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Bulletville - Recap

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Season finale time and the moment has come for everything to be answered. The scene opens up with Boyd Crowder knocking on Ava’s door. She tells him to get out but all he wants to do is talk. She has him at gunpoint but Boyd has just came by to say that he was sorry for doing the things that he did to her. He has turned over a new leaf and that he is really sad that he did nothing to stop his brother Bowman from abusing Ava. She tells Boyd to never see her again if he wants to help. He obliges.

The Crowders are sitting around and Johnny is impatient about where Pilar and Ernesto are. Boyd walks up to a truck parked and Johnny is there. Johnny wants to make sure that they got the drugs from the robbery. But Boyd says that he blew up the drugs. Johnny’s plan was to move up in the ranks and let Bo take the fall of the drugs. Johnny tells Boyd to leave him alone and that he has ruined things.

The Chief tells that ingredients that were blown up in the truck belonged to the same ingredients of a Meth lab. The use of a rocket launcher matches up with Boyd’s approach and Raylan believes that it is Boyd because of Boyd coming up to him earlier saying that they were on the same team. Bo is back with his cronies and he tells that they all should have followed Johnny where he was going. Johnny shows up and tells that he was looking for the drivers. Ernesto and Pilar are already there and they tell that the “masked gunman” shot the truck with a shoulder missile. Ernesto tells that Gio is going to be upset and Bo has them locked up so that they can’t tell Gio.

Arlo tells that he was not involved with the truck bombing and that he doesn’t have any information leading to Bo and the drugs either. The chief and Raylan are telling him that he is going to be working with the AUSA Vasquez and to tell everything he knows about the incident. Meanwhile, Bo visits Boyd’s camp of believers and he tells that he has to pay the consequences. Johnny repeatedly hits Boyd until he is covered in blood. Bo wants to know where the guns are and after knowing where they are, Bo wants Boyd to go in exile or he will kill his “followers”. He decides that leaving would be better. Raylan leads Arlo to a hotel room and tells that he will come and get him. Meanwhile, Boyd is walking away from the camp and then hears gun shots. He runs back to his camp and finds that all his followers have been murdered and hung. Ernesto smarts off to Bo and he smacks him. He tells that Gio is going to get all the money that is owed to him and then some.

Rayland meets Winona and wants to talk, but is interrupted by the Chief. Bo visits Arlo at the hotel and wants to know what he is going to do. Arlo tells that the FBI is going to be handling the case as well. Bo wants to know what is in it for Arlo. Bo tells Arlo that he could help him out by giving Rayland to the guys that he owes money to. Boyd digs graves for all the people who were killed. He prays and asks why God let this happen to him. He asks for a sign that the sacrifice meant something. Waiting, Boyd gets nothing. Arlo is talking to Rayland about his meeting with Vasquez tomorrow. Rayland drinks with his father Arlo and Arlo asks if he is going to ever get married again. Arlo talks about the girls that used to chase Rayland. Making small talk, Rayland is one step ahead of Arlo and points his gun on him before he does. Bo’s men are coming for him and as he is telling Rayland what they are going to do, Rayland shoots Arlo in the shoulder. The two men get out of the truck and Rayland drops both of them before they can fire off a shot.

Johnny Crowler is outside Ava’s house. She questions him and Bo sneaks up and puts a bag over her head and carries her off. He points the gun on Johnny. Bo claims that it was Johnny who tipped Boyd that the shipment was coming and shoots him. His plan is to use Johnny’s body as a decoy and that they will think Ava went and left the state. In the hotel room, Raylan mends his dad’s shoulder. Boyd Crowler walks in and sees the carnage. He is a lost flock in his religious views and Raylan gets a call. It is Bo. He tells that he has Ava and that he is going to drive up to Bulletville and to go meet them for a trade for trade. Boyd tells that Bo has a cabin up there and that he knows every square inch of it. In the car, Raylan believes Boyd of his “conversion” but Boyd is still unsure about it all now. He lets Boyd out in the woods to go around back. Ava is tied up and Boyd enters. He whistles to get one of the thug’s attentions and Boyd shoots him. Bo and the other are distracted and Rayland shoots the other and points on Bo. Ushering him inside, Boyd steps out and tells Rayland to step away from his father. He is about to pull the trigger when an unknown bullet hits Bo and kills him. Boyd is hit in the shoulder and Rayland runs inside with Boyd. The Miami Thugs are there.

Inside Raylan tells that there are men on the right and left of the house and two more in a truck. After some nice trickery, the two men are dead which leaves just Pilar and Ernesto. Ernesto walks out and unloads a whole case of his machine gun. No one is hurt. Pilar yells that they only want Rayland Givens and the other two could walk. Boyd refuses to leave because they killed Bo, even though he was going to kill him, it is the principle behind it. But he lets Ava and Boyd go and they run out in the woods. Raylan says that he is coming unarmed and it is the classic, “Wait until he clears then kill him” trick and Raylan is prepared. He shoots Ernesto and Pilar gets away. Boyd has a gun and points it at Raylan. He is not sure what he is going to do after he catches Pilar but counts Raylan as a friend. Boyd drives off to chase Pilar and the season ends with Raylan pointing his gun and pretending to fire it off.