Fathers and Sons - Recap

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The scenes opens with Raylan Givens and Arlo Givens meeting with Chief Deputy Art Mullen and Arlo tells that Bo Crowder thinks he ripped him off. Raylan tells that he did rip him off and Arlo admits that he was only taking his cut. Things were said and things got out of control for Arlo but Raylan still doesn’t believe it. Arlo wants Bo out of his life but he doesn’t know what to do. Raylan suggests that he becomes a snitch. Arlo asks how much it pays and Raylan smiles. Arlo brings up something about his mother and this strikes a cord with Raylan.

At the Miami Glades Country Club, Bo meets up Gio and Gio introduces Bo to Pilar and Ernesto and tells that the shipment for the Meth is ready. Bo picks up on Gio’s threats and tells him that he is not stupid and knows when he is threatened. They talk about their hatred over Raylan Givens. The stakes are two million dollars and Bo has the resources to pull off the drug run. Gary and Winona are arguing about Ava staying with them. But Winona doesn’t mean anything by it when Ava walks in. Ava is trying to get out before Raylan gets back before talking to him. Back at the station, Arlo is willing to be the snitch and tells that he needs a little cash to get back in Bo’s favor. He asks for $100,000 and they tell that he’ll give him $20,000. Raylan wants Arlo to wear a wire to get a confession from Bo. But Arlo doesn’t want to wear a wire and jumps in Raylan’s face about it.

Raylan takes the bottle of alcohol and the Chief tells that he needs to get his father Arlo to come back to the station. Raylan is driving and calls over to Winona’s and Ava tells that she is leaving. In the next scene, Real Estate Agent Martha is showing Bo and his crew around a new property they are interested in. This is the site that they are going to make the meth in. Bo asks David Vasquez if he is going to be able to cook the drugs up quickly. He says that he is going to be able to do it, Meanwhile, Ava enters her house and Bo’s cronies are there. She leaves. Raylan is looking at a case file when there is a knock on the door. It is Winona. Without saying a word, she takes off her ring and kisses him. One thing leads to the other and you can pretty much guess what happens next. Cue sensors! She redresses after the “ordeal” and picks up her ring and puts it on. She leaves and Ava sees her walking out. Feeling betrayed, she drives to Arlo’s house and wants to talk to Helen Givens. She tells that she needs a gun because Bo has been harassing her. Helen is a little hesitate based on her last track record of guns. Helen wonders why she is not going to Raylan for protection. She tells that he has Raylan’s eyes are on something else. Ava tells that she wants to keep her stay quiet from Raylan. She picks the Shod off shotgun as her choice of gun.

Bo and his crew attend church and Boyd Crowder gets up and tells that he was a sinful man and proves to be the public speaker as he tells that he has seen the light of God. The Reverend tries to stop him but Boyd is not done. He continues and starts to look at Bo particularly. Bo is looking at him in contempt. Bo talks to the new born again Boyd Crowder and tells that he could not be any more stupid. Boyd tells that if Bo brings in the Meth in their house, he will destroy all of it. At a road block, U.S. Marshall Raylan enters and wants to know what is going on. The Sherriff tells that his father Arlo and an Iraq Vet named Lucky are in there with a grenade. In the bar, Arlo tells Lucky that he is only there to enjoy his beer. With a sniper with a clear shot and Raylan watching, Lucky tells that he was a failure in Iraq and that he feels that he has betrayed his country. Arlo tells that he hid in a bush while in Vietnam. He tells that people have their mistakes and that he feels the Vet’s pain. He tells that his name Lucky is a blessing. Lucky comes out of the bar peacefully. Father and son, Raylan and Arlo, meet up and Arlo tells that the story that he gave Lucky was faked. Arlo agrees that he will wear the wire because he no longer fears death.

Ava walks into Bo’s bar and puts a rifle in Johnny’s face and goes in for Bo. Ava tells that she killed Bowman because of Bo and that Bowman would have killed her if she had not done something about it first. Bo tells that she needs to get out of the state and leave all the Crowder family alone. She says that she is not leaving and she tells that she could kill another Crowder and that it would be Bo next. Bo tells her to watch her steps and allows her to leave unharmed.

The wire is set and Arlo gets ready for the sting. He walks out of the van and the chief, Raylan, and Tim are listening closely. Arlo meets with Bo and he plays the role well, but on the side he tells Bo to “Play Along” written on a piece of paper. The money is taken out of the bag and only newspaper remains. The money is gone. Arlo tells that he will feed the feds garbage and tell Bo the truth. But Bo writes “kiss my ass” when Arlo requests that he wants to work for him but tells him to go tomorrow and this time “No Wire”. Bo tells Raylan through Arlo that Ava pointed a gun at his face.

Raylan visits Ava at her house and she is there in the dark with a shotgun. Raylan takes it from her and tells that he has had it with her. Ava tells that she saw Winona walk out and that Ava can be herself right where she is. Ernesto and Pilar meet a stranger on the road they tell him to leave and a man in a mask has a bazooka and shoots the truck packed with the drugs. It explodes. The stranger tells Ernesto and Pilar to get out of there. The man takes off his mask. It is Boyd Crowder. It looks like he wasn’t bluffing about destroying the drugs.