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Wake the Dead - Recap

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At Louisiana University, three college boys perform an occult ritual in their dorm room, asking for the power to destroy their enemies. The mystic circle glows with power. In a cemetery nearby, a figure emerges from the ground. In the dorm room, a demonic face appears in the smoke and then fades away. They don't notice anything different about themselves. Two of them leave. The leader, Alan, starts to pick up when there's a pounding on the door. A massive white hand slams through the door and grabs him.

At Fate's Tower, a bored Aquaman is playing chess against Shayera as Amazo looks on. Shayera loses yet again and takes it casually, and Aquaman lashes out at her. Shayera chooses just to walk away and Dr. Fate notes that her leaving the Justice League was difficult to adjust to. Dr. Fate suddenly gets a mystic summons and teleports away, and Amazo invites Aquaman to play.

Dr. Fate travels to the cemetery and contacts J'onn J'onzz. The grave belongs to Solomon Grundy... and it's empty.

Shayera goes to visit Inza in a garden within Fate's Tower. Inza offers to leave, respecting Shayera's privacy. When Shayera echoes Aquaman's concerns that she's been there too long, Inza assures her that she'll be ready at the proper time. Shayera admits she doesn't know who she is anymore since she has been stripped of her rank in the Thanagarian army, and no one on Earth will trust her again.

At a fashion show, John Stewart watches as his current girlfriend, Mari, goes out on the runway. After she's done with her current display, he goes backstage to congratulate her... and alert her that there's a Justice League alert. Mari changes into her costume as Vixen and accompanies him to Louisiana. As they arrive, a police car flies through the air and Green Lantern catches it. They're aware that Solomon Grundy is on the rampage and move in. Grundy throws a bus at them and Green Lantern is forced to catch it. Vixen slams into Vixen with elephant strength but it proves ineffective as he tosses her aside. Green Lantern returns to the attack while Vixen uses the powers of a lizard to regenerate her broken arm. Grundy breaks free of Green Lantern's power ring restraints and sends him flying and Vixen is forced to catch him. Solomon moves in for the kill but Superman arrives to slam him several blocks away. Grundy returns to the attack and ignores Superman's pleas to surrender. The monster is more powerful than ever, able to hold Superman long enough to punch him several blocks away.

Dr. Fate returns to the tower to notify Aquaman and Amazo that they're needed in the battle against Solomon Grundy. He explains that someone used chaos magic to bring back Solomon Grundy, with more power than he's displayed before. Fate shows them Grundy, holding the Justice League at bay. Shayera arrives and says that Grundy needs their help just as much as the League does, and reminds them that Grundy sacrificed his existence to save them. Dr. Fate agrees and returns Shayera's Nth metal mace, which is capable of disrupting magical energies. Shayera takes her mace and the others gather for the attack.

As Grundy's rampage destroys building, Vixen comes to the aid of a trapped child. Grundy stuns Green Lantern and sends Superman flying into a bridge, causing it to collapse. Aquaman arrives with a giant octopus to provide support and Shayera rescues one car that has fallen clear. She turns to find Green Lantern there. There's no time for talk as Fate's other allies arrive. Shayera asks for the chance to talk to Grundy first. She approaches him and he attacks her. The other heroes attack simultaneously and Dr. Fate warns Shayera that there's nothing of the Grundy they know. Amazo prepares to attack moving Shayera out of the way when she tries to intervene. The android fires a blast of energy but realizes that Grundy is absorbing it and growing stronger. Amazo is forced to flee several light years away before Grundy absorbs his power and becomes unbeatable.

Fate warns that his power is useless against chaos magic and Vixen returns to the attack, dropping a statue on him. He smashes free in a matter of seconds, grabbing her and preparing to twist her in half. Shayera attacks with her mace, actually damaging the man-monster. He continues to attack despite her pleas to stop and Shayera smashes him into the sewers below. The lead in the sewer pipes blocks Superman's x-ray vision, and Fate explains that the creature now seeks oblivion and Shayera's Nth metal mace may be the only thing that can put it out of its misery. Shayera is reluctant to return to the role of warrior and Green Lantern tells her he'll do it for her, but Shayera insists that it's her responsibility and she'll do it herself.

Shayera flies into the sewers and finds the creature, wounded and weak. She approaches it tenderly and tells it to close its eyes as she strikes the final blow.

On the surface, the heroes wait for her to return. Superman finally decides to go in after her, but Shayera flies out. She tells them that it's over and starts to walk away. The newspeople ask if she thinks that her current actions made up for her betrayal during the Thanagarian invasion. Green Lantern informs them that Shayera was never dismissed from the League and can come back whenever she wants. He explains that he recused himself and Superman broke the tie. Superman explains that he stands by his friend. One person in the crowd accuses Shayera of being a traitor and others join the protest. Green Lantern tells them to back off but Shayera says that she deserves some of it. The woman who Shayera saved from the car earlier thanks her and Green Lantern says Shayera deserves that as well.