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I Am Legion - Recap

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The police take to the streets in pursuit of one man: Lex Luthor, who has escaped prison. Lex is somewhat distracted, seemingly talking to a person who isn't there. Lex drives several of the police off the road and runs a barricade, and the van rolls down into an embankment. Lex runs away into a dead-end alley and the police close in. However, a hand reaches out of the wall and pulls him through. The police open fire without effect.

The villainous Key takes Lex into a swamp on a jet scooter and brings him to a barren clearing to meet with his mysterious benefactor. A figure emerges from the shadows: Gorilla Grodd. Lex isn’t' interested in working with him, but Grodd says he'll think otherwise and deactivates a cloaking device to reveal a huge skull-shaped building... and a horde of villains.

Superman, Shayera, and Aztek arrive to investigate Lex's disappearance and King Faraday, new liaison officer between the government and the Justice League, arrives. The warden notes that Lex is a broken man, talking to non-existent people in his cell. Faraday tells the warden to call in the Justice League if they find Lex, and the Justice League to keep him in the loop. Meanwhile, Grodd gives Lex a tour of his new organization's headquarters and explains the villains pay him to provide organization and protection against the growing number of heroes in the Justice League. The League isn't even aware that they exist, but Lex still isn't willing to join. Grodd informs him he's too powerful to work alone but Lex says he's leaving the criminal business. Grodd doesn't believe it and Lex starts talking to his imaginary companion again. He then informs Grodd he briefly accomplished godhood by joining with Brainiac but the Justice League stripped it from him. Grodd is aware of the situation, and holds up the one surviving piece of Brainiac. Lex wants it, but Grodd informs him that Lex will have to do what he wants to accomplish it. Lex's "imaginary" companion, Brainiac, tells him to comply so that he can be reconstituted. Lex informs a puzzled Grodd that he agrees.

An old man is chopping wood when his wife informs him that his footlocker is beeping. The man, Chuck Cuidera, goes to it and finds an old Blackhawk costume, and a communication device indicating trouble on Blackhawk Island. Meanwhile, Superman checks in with Fire and Ice, while Flash admires the two women and Shayera checks the monitoring system. Shayera tells him to talk to Fire and offers to do it for him: Flash quickly stops him. Faraday contacts them and relays Chuck's transmission: he knows Shayera from the League's time travel jaunt to World War II. He informs them that after the war, the Blackhawks secured a lot of advanced equipment on Blackhawk Island then decommissioned the place 30 years ago. Shayera agrees to take a look and has Flash pick Fire as the third member of their team. Meanwhile, Chuck, the only surviving Blackhawk, prepares to leave and his wife gives him his old uniform.

Lex Luthor, Dr. Polaris, and the Key arrive on Blackhawk Island and uncover a secret vault. The Key opens the lock and they go inside, turning on the lights. Something huge approaches: a gigantic guardian robot. Meanwhile, Flash is sitting nervously in the Javelin when Fire approaches him and expresses her hope to get to know him better. He's unable to speak and she figures he's preparing for battle with no time for women. Shayera jostles the plane to toss Fire into his lap. However, two robot condors close in on them and rip open the top of the Javelin. As they plummet toward the ocean. Fire and Shayera fly out with Fire carrying the Flash. Shayera attacks one with her mace and Fire lends a hand, while Chuck attacks the other from his jet. The Flash tells Fire to drop him so she can deal with the robot condors and she releases him. Fire destroys one robot and Hawkgirl wonders why she dropped Flash. Fire figures Flash knew what he was doing. He arrives, having used his arms as makeshift propellers. Chuck arrives to guide them through the island's defenses, warning something has activated the systems. They proceed through the jungle and find the guardian robot, destroyed. Shayera spots a security camera and destroys it: the villains have tied into the island's defenses. Lex activates three flying robot sharks that open fire on the heroes. Chuck takes out one with a gun, but a War Wheel emerges to attack them. Shayera and Fire divide their attacks between the robots and the War Wheel, but a robot squid emerges and pulls Fire underwater, dousing her flame. The Flash goes to her air, creating a vortex to clear away the water. Fire reignites and breaks free, and the Flash sends the vortex toward the War Wheel, destroying it.

Lex is working to unlock a special vault when the heroes arrive in the base. They burst in and Dr. Polaris magnetically takes control of Shayera's mace. The fight begins and Polaris and the Key hold off the heroes while Lex works on the vault. Shayera is knocked out but Polaris still controls her mace. The Flash manages to cut her free of it with a shard of glass and goes after the Key, while Polaris sends the mace after Fire. Lex gets the vault open and goes inside, unaware that Chuck is following him. Hawkgirl reminds Fire that magnets lose their charge under great heat and Fire raises the temperature, negating Polaris' power so that Shayera can dispose of him. The Flash moves through the storage area looking for the Key and dispose of him in short order. However, Lex takes Chuck hostage and activates the self destruct sequence, then backs out with the other villains. As they go back through the jungle, Chuck activates a hidden trigger and robot flying fish attack the villains. He runs away and Lex orders the others to escape. Shayera tries to deactivate the self destruct but Chuck arrives and shuts it down.

The heroes go through the vault and discover one item is missing. Meanwhile, Lex returns to Grodd's headquarters and gives him the stolen item: the Spear of Longinus. Grodd says he had Lex steal it just to prove himself and he has no interest in its magical properties. Lex is impressed and asks for his "payment," but Grodd says that he'll have to complete his next real mission. Lex considers killing him, but "Brainiac" warns against it.

On Blackhawk Island, the heroes wonder why Lex was working with new villains, and Fire questions the value of their mission to save the Blackhawks' museum. Chuck and Shayera are attending the statue honoring the fallen Blackhawks, and Flash insists it was worth it.