The Life Inside - Recap

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The scene opens with Dickey and Cougar dragging the body of McCreery out to a mine shaft and Cougar tells Dickey to get the line. Cougar steals McCreery’s watch. They drag him to the edge and pour limestone on top of the body before dumping him over. In another part of the area, Boyd Crowder comes out of the mines and Raylan is waiting for him. He tells that he wants to buy him a drink. At a bar, Raylan tells that Boyd tells that Boyd needs to stop with the Outlaw ways. Raylan doesn’t believe him. He talks to Art and tells that he needs him. Raylan leaves. He pulls up to the home of Arlo and Aunt Helen comes out. Raylan tells that Arlo is violating his tether range. Raylan asks where his $20,000 is and he tells that he gave it to Boyd Crowder and that was it. Raylan knows that Arlo has it and tells him that if he goes into the trailer, then he is violating. He goes to arrest him and Helen tells him to get in the house. Raylan tells Helen if the money turns up then she can call him. She tells that she will go to Mexico if she finds the $20,000. She tells him to leave Mags Bennett alone and Raylan tells that he knows that she is doing more than harvesting dope. She might pick up where the Crowder family left off.

Doyle drops off Loretta at Mags’s store and she apologizes that the child molester captured her. She tells that he is lucky that the Marshalls got to him first. She offers some cider to Loretta and she drinks it like water. She tells that she sent her father out of state for a while to escape the trail of the Marshalls. She tells that she never had a girl, just the boys. She tells that she looks forward to their time together. Meanwhile, Raylan wakes up to Winona going through his closet. She tells that she has to go and he tells that he is going to get some coffee and she accuses him of taking off. He tells that he doesn’t want to fight and apologizes. He tells that they can talk. They go into work and Raylan meets Gary, Winona’s husband. He tells that he and Raylan should go out and Raylan tells that it would be a good idea. In the elevator, Gary tells Winona that she smells nice and that he is going to sell the house.

Raylan, Art and Jimmy sit down and Art tells that Jimmy needs a transport. They get to the prison and Jamie Bergland, a pregnant prisoner is escorted by Raylan and Jimmy and she tells that she had visits with her husband and got pregnant. They enter the doctor’s office and there is a man inside the waiting room. Raylan asks if it is a boy or girl and he tells that it is a boy and then tells a story. Inside the room, Jamie yells for the deputy and they are distracted for a second. The man pulls two guns and points them at the Marshalls. He tells Raylan to handcuff himself and he tells that he never has done that before. The man grabs the cuffs and tells that he will handcuff Jimmy first. Jamie apologizes and tells that she is sorry, but her child is not going through the system like she did. Back at the station, Art asks how they got away and Jimmy and Raylan tell that they got the draw on them. He shows a picture of Juss Timmens. Raylan tells that is the guy and Art tells him that they got the print off the handcuffs. Juss Timmens is a soft criminal and Raylan tells that there might be a leak in the prison.

Meanwhile in a cabin, Jamie asks when “he” is going to be there. Juss’s partner gives her a sedative to help her through the delivery. They tell he will be there soon and the baby will be off with him in no time. Jamie tells that she has to urinate and goes in the bathroom looking at her tummy. At the station, Raylan, Art and Jimmy are interviewing A.J., Jamie’s husband, and he doesn’t know who Juss Timmens is. He doesn’t even know about a baby. He tells that Jamie tells that there is no reason to be together. Raylan and Jimmy suspect it was a guard in the prison and Raylan asks for a list of guards that had contact with Jamie. Back at the cabin, Juss tells Jamie to stop worrying and she tells that she will probably go to California and tells that she doesn’t care where she is. She tells that she wants to go urinate again. She sees a window. In the room, Juss’s partner asks if he is going to kill her and Juss wonders why he is asking. Jamie sneaks out, but is caught by Juss.

He takes her back inside and Juss tells him to cut it out. His partner tells that he needs to do the anesthesia. Meanwhile, Raylan and Jimmy meet with Glenn Cogsgrove and his wife comes up to. Raylan tells that Glenn got Jamie, the convict, pregnant. He tells that he tells that Glenn is going to have Jamie killed. Jimmy tells that Glenn has 20 calls between Juss and him. Mrs. Cogsgrove tells that he better go and try to save Jamie. In the car, Raylan tells Glenn to be quiet about his reasoning behind it or Tim’s going to hit him in the face. Back in the cabin, Juss’s partner stops the anestiesha and Jamie slowly wakes up. He swabs Jamie’s stomach and he tells that Juss should have told him about killing Jamie. Juss tells that he gets paid if he gets the baby out. He reaches for the scalpel and tries to stab Juss, but Juss gets the best of him and shoots and kills him.

The Marshalls knock on the door and enter. Juss is behind the table and he has the gun on her belly. Raylan asks if Juss has heard of the “apricot” that snipers call when the brain is connected to the spine. If he is hit there, Juss won’t be able to pull the trigger. He tells that Tim is that good and Tim shoots him in the “apricot”. They take Jamie out. Later that evening elsewhere, Boyd Crowder gets home. Ava walks in and asks how he got beaten up. He tells that he doesn’t remember. He sits down and Ava gives him medical supplies and tells him to clean himself up. She tells that if it happens again, she will put him back in the gutter. Mrs. Cogsgrove walks up to Raylan and tells that she would love to take Jamie’s baby as her own and Raylan tells that he doesn’t know how it works, but he will find out.

Rayland gets home and Gary is there. He tells that he will get “her” back. Raylan goes inside and Winona is lying on the bed. She asks who he was talking to. Raylan tells that it was no one. She asks how his day was and he tells that if he ever has a boy and he tells that Juss is a bad name. He touches her stomach and smiles. She asks what is going on and he tells that he saw a man threaten to shoot a woman through the belly right before a bullet going right through his brain. She tells that she can handle it and asks who he was talking to. He tells that was her husband. She laughs and then goes serious. The episode ends.