The Moonshine War - Recap

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The scene opens with Rayland Givens, Boyd Crowder and Ava Crowder in a cabin. Pilar tells that they only want Rayland. He comes outside and Boyd goes around and shoots Pilar’s associate in the leg. Rayland shoots and misses Pilar, who gets in a car and drives away. Rayland is about to go after her when Boyd tells that he will go get her. A man in a semi-truck gets inside and Pilar puts a gun to his head. She tells him to take her to a place where a plane is waiting for her. She is about to kill the driver, when Boyd grabs her and throws her on the ground. He is about to shoot and kill her when Rayland shows up. He tells that he needs her alive and that he needs to drop the gun. There is a gunman on the plane that Rayland shoots. Rayland punches Boyd and takes Pilar on the plane.

They arrive in Miami, Florida and Ernesto is sitting at home. Rayland walks in and tells that he wants him to stop hunting him down and he will leave Pilar alone. Suddenly U.S. Marshall Boss, Dan Grant, comes in and tells that if Ernesto goes after Rayland again, he will kill him personally. Grant tells that he is offering Rayland his old job back and Rayland asks if Art suggested it. Grant confirms that he did. Rayland tells that he just wants to go home and sleep. He goes back to his house and sees the chalk outline of the people who died there. The next day, Rayland walks into the U.S. Marshall’s office and sits down with Art. He tells that Boyd Crowder went off somewhere, but doesn’t know where. Rayland has to surrender his gun as is normal and gets some liquor as well for it. In his office, Rayland starts a board on the people who he was chasing originally and updates it with those now dead. He sits down with Internal Affairs and tells that he doesn’t know much of what happened and tells that Arlo stole the $20,000 that was given to him.

Deputy Rachael Brooks comes into Rayland’s office and asks him to go with her. He accepts without hearing more about the case and tells that if it gets him out of the office, he is in. They are going after Jimmy Earl Dean, a sex offender who has been looking at a 14-year-old girl. Brooks wanted Rayland to go with her because every time she goes without, she is called racial slurs. At a farm, a girl is cutting marijuana from the stocks and Jimmy approaches her. She tells that it is her dad’s stash and she can take some if she wants. Jimmy tries to talk nice to her and she tells that he is probably thinking that they are going to wrestle and tickle each other. She smacks him in the face and runs. Jimmy runs after her and is caught in some wiring. She runs to her dad and tells her about Jimmy. He tells that he called a tip line and she runs off. Rayland and Brooks arrive with a patrol officer. The dad answers the door and tells that there is no one there who called the tip line. They find out that Jimmy works for the Bennetts, a notorious drug dealing family.

At the Bennet’s house, Dickey is taking out the wire from Jimmy’s face. He tells that he is going to go after the girl and Dickey and Doyle go to visit Walt. They go inside and they shoot him in the leg. They asks where the stash that his daughter, Loretta. He tells where it is and the two make sure that he doesn’t run off by putting his leg into a bear trap. Meanwhile, Loretta is at Maggie Bennet’s shop. She tells that she doesn’t have to worry about Jimmy anymore. She walks out to see Rayland and Brooks pull up. She asks what Rayland does and he tells that he is U.S. Marshalls. Mrs. Bennett tells Loretta to go home. Inside, Mrs. Bennett gives some of her famous “Apple Pie” which is a type of moonshine that Mrs. Bennett made. Brooks asks if Jimmy is employed by them and she tells that they don’t hire sex offenders. Doyle comes in and tells that he is not in the family business. However, Rayland knows that isn’t true.

They go to see Dickey and Cougar’s place and they hear gunshots. Dicky comes out and tells that it is Cougar killing rats. Cougar comes out and is smarting off to Rayland. He pulls his gun and Brooks has him if he moves. Dickey tells him to drop the gun and he listens. Meanwhile, Loretta is dressing her dad’s wound when Jimmy comes and puts a gun to her head and tells her to go with him. He puts her in the trunk and drives off. Rayland gets a call that tells him that Jimmy was spotted pulling into a gas station. They arrive there and see Jimmy walking in the station. Rayland has Brooks go inside and he inspects the car. He realizes that Loretta is in the trunk. Jimmy comes out and sees Rayland. He tells him to get away from his car and then Rayland sprays him with gasoline. Jimmy pulls a gun and Rayland tells that it is not good to shoot because he will catch fire. He lets Rayland grab the gun and keys and he rescues Loretta.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Bennett goes to see Walt and she tells that Dickey owes him an apology. Dickey says that he is sorry. Suddenly Walt starts to panic. He has been poisoned with the moonshine. Mrs. Bennett tells that he shouldn’t have gone out of the house. Walk dies. Later that evening, Rayland is met by his ex-wife and he tells that he wants to “talk”. However, they don’t do much talking. The patrol officer calls Rayland and tells that he found Boyd Crowder. The next scene shows Boyd setting a charge underground and shouting “Fire in the hole!”