The Ties That Bind - Recap

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Oberon and Big Barda bind Barda's husband, Mister Miracle, and step aside as he is fastened into a seemingly inescapable trap on a railroad track. They spray him with liquid nitrogen and then watch as a train engine is dropped on him via helicopter. Barda runs to dig him out, but Mister Miracle is already standing safely to the side. They notice that Oberon has disappeared, and Granny Goodness steps out from the shadows and informs them that they must do as she says if they ever want to see their manager again. She informs them that since Darkseid's disappearance, she has been trying to take over and wants their help to thwart Virmin Vunderbar, her competition. Vunderbar has imprisoned Kalibak, Darkseid's son, and plans to legitimize his claim on the throne. Granny Goodness wants them to free Kalibak and bring him to her. When she notes that Kalibak is kept in the X-Pit, Mister Miracle flinches and Granny Goodness sarcastically inquires if he's afraid. He insists that he isn't.

Flash and Elongated Man are aboard the Watchtower satellite and complaining about how no one takes them seriously. They notice Mister Miracle and Barda meeting with J'onn and Flash goes over to listen as they ask for help from Superman. J'onn isn't interested in letting anyone come to power on Darkseid and suggests they let them Granny Goodness and Vunderbar fight it out among themselves. They storm off and Flash wonders if they should help people. J'onn tells him to look at the big picture and Flash stalks off, angry. He offers his help but they consider him useless until he demonstrates what superspeed can do. Impressed, they accept his help.

On Apokolips, Vunderbar taunts the imprisoned Kalibak and offers him cake. When Kalibak refuses, Vunderbar tortures him with electrical shocks. Meanwhile, Granny straps Oberon to a table and warns him that he'll soon die under her cutting blades if Mister Miracle and Barda don't come through.

Flash, Barda, and Mister Miracle arrive on Apokolips via a teleporting boom tube, as close as they can given Vunderbar's disrupting fields. A pack of war hounds attack and the heroes take them on. They easily triumph and go to the building housing the X-Pit. Barda smashes through a wall and enter, and Mister Miracle realizes that they've redesigned the entire place. As he remembers the tortures he underwent, he tells them to stay outside but they refuse. As they go in, they're unaware that Vunderbar is watching them on his security cameras.

As they proceed, robots attack and Flash is eager to fight. Mister Miracle tells him to go on ahead and find Kalibak. The Scarlet Speedster soon finds the prisoner and frees him, and Mister Miracle and Barda arrive. Kalibak taunts them and Flash of all people is forced to break up the fight. Vunderbar appears on a screen and informs them that they're not out yet. They smash the screen and Kalibak agrees to fight at their side... for now.

As they flee, Mister miracle remembers escaping and being recaptured as a child. They try to exit down a hallway but a metal barrier closes off Mister Miracle from the others and Vunderbar floods the chamber. Remembering his childhood and his vow that there is always hope, Mister Miracle rallies. On the other side, Barda tries to smash through the barrier and Vunderbar drops her, Flash, and Kalibak into a pit. They find a set of anti-gravity hover discs waiting for them: Mister Miracle's. He's waiting to the side and accompanies them down. At the bottom is an escape tunnel. Automated guns open fire and the fugitives are forced to take cover. Mister Miracle flies ahead, smashing the guns, but flame barriers cut him off on other side. Flash uses superspeed to whisk the flames away and burn through the wall. More robots attack and Kalibak gleefully leaps forward to smash the robots Barda isn't far behind and Vunderbar realizes he has to blow up the entire complex. As he flees, the fugitives hear the countdown.

In the aftermath, Granny surveys the wreckage. She turns as a boom tube open and Mister Miracle and the others emerge. They demand Oberon and Granny Goodness tells them that he'll be taught a lesson for his rudeness. "Kalibak" reveals that he's the shapeshifted J'onn, who reads Granny's mind and learns where Oberon is imprisoned. Flash follows his directions and rescues Oberon just in time. Barda prepares to crush Granny Goodness, but J'onn informs her that they have to leave her alive so the power struggle can continue. As they leave, Granny Goodness wonders how she could have failed. Barda returns long enough to knock her to the ground.

Back on the satellite, Flash talks to J'onn and admits he went behind his back. However, he's satisfied that everything worked out well and they have Kalibak as a prisoner. J'onn merely smiles and offers to play him a game.