Justice League Unlimited

Bruce Timm     Creator 
Sander Schwartz     Executive Producer67 Eps
Jean MacCurdy     Executive Producer23 Eps
Dwayne McDuffie     Producer39 Eps
Bruce Timm     Producer67 Eps
James Tucker     Producer67 Eps
Glen Murakami     Producer28 Eps
Linda M. Steiner     Producer 
Rich Fogel     Producer (2003)28 Eps
Shaun McLaughlin (1)     Associate Producer26 Eps
Joe Gall     Editor41 Eps
Stan Berkowitz     Editor 
Dwayne McDuffie     Editor 
Andrea Romano     Casting41 Eps
Leslie Lamers     Casting3 Eps
Shaun McLaughlin (1)     Line Producer41 Eps
Rich Fogel     Staff Writer 
Robert Goodman     Staff Writer 
J.M. DeMatteis     Staff Writer 
Andrew Kreisberg     Staff Writer 
Dwayne McDuffie     Staff Writer 
Bruce Timm     Staff Writer 
Stan Berkowitz     Staff Writer 
Paul Dini     Staff Writer 
Len Uhley     Staff Writer 
Joseph Kuhr     Staff Writer 
John Ridley (1)     Staff Writer 
Kevin Hopps     Staff Writer 
Matt Wayne     Staff Writer (Season 5) 
Kristopher Carter     Music13 Eps
Lolita Ritmanis     Music17 Eps
Michael McCuistion     Music (Theme)37 Eps
Diane Griffen     Music Editor2 Eps
Robert Gilmer     Production Coordinator8 Eps
Kathleen Keegan     Production Coordinator16 Eps
Mosa Kaleel     Production Coordinator28 Eps
Steve Kindernay     Production Coordinator23 Eps
Benjamin Kaltenecker     Production Coordinator24 Eps
Tobias Frost     Production Coordinator4 Eps
Myra Owyang     Assistant Editor24 Eps
Jay Lawton     Assistant Editor5 Eps
Donnell Ebarrete     Assistant Editor4 Eps
Bonnie Buckner     Post Production Supervisor56 Eps
Bradford H. Keatts     On-Line Editor26 Eps
Tony Tedford     On-Line Editor2 Eps
Christopher Lozinski     On-Line Editor39 Eps
Shannon Denton     Other 
Sam Register     Other (Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Netw)39 Eps
Dwayne McDuffie     Story Editor40 Eps
Matt Wayne     Story Editor (Season 5)13 Eps
Stan Berkowitz     Story Editor (Series Story Editor)54 Eps
Rich Fogel     Story Editor (Series Story Editor)28 Eps
Ken Duer     Production Supervisor5 Eps
Toshiyuki Hiruma     Production Supervisor42 Eps
Margaret Dean     Production Supervisor30 Eps
Howard Schwartz (2)     Production Supervisor57 Eps
Bruce Timm     Storyboard Artist29 Eps
Matt Youngberg     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Sebastian Montes     Storyboard Artist11 Eps
Rick Morales     Storyboard Artist14 Eps
Kevin Altieri     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Troy Adomitis     Storyboard Artist3 Eps
Curt Geda     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Ricardo Morales     Storyboard Artist 
Aluir Amancio     Storyboard Artist3 Eps
Tim Eldred     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Sean Song     Storyboard Artist3 Eps
Lauren Montgomery     Storyboard Artist13 Eps
Joaquim dos Santos     Storyboard Artist23 Eps
Eric Canete     Storyboard Artist3 Eps
Shaunt Nigoghosian     Storyboard Artist12 Eps
Bret Blevins     Storyboard Artist22 Eps
Gary Graham (2)     Storyboard Artist 
Ben Jones (2)     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Butch Lukic     Storyboard Artist23 Eps
Dan Riba     Storyboard Artist20 Eps
Adam Van Wyk     Storyboard Artist13 Eps
Bob Smith (2)     Storyboard Artist24 Eps
Scooter Tidwell     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
James Tucker     Storyboard Artist33 Eps
Dave Bullock     Storyboard Artist2 Eps
Michael Miscio     Post Production Coordinator25 Eps
Samantha Friedman     Post Production Coordinator18 Eps
Noel Lopez     Post Production Coordinator26 Eps
Andrea Romano     Voice Director 
Kathleen Keegan     Production Manager39 Eps
Andy Lewis (1)     Production Management56 Eps
Baksoo Kim     Animation Director3 Eps
Sanwan Lee     Animation Director1 Eps
Youngchul Park     Animation Director3 Eps
Byunggi Lee     Animation Director3 Eps
Sukhyung Son     Animation Director3 Eps
Yoonjae Ko     Animation Director3 Eps
Sangwan Lee     Animation Director2 Eps
Sewon Kim     Animation Director2 Eps
Kyungchuk Sa     Animation Director4 Eps
Sungman Huh     Animation Director3 Eps
Michael McCuistion     Main Title Theme27 Eps
Lolita Ritmanis     Main Title Theme28 Eps
Bruce Timm     Main Title Design28 Eps
Athena Christianakis     Production Accountant54 Eps
Luisa Guzman     Production Accountant54 Eps
Maria Womack     Production Accountant26 Eps
Joe Gall     Film Editor26 Eps
Linda M. Steiner     Creative Supervisor26 Eps
Christopher Keenan     Creative Supervisor26 Eps
Jeff O. Collins     Recording Machine Operator26 Eps
Benjamin Kaltenecker     Assistant Production Manager4 Eps
MacGregor Middleton     Assistant Production Manager28 Eps
Evan Castillo     Assistant Production Manager5 Eps
Jay Bastian     Executive In Charge Of Production (Cartoon Network)28 Eps
Linda Simensky     Executive In Charge Of Production (Executive in Charge of Production for CN)28 Eps
Thomas J. Maydeck     Re-recording Engineer28 Eps
John K. Hegedes     Re-recording Engineer29 Eps
Robert Hargreaves     Re-recording Engineer55 Eps
Liz Carroll     Casting Administrator56 Eps
Andrew Garda     Assistant To The Producer16 Eps
Kyle P. Feeley     Assistant To The Producer35 Eps
Nancy French     Assistant To The Producer51 Eps
Mark Mattson     Music Mixer9 Eps
Mako Sujishi     Music Mixer8 Eps
Diane Greco     Foley Artist26 Eps
Ray O'Reilly     Foley Artist26 Eps
Eric Clopein     Foley Mixer3 Eps
Jackson Schwartz     Foley Mixer14 Eps
Andrea Romano     Casting Director26 Eps
Leslie Lamers     Casting Director26 Eps
George Brooks (3)     Sound Effects Editor17 Eps
Glen Murakami     Character/Prop Design19 Eps
Shane Glines     Character/Prop Design14 Eps
Dave Johnson (3)     Character/Prop Design16 Eps
Robert Fletcher     Character/Prop Design26 Eps
James Tucker     Character/Prop Design38 Eps
Bruce Timm     Character/Prop Design38 Eps
Tommy Tejeda     Character/Prop Design38 Eps
Steve Jones (6)     Character/Prop Design19 Eps
Arthur Lee     Character/Prop Design30 Eps
Shayne Poindexter     Character/Prop Design19 Eps
Glenn Wong     Character/Prop Design36 Eps
Mark A. Keatts     Supervising Dialogue Editor26 Eps
Robert Hargreaves     Supervising Sound Effects Editor26 Eps
Kelly Ann Foley     Dialogue & Adr Editor26 Eps
Thomas J. Maydeck     Dialogue Recording Engineer26 Eps
John K. Hegedes     Dialogue Recording Engineer25 Eps
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 17, 2001
Ended: May 13, 2006
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