman: Crowd. Control.
Booster Gold: Now wait just a... (Batman glares) Got it.

Elongated Man: "We don't need two stretchy guys." This is so not fair. I mean, I realize Plastic Guy is in the League too, I'm not dissing the guy's skills. But I've got it all over that guy. One time I disguised myself as a vase. For three days.
Booster Gold: No you didn't.
Elongated Man: Okay, maybe not. Who'd want to, anyway? But I am a detective, which means I'm like Plastic Man and Batman rolled into one.
Booster Gold: Is there any chance you could stop complaining for five minutes?

Wonder Woman: We need you.
Booster Gold: It's about time!
Wonder Woman: Not you. Him!
Elongated Man: Squeaky wheel!
Skeets: Maybe they needed a vase.

Booster Gold: It doesn't matter what we do here. The battle is over there. We're not helping.
Skeets: This is untrue. "They also serve who only stand and wait." John Milton.
Booster Gold: Oh yeah? I got one for you. "This. Stinks." Booster Gold.

Young Boy: Thank you, Green Lantern.
Booster Gold: I'm not Green Lantern! I'm Booster Gold! If I were Green Lantern, my costume would be green, now wouldn't it?!? I have officially hit rock bottom.

Booster Gold: She's beautiful. And in distress. My favorite kind of damsel. Maybe today wasn't such a waste after all.

(seeing a pregnant woman)
Booster Gold: Maybe you should handle this ?
Dr. Simmons: Why me?
Booster Gold: You're a doctor.
Dr. Simmons: I'm a physicist.
Booster Gold: Yeah...?

Booster Gold: How are you feeling? How many fingers am I holding up?
Pregnant Woman: Do something useful!

Skeets: I'm here to help, sir.
Booster Gold: Am I glad to see you. I need any data you have on childbirth. Now.
Skeets: Scanning. According to my files, first we boil water, then tear up several clean sheets - preferably ones we no longer wish to use for bedding.

Booster Gold: They were right. Some superhero I turned out to be. If anyone knew the truth. If she knew the truth.
Skeets: I've got nothing.

Dr. Simmons: That was pretty... super-heroic of you.
Booster Gold: Well, all in a Judgment Day's work.

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerSander Schwartz
ProducerDwayne McDuffie  |  Bruce Timm  |  James Tucker
EditorJoe Gall
CastingAndrea Romano
Line ProducerShaun McLaughlin (1)
MusicLolita Ritmanis
Production CoordinatorSteve Kindernay  |  Benjamin Kaltenecker
Assistant EditorMyra Owyang
Post Production SupervisorBonnie Buckner
On-Line EditorChristopher Lozinski
OtherSam Register (Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Netw)
Story EditorDwayne McDuffie  |  Stan Berkowitz
Production SupervisorToshiyuki Hiruma  |  Margaret Dean  |  Howard Schwartz (2)
Storyboard ArtistBruce Timm  |  James Tucker  |  Bret Blevins  |  Dan Riba  |  Bob Smith (2)  |  Butch Lukic
Post Production CoordinatorMichael Miscio
Production ManagerKathleen Keegan
Production ManagementAndy Lewis (1)
Main Title ThemeMichael McCuistion
Production AccountantAthena Christianakis  |  Luisa Guzman
Re-recording EngineerRobert Hargreaves  |  John K. Hegedes
Casting AdministratorLiz Carroll
Assistant To The ProducerNancy French  |  Kyle P. Feeley
Character/Prop DesignBruce Timm  |  Glenn Wong  |  Shayne Poindexter  |  Arthur Lee  |  Steve Jones (6)  |  Tommy Tejeda  |  James Tucker
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